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Alignment is not about right or wrong; it is about coming into integrity with who one truly is, who one has become in essence via expansion into (or, return to) All-that-is.

This is why a realized Master may appear to contradict themselves by saying on the one hand, that everything is perfect as it is and that there’s nothing to change, and on the other hand, exhorting one to some other (‘higher’) state of being. How can both these simultaneously be?  (more…)

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The physical world (or physical body / life-situation / circumstance) that one appears to encounter in the now, is actually the “past”!! It’s past energy/spirit that has materialized into form, and we’re meeting our energy frequency from the past, in form, in the present 🙂 (Another way to understand how reacting to the form of things is equivalent to attempting to invest one’s energy/spirit in the past, an actual impossibility, and hence draining and depleting. And this is why form has been called maya — not because it is false or not happening or mustn’t be wholly experienced/enjoyed, but because it offers an illusion of the present!)  (more…)

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One is never “teaching” anyone anything. (Neither is one “learning” anything!)

In one’s illumined presence (and sharing), what is already known (in oneself and another) is awakened… and then embodied.

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