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Racing mindlessly through life to “get there” and pausing mindfully to “live each moment as if it were the last” are actually two sides of the same coin — the belief in a separate/limited and time-bound “me” that can die!! It’s just that the former tries to beat death in a race with a burning pace (deemed mindless), and the latter tries to accept death as a device to “becoming present” (deemed mindful)! (The latter often arises as a reaction to encountering physical death, either of a loved one, or a close call in the “me” experience…) They are ultimately the same thing, as both believe in death! And mind!

Realization is about the death of death. (Often expressed as: “die before you die.”) It is about the death of the illusory, separate “me” that appears to take birth and die.

Realization is not of the fragility and vulnerability of life; it is of the invulnerable, invincible eternity of (the Self that is) Life.

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A wonderfully, culturally, traditionally rich Indian “me” dances (arises and passes) within the infinite I, yet I am not Indian! A wonderfully rich and variegated American “me” dances (arises and passes) within the infinite I, yet I am not American. (A wonderfully rich and full woman “me” dances within the infinite I, yet I am not woman… And a wonderfully gifted artist “me” dances within the infinite I, yet I am not artist… I am not guide, I am not student, I am not daughter, I am not friend…) I am not Indian-American, either. I am not even global citizen.

These are only (some of) the (wonderful) colors that appear when Light fragments through the prism of time, of duality, of experience. (Except the prism doesn’t exist, other than in/of/as the mind.)  (more…)

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When we say, “It gives me great joy to do this…” we are unconsciously in error. Aside from a harmless manner of speaking, this arises from our entrenched misconception that the source of joy is extrinsic to us, including located in our doing. (Doing) something doesn’t give us joy; we bring joy to (doing) it!

To know whether we are bringing joy to something, we only have to see how we are being when that something is taken away! (And not promptly replaced by something else.) Then we know if it is the habitual rush of experience — the concoction of hormones associated with egoic thoughts of (and addictions to) “getting there,” “getting it done,” success, achievement, validation, empowerment, control, “fun”… or if it’s just joy.


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Forgiveness, as an act or effort done unto another, is unnecessary the moment there is the realization: I am all there is. Once “the other” is wholly recognized as I (in the form of a reflection/ aspect/ opposite of “me”), the question of needing to forgive doesn’t arise. The reflection/ aspect/ opposite is embraced and dissolved in the space of I, and there is no other left to forgive, and no “me” left to act as forgiver. Forgiveness just happens. Rather, gratitude happens. Grace happens. (Nothing happens.)

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The chakra (energy center) at our throats is called Vishuddhi. The word shuddh means pure, and so vishuddhi has something to do with purification — the alchemy of the conditioned to re/turn it into the essential.

The allegory of Shiva holding the blue poison in his throat as that is what first arose at the Gods’ attempt at samudra manthan — churning the ocean to extract amrita (nectar) — is symbolic of the realization that before we can access the nectar, before we can speak Truth, we must purify (alchemize) the “poison” (illusion) of story and experience. (The term “before” must not be read as conditionality; it can well imply “simultaneous” when in total awareness.) We must practice holding this poison in active stillness, as Shiva — as the void, as the emptiness, as Silence. Not as repression, but in active observation within the expansive, all-embracing emptiness of Self. (If one is shooting off arising and passing thoughts and intellectualized philosophy as “truth” or “honesty,” one can be sure this is the unexamined, unprocessed poison of mental/emotional conditioning spouting forth.)

Sound is everything. It is the beginning of Creation, the movement of the unmanifest as the manifest. So whether we say, Om, or “before God there was the Word,” or Big Bang, or simply that a baby is “here” if it cries upon birth, we’re pointing to the same essential awareness. And there’s also the saying, “finding one’s voice in the world,” as a stand-in for Self actualization.

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Seeing the ego for what it is, is never about rejecting it or getting rid of it, for only the ego would reject anything, including itself 🙂 Love allows everything. Love recognizes everything as its emanation, including the mirage that is the ego. Seeing the ego is about seeing through all its shenanigans, and allowing them to just be, offering them nothing but Presence — total, unconditional acceptance, with zero engagement or validation. 🙂 Just as a loving Parent sees through the little one’s obvious mischief, and has a good laugh! And in such Light/ness, the ego and its finite expressions are naturally embraced and integrated ‘back’ into the infinite Self… allowed to dissolve, like every wave unfailingly does, ‘back’ into the Ocean.

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In any space or in one-on-one relating, discerning the subtleties between the following states assists in discerning between attachment (ego/mind) and alignment (Self/Love). If you are highly attuned and sensitive to body/vibrations, you’ll notice a slight-to-significant stress/ fatigue/ energy depletion/ withdrawal effect arising from the former state in each case:

Excitement and Enthusiasm
Giddiness and Joy
Intoxication and Delight  (more…)

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