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That Love can be known only in the moments when emotions cease (rest) is as preposterous to the mind, as that Life can be known only in the moments when world (thought/ perception/ objectification) ceases, or that Self can only be known when mind ceases, or that Truth can only be known when word ceases, or that God can be known only when belief (scripture, mantra, or deity) ceases. The mind confuses the arising and passing content of “somethingness” that it can objectify, measure and grasp as reality, finding it impossible to know Reality (Life/Love/Self/Truth/God) as Nothingness… or more accurately, as nothing that can be named, including as Nothingness! And that’s only because the mind itself is an arising and passing phenomenon within Reality/Life/Love/Self/Truth/God, so how can it ever know the field in/as which it bubbles up and dissolves? It’s like fish never knowing water, while never for a moment being apart.

And that’s also why the mind keeps changing. That we can “change our minds” itself points to how it can never know, only perceive in/as time, the arising and passing of temporary content, and conflate this with Reality.

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All longing and desire for goodness and completeness that we think “me” is feeling and is being moved by to act, (appearing in some as a more low-grade but persistent tugging), is commonly mistaken as a call to better something outwardly, whether the world or “myself” or “my” understanding. Yet it is actually Source powerfully beckoning and pulling the separate (illusory) “you” Home to itSelf, via which, “you” (and absolutely any separate other/ world/ entity/ deity believed in “along the way”) must die, so there’s realization of You, as Source itSelf!

This is the only Awakening.

The Satguru reminds solely of this Awakening, and absolutely nothing else. The Satguru reminds that The One is apparently manifest as (s/he and) you so It may wake up to itSelf.

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Although there is constant reference to freedom from suffering related to Awakening (or Self Realization or Enlightenment), the goal of not suffering, or to feel or function better, or “get happy” is never what Awakening is about. If there’s a value proposition, you can be sure it’s not about Awakening 😊 Rather, everything else that is popularly valued and engaged in is about either distracting or training the mind to feel and function better, while Awakening is simply seeing what is, seeing what’s absolutely eternally true. It’s Reality realizing itSelf (through/as what appears to be “you”).

Actually, it is by completely surrendering, allowing and embracing the suffering and pain, that Awakening, and subsequently, total Realization, spontaneously dawned (upon “me”). And in so allowing, I saw how generating narratives and telling the hi/story — with an agenda to change the world or “never let it happen again” or get relief or comfort or be heard or be seen or be healed — is one of the most entrenched ways in which we avoid and reject and rationalize the suffering and disallow its total embrace and dissolution. (Telling the story without a charge or agenda but for the sake of storytelling alone, allowing anyone to receive from it what they will, is different… and is simply part of authentic expression.) (more…)

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Much as we have made it cool, and keep telling ourselves how research shows alcohol is beneficial for us in this way or that way, with evidence from this culture and that culture… A state of altered consciousness already binds and blinds us. Every drop of alcohol alters that altered state exponentially. So when we believe it is possible to consume alcohol and still be aligned in Self, and when we believe we can “enjoy” or “relax” with a glass of something, and when we believe we can discuss/ connect over a drink to get clarity on something or truly connect with one-another… hehe. Delusion after delusion; delusion within delusion.  (more…)

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The phenomenon of toxic masculinity and (its victim) feminine (and trans-gender/sexual) vulnerability arises in the same way every old ‘evil’ does — via perceived separation, and of mind-identification with a particular “me.” A “me” that can then have power over, or lose power to, an “other.”

A gross manifestation of the separation as “you” and “me” is via the concept of gender, via our identification with gender as it manifests in the mind-body complex and thought-forms of inherited narratives. Instead of realizing the unique way gender-expression manifests in every single one of us as a garb/vehicle, just like the unique physical body or personality, we have taken it to be who we are, and projected a ‘reality’ accordingly.

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With so many things, our collective pact to label them good or bad has us suffering unwittingly. One such label, which falls in the “good” category, is awarded to empathy.

Empathy and antipathy (connected with psychopathy/ sociopathy) are both rooted in pathos, from where pathology also arises. (Pathos is sadness and pathology is concerned with the study of dis-ease.)

Empathy is experiencing more than a share of feelings/ thoughts arising in the collective mind, and antipathy is an aversion to feeling any share. (We can throw apathy in the mix too, which is a numbing to it all.) When I say “a share,” what I’m really pointing to, is first, the conception of “me” and “another,” thereby creating the effect of “feeling the other” as a (mistaken) way to erase the separation and find unity again! And simultaneously creating the apparently opposite effect, manifesting as “rejecting the other.” Imagine that there’s all this underground lava looking to burst forth, generated in the first place from the concept of separation, of “me” and “them.” Both the empath and the antipath are spouts that bring it forth in “opposite” ways, but we’ve determined one to be “good” and one to be “bad”… instead of seeing them both as pointers to the original error — the belief in separation!  (more…)

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Racing mindlessly through life to “get there” and pausing mindfully to “live each moment as if it were the last” are actually two sides of the same coin — the belief in a separate/limited and time-bound “me” that can die!! It’s just that the former tries to beat death in a race with a burning pace (deemed mindless), and the latter tries to accept death as a device to “becoming present” (deemed mindful)! (The latter often arises as a reaction to encountering physical death, either of a loved one, or a close call in the “me” experience…) They are ultimately the same thing, as both believe in death! And mind!

Realization is about the death of death. (Often expressed as: “die before you die.”) It is about the death of the illusory, separate “me” that appears to take birth and die.

Realization is not of the fragility and vulnerability of life; it is of the invulnerable, invincible eternity of (the Self that is) Life.

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