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Many years ago, I played some squash and had the opportunity to enjoy a few lessons with the world-renowned Khan family of coaches in Seattle. I heard one of them say, “You don’t play squash to get fit, you get fit to play squash.”

Some years later when I was riding a profound low and a beloved guide wondered why I didn’t seek out music for healing, I heard my inner guru say, “You don’t do music to be healed, you must be healed to do/serve music!”  (more…)

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When we tune into a particular radio channel, we become extensions of that channel, channeling that content and allowing more and more of it to be created and manifest in the physical world. The channel (frequency) we tune into and align with is our contribution to creating the manifest world. And at any given moment, we can only be tuned into one particular radio frequency!

The thing that most of us find nearly impossible to perceive with our contracted 5-sense notion of reality, is that the channel (frequency) of a “problem” is discretely different than the channel (frequency) of its transformation, its metamorphosis. We remain tuned to the channel of the problem and expect a solution to come from knowledge and analysis of all the facts, the content of what is, the “data of the darkness” 🙂 And via our reactions to it all. All the while we’re only channeling (creating) more of the same into the manifest world, including via the “solutions” we invent and innovate in reaction, which are only new manifestations of the same frequency. Yes, there is “change,” and yet it’s only the same problem changing faces! (more…)

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All circumstance is the un-integrated past casting its shadow unto the present. A shadow left unconscious, denied the light of response-ability, owning, acceptance, gratitude and Love. Once integrated with a simple, “Oh, I see, thank you!” the shadow can dissolve into the embracing light of Love. Circumstance transforms into allowing, an easeful, fertile flow that one can gently float with in Oneness, instead of working against, around or over circumstance. This is the flow of Creativity, replacing the struggle of reactivity.

Creativity and reactivity are anagrams. In the former, we C first 🙂

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A beloved saathi (co-traveler) recently wished to explore with me, how she might best hold space for a group of people in intense pain  – a group with factions stuck in a stalemate, divided by discrimination history and its longstanding pain, blame and shame. (This endeavor is presently both her calling and her role in her job.) She acknowledged that all outward mediation and facilitation efforts tend to fail; everything has been attempted, only putting everyone squarely back in the stalemate, with increasing animosity. Yet, she must fulfill her role, with all her heart.

From our exploration emerged this possible way of “holding space” – to become the void into which pain ends.


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This can be an impossible paradox to get: Any “dis-ease” – societal, physical, mental or otherwise – is the beginning of healing. Prior to the disease manifesting, some sort of repression is simmering unseen. Recognizing the disease as our friend in disguise and becoming grateful to it takes us toward healing. But, of course, we react to the disease and want a cure, not the healing! We feverishly busy ourselves with the list of symptoms, the diagnosis, the prognosis, the complicated medicines and treatments, and the suspense, misery and drama of it all… except to simply and compassionately and holistically see what was simmering underneath, always within us to see! That would take immense courage – we’d have to recognize and embrace our triggers toward the disease and toward “loss” and “death” – and yet, the reward is truly living. Without suffering pain, fear and hatred, in Love. The disease may or may not be cured, but our healing** becomes assured.


**Etymology of ‘healing’ is the same as ‘whole.’ So, healing = a return to our inherent wholeness.


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Naked Truth

Those naked statues (and our laughing about them with entitlement) show us why we have a person like that in the manifest world – there’s a small-minded, mean-spirited, offensive, energetically attacking and violent egomaniac lurking within us. And so, he is reflected and projected without. Magnified. One can be “with her” (or lately, some “better” third) all one wants, but until the “him” within us isn’t seen and acknowledged (and thereby, dissolved), he’ll always be flourishing out there too, whether in the present form or another.

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If I cannot accept, I can accept that I cannot accept. If I must resist, I can drop resistance to the resistance. If I experience myself as judgmental, I can release judgment of the tendency to judge. If I experience stubbornness, I can release stubbornness toward the stubbornness. If I experience pain, I needn’t generate pain about experiencing pain. If I experience anger, I needn’t become angry about the anger. If I cannot forgive, I can forgive the lack of forgiveness. If I feel impatient, I can have patience with the impatience. If I experience unrest, I can be at peace with the unrest. If I cannot love, I can love the hapless inability to love.

Moving up a meta-level miraculously reveals how to come unstuck, how I always have a choice. How acceptance, resistance-freeness, judgement-freeness, pain-freeness, forgiveness, patience… peace and Love are always available states of being. And, how “world peace” is our orientation in/to the world rather than the (measurable*) state of the world, which is always changing, always elusive. And so, how we cannot “fight” for peace, only be it, and allow right action to spontaneously arise from such a state of being.

(*Vedas: miyate anaya iti maya = that which can be measured is maya!)

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