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Does Self Realization mean that there are no ups or downs in emotions? Does it mean that there isn’t joy in connection with another’s joy? Or that there isn’t sadness or anger in connection with other events?

Well, what happens is that everything that arises and passes as events and phenomena and related thoughts and emotions, occurs as an experience, and at the “centerless center” of it all, is an abiding, unmitigated stillness, thoughtlessness and emptiness. A field of Awareness that allows, embraces and subsumes it all. And there is an unwavering, abiding realization that this void field of all possibility is the Self. The Self that is free of identification with the experience, while paradoxically, “living the experience” more fully than ever as there’s no resistance to it!



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Desirelessness — freedom from desire — is neither an absence nor a quelling of desires. It is, rather, the spaciousness in which both “wants” and “don’t wants” are free to arise without (a “me” that is) resisting, attaching or identifying with either. The “free to arise” and “free from identifying” are the freedom. So, desirelessness is aligning with and abiding in the infinite ‘I am’ that is the spaciousness for all of it, to be.

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A debate is, technically, outright structured as a “for” and “against” exercise. The one who “wins” is the one who is solid in argument, not necessarily establishing “rightness.” Simply as an art or sport alone, it has its merits as a fun intellectual activity, and can also illuminate via exploring polarities.

A discussion or dialogue, while being issue-focused, intends to build consensus for action. While the motivation is earnest, the motive is to convince and/or negotiate our way into an end, to some form of evaluation and decision, and eventually, action. In its end-orientation, it isn’t just about being with each other. And we miss seeing that having a motive at all — to convince, negotiate, impact or change (oneself or) the other — is a form of violence at the subtlest levels, and this is the very violence that scales up to gross violence when my wanting to change others fails. (more…)

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Look into the medical connotation of the word impact (as in “impacted teeth”), and it is the (com)pressing of two things tightly together. “Making an impact” is a subtle aggression on what is, with gross implications. It is an act of pressing against what is, and then in turn, becoming (de)pressed by it… the aggression we turn unto ourselves.

Being with what is, releases and transforms it anyway, without ever impacting a thing.

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My sister Sharmishtha, (also) a life coach, wrote gorgeous essay titled, Let go to let in. It inspired me to build on her offer, and share on “letting be,” a significant nuance to “letting go,” that can provide substantial clarity in times of feeling impossibly bound.

Sometimes it may appear that letting go has implications for our manifest / material lives that set up impossible dead-ends. For example: I know this job doesn’t serve me well, and more importantly, I don’t serve it well! But I can neither change the job’s circumstances, nor change my belief about the amount of money I need, nor imagine another way to make it. Or, as a single mother my young child demands all my attention and resources, and I am outrageously exhausted all the time. I can neither change my single-parent equation with my child, nor any beliefs about caring for her exactly in the ways I do, and I cannot see a way to also commit to “self care.” So now I’m completely stuck. My stuckness arises from the sense that I can neither change my situation, nor change my feelings of frustration or exhaustion in it, and not even change my perceived need for relief. In these situations, what do I do? What do I let go?  (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #5: Life is short, so make the most of every moment!

Being (Self) is eternal. And any one moment (Now) is the entirety of existence! One couldn’t do a thing to make the the most of it; it already is all of it, so the question is only whether or not it is recognized (experienced) as such.  The long and short of life is the illusion 🙂

(And in the spirit of “life is short,” this post is short. Yet, your experience of this post could be long 🙂)

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A near-truth is as far removed from Truth as anything else. That is the nature of illusion!

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How someone behaves toward us (whether “good” or “bad”) has nothing to do with how much they love us!

Although we like to credit actions (“actions speak louder than words”), except in moments in which we are completely aligned in Self (which is Love), words, behaviors and actions arise habitually from conditioning. One conditioned identity meets another conditioned identity, and what ensues is a perfect match of needs (expectations) negotiated between two illusory entities. This isn’t Love; it is simply two masks with matching grooves, executing an (unconscious) agreement to keep the illusory existences of both masks alive! And yet, all the while, what exists in Truth right behind the mask, is always and only Love. Love permeates the masks.

In loving (someone), all we need to attend to, is accessing Source/Self and the Love that shines forth toward the one we perceive as the other. (more…)

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