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Feeling good

There aren’t happy endings to unhappy journeys! Only the way that is the quality/frequency of its destination can lead to such a destination. Or, the way is the destination! Every moment that feels good is the way to feeling good, whether for personal good or universal good! (If it’s truly good, personal good and universal good are perfectly aligned, as One.) So, feeling good must come before anything we ‘do.’ And the easiest, quickest way to feeling good is unconditional gratitude, always available to us, no matter what appears as circumstance.

When I say ‘feeling good,’ I’m speaking of feeling expansiveness, inspiration, aliveness, oneness, faith, flow, bliss… everything to do with Love and life-force. And all this can be felt even in the throes of pain, so long as the pain is freed from story. (The mind’s / ego’s version of feeling good is about either feeding or protecting itself and its story — to survive — to defend against feeling bad rather than simply feeling good!)

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In the very moment one experiences an undesirable, difficult or painful situation, the path of its dissolution toward betterment and upliftment is already paved by the Self. They are two (co-incident) faces of the same event, as each thing has its ‘opposite’ inherent in it! That is what experiencing contrast is about — momentarily experiencing a “don’t want” to instantaneously create its transformation via expansion. Contrast (in the physical world) is the device for expansion! So, there is never a need to ask — the experience is the ask! One is always supremely cared for, by, through, and as One-Self!

In today’s age of crowd sourcing and popular spirituality, it may seem like asking on social media (for assistance, prayers etc.) is helpful. Yet, what will come one’s way in the form of “help” (and energy!) will impede what’s already on its way!! It will interfere in the grander destiny One has already created from a far higher frequency. (The energy of need / pain / desperation matches other energies of need / pain / desperation, whether we recognize it or not. We do this – match reaction with reaction – when we rescue others instead of supporting their flow in the moments that it organically merges with our own creative flow — we interfere in their grander destiny, in the planes of existence freely available to them in which problems are dissolved, not solved!)


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In motivation there is motive; in inspiration there is Spirit.

If one must be motivated to do something, there is both a doer and an agenda/condition for happiness. (Motive and motivation arise from the same root.) There’s an underlying belief that if I do X, Y will happen, and that this will be “good.” There’s a definition of good and a need to control outcomes (to feel good).

If one is inspired, there is no doer and no concept of (a self doing) good. Inspiration means to allow Spirit to flow through and arise as spontaneous action. For this, one is void of all specific motive and is an open and receptive channel for universal wellbeing, which must always necessarily include oneself.

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When we say an event is “so close to home” because we appear to be proximate to it in space or time (or any other identity association), we’ve entered an illusion of the mind. In terms of frequency, a burglary in the neighboring house is no closer than one on the other side of the world! Similarly, in terms of frequency, an accident at an intersection that we crossed 5 minutes ago, is as far away in time as if it happened a year or a decade ago! If something happened with another member of “our community,” again, it is as far (or near) to us as it is if it happened with just about any human being.  (more…)

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All circumstance is the un-integrated past casting its shadow unto the present. A shadow left unconscious, denied the light of response-ability, owning, acceptance, gratitude and Love. Once integrated with a simple, “Oh, I see, thank you!” the shadow can dissolve into the embracing light of Love. Circumstance transforms into allowing, an easeful, fertile flow that one can gently float with in Oneness, instead of working against, around or over circumstance. This is the flow of Creativity, replacing the struggle of reactivity.

Creativity and reactivity are anagrams. In the former, we C first 🙂

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Givers and Takers are prominent in our experience. In every situation, group, family, community, collegial environment, social / economic / political order etc. we find both roles.

A Giver’s primary orientation is to identify the “needs” of others as a cause and give toward that cause in a way that it is tied to one’s identity, self-concept, belief system of right-and-wrong, and all those things that go with the definition of self and the concept of a separate self. If the term Taker and its orientation sound “bad” to you, then consider that it is only the other face of the Giver! A Taker’s primary orientation is focused on one’s own “needs” and therefore questions like, “What can I gain here?” “Is the system looking out for my / my group’s interests?” “Am I approved of and accepted?” “Am I being taken advantage of?”… and so on. This orientation is also tied to self-concept, identity and separation. Givers will easily and promptly turn into Takers in other situations, and vice-versa. Givers and Takers are both required to keep the cycle alive, a cycle of measuring, calculating, negotiating life.

Rarely and preciously, we experience a Receiver. (more…)

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As a student and practitioner of architecture, everything changed one day when a simple thing dawned on me: “Detailing” is the art-and-science of how one responds at the seams. It’s what you do when two different forms/ surfaces/ materials come together. This one act shapes everything, at every scale.

So also in my music, visual art, writing… and so also in life. (more…)

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