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We commonly think of commitment as what we’re wishing to or determining to do or be; yet we only exist in the present, and so our commitment is exactly to what we are actually doing/being NOW.

So, if I find myself feeling sad a whole lot, I can say gently to myself, “I am committed to feeling sadness.” If I complain a lot, “I am committed to complaining.” If I find myself acing everything I do, “I am committed to acing everything I do (and perhaps, to competition).” If I find myself arriving late to most things, “I am committed to arriving late.” If I find myself to be the popular one everywhere I go, “I am committed to experiencing popularity.” If people often tell me what would they do without me, “I am committed to experiencing being needed.” If things are stuck in my life, “I am committed to being stuck and feeling what that feels like.” If I am always busy, “I am committed to busyness.”

We can do this with our feeling states, with our actions, or with the recurring patterns and outcomes in our manifest life.   (more…)


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Wholly meeting pain

To truly and wholly and honestly meet pain as it arises in the emotional or physical body, the story must be released. The story is the defensive device we use to remain invulnerable to and separated from the stupendous, gut-wrenching, annihilating all-ness of pain. The story lives in the mind as thought, and by thinking about it, (telling it) and keeping it alive, we’re refusing to listen to Truth in pain. We think that getting validation for the story is bringing listening and healing (wholeness) to the pain, but actually (and ironically), validating the story gives life (longevity) to the story instead of giving Life (Love) to the pain — it makes the pain go unheard and never be allowed, embraced, digested and integrated. And so it festers, and becomes entrenched as disease and suffering. This is why the pointer to Truth is to wholly feel the pain and release the story. Without the story, without the ability to assign roles of villain, victim and hero, without the ability to deflect energy in blame, one truly and intimately knows pain — past the inflection of “death” — and Truth reveals “on the other side.”

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Non-doing is not inaction. It is doing in a way that (the identity/agenda of) ‘doer’ is dissolved. When there is action, it is an inevitable and spontaneous movement arising from the center of stillness — ‘doing’ that flows from the depths of being. Ultimately, it is a state in which there is movement in stillness and stillness in movement.  (more…)

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The singular and pervasive act of oppression that each and every one of us commits daily is to believe that we must earn, deserve and justify our place in the world. That we’re not wholly worthy and supremely beloved simply because we are here, and just the way we are. (For if we knew this unequivocally about ourselves, we’d know this unequivocally about all beings, and the experience of oppression wouldn’t arise.) That we are separate from all-that-is, and so, must work toward making and marking our place, as if our place isn’t given anyway. And so we believe that if we can make things “better” (according to whatever ideology that occurs to us as right), we’d make ourselves better and more deserving and worthy. From this one erroneous belief, this one act of simultaneous self-hatred and hubris perpetrated every single day without examination and awareness, is born every manifest oppression, and every need to fight it.

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The total solar eclipse is not only a wonderful metaphor but also a physical event that can be used to become totally still, and to look within at what really happens in the shadow.

Often, the shadow is spoken of as “another side” like it has substance — the latent dark matter of human consciousness — but this is the thinking mind getting wrapped up some more in itself! Much like the eclipse demonstrates, the shadow isn’t another side to Self; it’s just the experience in the absence of Light. There is no other side to the sun; there is only an experience of shadow when the sun is obstructed. Similarly, the shadow in the human experience has no substance and no source. (This is why the enlightened one says, “There’s no evil and no imperfection.”) The shadow isn’t who we really are “on the other side”; it is only an experience of darkness created by the mind obstructing the Light of who we really are: Love.  (more…)

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Feeling good

There aren’t happy endings to unhappy journeys! Only the way that is the quality/frequency of its destination can lead to such a destination. Or, the way is the destination! Every moment that feels good is the way to feeling good, whether for personal good or universal good! (If it’s truly good, personal good and universal good are perfectly aligned, as One.) So, feeling good must come before anything we ‘do.’ And the easiest, quickest way to feeling good is unconditional gratitude, always available to us, no matter what appears as circumstance.

When I say ‘feeling good,’ I’m speaking of feeling expansiveness, inspiration, aliveness, oneness, faith, flow, bliss… everything to do with Love and life-force. And all this can be felt even in the throes of pain, so long as the pain is freed from story. (The mind’s / ego’s version of feeling good is about either feeding or protecting itself and its story — to survive — to defend against feeling bad rather than simply feeling good!)

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In the very moment one experiences an undesirable, difficult or painful situation, the path of its dissolution toward betterment and upliftment is already paved by the Self. They are two (co-incident) faces of the same event, as each thing has its ‘opposite’ inherent in it! That is what experiencing contrast is about — momentarily experiencing a “don’t want” to instantaneously create its transformation via expansion. Contrast (in the physical world) is the device for expansion! So, there is never a need to ask — the experience is the ask! One is always supremely cared for, by, through, and as One-Self!

In today’s age of crowd sourcing and popular spirituality, it may seem like asking on social media (for assistance, prayers etc.) is helpful. Yet, what will come one’s way in the form of “help” (and energy!) will impede what’s already on its way!! It will interfere in the grander destiny One has already created from a far higher frequency. (The energy of need / pain / desperation matches other energies of need / pain / desperation, whether we recognize it or not. We do this – match reaction with reaction – when we rescue others instead of supporting their flow in the moments that it organically merges with our own creative flow — we interfere in their grander destiny, in the planes of existence freely available to them in which problems are dissolved, not solved!)


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