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Here’s spiritual near-truth #5: Life is short, so make the most of every moment!

Being (Self) is eternal. And any one moment (Now) is the entirety of existence! One couldn’t do a thing to make the the most of it; it already is all of it, so the question is only whether or not it is recognized (experienced) as such.  The long and short of life is the illusion 🙂

(And in the spirit of “life is short,” this post is short. Yet, your experience of this post could be long 🙂)

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A near-truth is as far removed from Truth as anything else. That is the nature of illusion!


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How someone behaves toward us (whether “good” or “bad”) has nothing to do with how much they love us!

Although we like to credit actions (“actions speak louder than words”), except in moments in which we are completely aligned in Self (which is Love), words, behaviors and actions arise habitually from conditioning. One conditioned identity meets another conditioned identity, and what ensues is a perfect match of needs (expectations) negotiated between two illusory entities. This isn’t Love; it is simply two masks with matching grooves, executing an (unconscious) agreement to keep the illusory existences of both masks alive! And yet, all the while, what exists in Truth right behind the mask, is always and only Love. Love permeates the masks.

In loving (someone), all we need to attend to, is accessing Source/Self and the Love that shines forth toward the one we perceive as the other. (more…)

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When we embody resonance with Self rather than wield resistance against another, then even in (apparent) difference, disagreement or divergence, there is harmony.

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Drop the oars
and see
the boat go
with the flow

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We commonly think of commitment as what we’re wishing to or determining to do or be; yet we only exist in the present, and so our commitment is exactly to what we are actually doing/being NOW.

So, if I find myself feeling sad a whole lot, I can say gently to myself, “I am committed to feeling sadness.” If I complain a lot, “I am committed to complaining.” If I find myself acing everything I do, “I am committed to acing everything I do (and perhaps, to competition).” If I find myself arriving late to most things, “I am committed to arriving late.” If I find myself to be the popular one everywhere I go, “I am committed to experiencing popularity.” If people often tell me what would they do without me, “I am committed to experiencing being needed.” If things are stuck in my life, “I am committed to being stuck and feeling what that feels like.” If I am always busy, “I am committed to busyness.”

We can do this with our feeling states, with our actions, or with the recurring patterns and outcomes in our manifest life.   (more…)

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Wholly meeting pain

To truly and wholly and honestly meet pain as it arises in the emotional or physical body, the story must be released. The story is the defensive device we use to remain invulnerable to and separated from the stupendous, gut-wrenching, annihilating all-ness of pain. The story lives in the mind as thought, and by thinking about it, (telling it) and keeping it alive, we’re refusing to listen to Truth in pain. We think that getting validation for the story is bringing listening and healing (wholeness) to the pain, but actually (and ironically), validating the story gives life (longevity) to the story instead of giving Life (Love) to the pain — it makes the pain go unheard and never be allowed, embraced, digested and integrated. And so it festers, and becomes entrenched as disease and suffering. This is why the pointer to Truth is to wholly feel the pain and release the story. Without the story, without the ability to assign roles of villain, victim and hero, without the ability to deflect energy in blame, one truly and intimately knows pain — past the inflection of “death” — and Truth reveals “on the other side.”

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Non-doing is not inaction. It is doing in a way that (the identity/agenda of) ‘doer’ is dissolved. When there is action, it is an inevitable and spontaneous movement arising from the center of stillness — ‘doing’ that flows from the depths of being. Ultimately, it is a state in which there is movement in stillness and stillness in movement.  (more…)

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