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Procrastination is the unconscious wisdom of Self; a knowing that there is no leverage or power in action without being in Love, without alignment, without being in the energy frequency from which inspired action can spontaneously arise.

It is easy enough to observe that when one is continuously driven and motivated by the mind into all sorts of busyness and causes and deadlines and achievements, the things closest to one’s heart seem silly and “pointless,” and get postponed or shelved. Allowing that poem to come forth. Planting that flower bed. Writing that letter. Practicing that song. Dancing that number. Sketching that jewelry design. (Things you’re happy doing when no one is looking, and no Facebook reports of them need be made 🙂 Things children do all the time until we teach them that they need to “get real” and do things viable and valuable in the world.) Or apparently “bigger” things. Writing that book. Opening a restaurant. Acting in that play. Launching that line of silly T-shirts. Making that breakthrough discovery. Nothing that arises from the (expansion of) heart can be motivated into action, it must always be inspired, and allowed to flow. It arises spontaneously in Love, in alignment with Self. Without mission or permission, without justice or justification. And so, in a mind-identified psychological environment, it withdraws and hides behind procrastination, waiting for the timing of alignment, for a moment of Love. An inherent wisdom prevails — Nope, this bud will only flower when you fall into your heart!  (more…)

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This inspired and potent drawing by Leah Pearlman of Dharma Comics reminds me to share more with those who wish to discern between inspired thought that is simply received or arrives in awareness and in turn translates to spontaneous action (non-doing), and projected and recycled thought that the mind generates in reaction / response to perceived external conditions, which then leads to motivated effort in mission-orientation (doing).20507129_1421498784597731_1384810115700941336_o

The former feels like being drawn, like being called, inexplicably, unreasonably and unconditionally. (Unconditionally = unattached to external conditions.) The latter feels like being driven, by a patterned and conditioned response to observed external conditions, in which we perceive a “need” to meet or a “problem” to solve.  (more…)

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My father wrote an affectionate congratulatory note to a young man, son of his dear colleague and someone our family has known since his childhood. He just graduated with his PhD. He wrote back a generous and loving note in turn, and said he was “graduating with gratitude.”

What a wonderful expression! And with so many nuances. If we could all graduate with gratitude (in/from) every experience, unconditionally (i.e. no matter what it is like), we’d instantly be intimate with the truth of our being. And no PhD can teach us that… something this young man seems to be awake to!

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Many years ago, I played some squash and had the opportunity to enjoy a few lessons with the world-renowned Khan family of coaches in Seattle. I heard one of them say, “You don’t play squash to get fit, you get fit to play squash.”

Some years later when I was riding a profound low and a beloved guide wondered why I didn’t seek out music for healing, I heard my inner guru say, “You don’t do music to be healed, you must be healed to do/serve music!”  (more…)

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In motivation there is motive; in inspiration there is Spirit.

If one must be motivated to do something, there is both a doer and an agenda/condition for happiness. (Motive and motivation arise from the same root.) There’s an underlying belief that if I do X, Y will happen, and that this will be “good.” There’s a definition of good and a need to control outcomes (to feel good).

If one is inspired, there is no doer and no concept of (a self doing) good. Inspiration means to allow Spirit to flow through and arise as spontaneous action. For this, one is void of all specific motive and is an open and receptive channel for universal wellbeing, which must always necessarily include oneself.

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If something is a need, we’re singing the tune of its lack, instead of its fulfillment. And since the energy of lack must match the energy of lack, the need has no way of being met. (Something may manifest that temporarily appears to fulfill the need and “make us happy,” but soon the underlying sense of unmet need will rear its hungry head again, looking to be fed :-))

If something is a wish, and has spontaneously arisen from the expansion of joyful fulfillment that already exists, then the wish has no other way but to be fulfilled!  (more…)

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When we tune into a particular radio channel, we become extensions of that channel, channeling that content and allowing more and more of it to be created and manifest in the physical world. The channel (frequency) we tune into and align with is our contribution to creating the manifest world. And at any given moment, we can only be tuned into one particular radio frequency!

The thing that most of us find nearly impossible to perceive with our contracted 5-sense notion of reality, is that the channel (frequency) of a “problem” is discretely different than the channel (frequency) of its transformation, its metamorphosis. We remain tuned to the channel of the problem and expect a solution to come from knowledge and analysis of all the facts, the content of what is, the “data of the darkness” 🙂 And via our reactions to it all. All the while we’re only channeling (creating) more of the same into the manifest world, including via the “solutions” we invent and innovate in reaction, which are only new manifestations of the same frequency. Yes, there is “change,” and yet it’s only the same problem changing faces! (more…)

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