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All longing and desire for goodness and completeness that we think “me” is feeling and is being moved by to act, (appearing in some as a more low-grade but persistent tugging), is commonly mistaken as a call to better something outwardly, whether the world or “myself” or “my” understanding. Yet it is actually Source powerfully beckoning and pulling the separate (illusory) “you” Home to itSelf, via which, “you” (and absolutely any separate other/ world/ entity/ deity believed in “along the way”) must die, so there’s realization of You, as Source itSelf!

This is the only Awakening.

The Satguru reminds solely of this Awakening, and absolutely nothing else. The Satguru reminds that The One is apparently manifest as (s/he and) you so It may wake up to itSelf.

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Acting self-effacing (‘humility’) and acting in self-promotion (‘hubris’) are essentially two sides of the same coin of egoic identification — believing there’s a separate self at all. In genuine humility, you don’t think less (or more) of yourself, you simply don’t think of your self! If there’s a gift of/from the One-Self emerging through what appears as “you,” it is simply shared; you don’t think of it as “yours” to give or not give (to “others”). It is given, period. To you and to all, all at once. This is the humility (and power!) of receptivity and acceptance. At its subtlest it requires neither bravery nor confidence of mind, as there’s no “me” at play in the first place, to overcome.

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Say, I encounter a person experiencing the circumstance of poverty, and an inspired action of assistance flows through (‘me’).

When I believe I am helping them because of their poverty, my action is conditional to their circumstance. I can then have accompanying “logic” (measurement/ evaluation/ labeling…) that says, I helped them because they are so poor, and my action makes a difference by changing something in their circumstance, and so I can feel good. (I may even have logic/ measurement that outlines how I could do better by helping a poorer person than the one I just encountered, or better still, develop theories and strategies en masse to eradicate poverty altogether.) Now there’s the birth of a ‘me,’ the doer, (and a ‘them,’ the done unto), and time is born too… it’s no longer purely inspiration (spirit) that flows as movement in the moment. Now there is motivation (motive). This is Karma. Ac/counting. Debit and Credit.  (more…)

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(in each moment)
one’s calling lies
not in what one is doing to help
but in what one cannot help
in this non-trying
in this non-doing
all is done
and all are helped

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Try appreciation over gratitude.

(Gratitude has been co-opted by the ego/mind and laced with the subtle or overt sense of, “Had it not been for this thing/event/person…” And this puts one back in conditional and incidental existence: something out there “makes” me happy or “gives” me something, and so I am grateful.)

Appreciation says: I see the goodness in this. Without condition or reservation. And, I appreciate myself for seeing the goodness in this. When we appreciate as such, everything we see in this way appreciates (expands), and the rest dissolves.  (more…)

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There may arise a mental belief that if the action is all there is and there’s no doer involved, then there’s no ‘ownership’ of the action.

When action arises always and inevitably as inspired calling, we’re so completely One with it, that we are the action. I am it. There’s no ‘me’ that exists separately from it. So, in a paradox, there is complete ownership of the action in the only way that matters. (Observe any true athlete or dancer and see how they are the movement — there’s no doer making movements!)  (more…)

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The total solar eclipse is not only a wonderful metaphor but also a physical event that can be used to become totally still, and to look within at what really happens in the shadow.

Often, the shadow is spoken of as “another side” like it has substance — the latent dark matter of human consciousness — but this is the thinking mind getting wrapped up some more in itself! Much like the eclipse demonstrates, the shadow isn’t another side to Self; it’s just the experience in the absence of Light. There is no other side to the sun; there is only an experience of shadow when the sun is obstructed. Similarly, the shadow in the human experience has no substance and no source. (This is why the enlightened one says, “There’s no evil and no imperfection.”) The shadow isn’t who we really are “on the other side”; it is only an experience of darkness created by the mind obstructing the Light of who we really are: Love.  (more…)

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