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Kriya is what emerges spontaneously as (apparent) practice, from the (body of the) enlightened being. And so, a belief has been cultivated and propagated over “time” that one can reverse-engineer enlightenment by emulating these actions as “practices,” and in time, realize the desired effect :-). This can be a trap as big if not bigger than the typical worldly attachments!

If one enjoys any practice for its own sake, without using it as an avenue to something else, then one is just fine! (If not, one is ultimately fine too!) It is the belief in practices as a route to enlightenment that begins to feed the ego/identity with more doing, self-concept, measurement and milestones… this time all “spiritual,” and therefore, misleading one into a bigger illusion than one who lives the typically identified life, since now one is also in the mistaken belief that one has become free of attachment or identification. Now we’ll get a “spiritual seeker” instead of the “success seeker,” that’s all 🙂 Or we’ll get those who are “balancing” the two — spiritual life and regular life — as if there are ever two things 🙂 (And then there’s also the doing of shadow “work,” as if one can work with a shadow :-))

Enlightenment is simply falling/awakening into Self (Love) by dropping past the mind/ego. (Whatever arises as experience of shadow/pain is also observed, embraced and integrated, instead of identified with, that’s all.) (more…)


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“Spiritual bypass” is yet another mental concept, as it is based in time. Consider that the mind can only assess in retrospect that it engaged in spiritual bypassing, looking back into the past and saying: Oh, I see now how I was levitating above my emotions and only engaging in illusory elevating via “spiritual experience,” and so, I was spiritually bypassing. So spiritual bypass is a conceptualization of the past, and the past doesn’t exist 🙂

When the moment arrives for awakening to Truth (and embracing the pain/shadow that simultaneously comes to Light), that is the only moment one could have seen it! All prior experience, whether perceived as spiritual or mental or emotional or physical, is either all bypass (as the ego will use everything at hand to bypass Truth, regardless of whether it is a spiritual technique or scholarly wisdom or just the usual worldly attachment…), or none of it was bypass — it was exactly as it had to be until this moment of now!

In this moment of now, I am either wholly awake in Self or I have identified with the ego.

And if in this moment of now I am wholly awake in Self, there’s simply no bypass possible. The light is on, and the shadow is seen.

And if in this moment of now I have identified with the ego, then that’s all it is, the ego! 🙂

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I’ve been transmitting this realization (particularly with those who work directly and deeply with me, and are wholly invested in allowing Self and creative power) for a long time now (~2009), and it is the premise of my 2013 book, “You are Michelangelo and You are David!” So, it is joyous to see, via the sensitive scholarship of Christopher Wallis (Attaining One’s Creative Power), how the ancient sutras convey the same thing. (So does quantum science, of course, if one were to truly real-ize its significance in life instead of living in the Newtonian or Relativistic dimensions :-))  (more…)

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The adorable and beloved elephant god of India, Ganesha, is widely known even in the Western world, in his capacity as “remover of obstacles.”

What are the obstacles to be removed, though? While many wish or pray for obstacles from personal and collective paths to be removed, the obstacles that are being referred to are not physical or systemic or phenomenal or anything else we deem as measurable or observable. The obstacles are our spectacles! 🙂 The obstacles are the veils of the mind, coloring our observation by cutting us off from the infinite ocean of being, the wholeness and all-ness of who we are. For when we are all-that-we-are, all of existence is who we are, and all of existence has no other way but to appear in integrity as One, manifesting “without obstacle.” I AM, and I AM All That Is.

(As a fun aside, VEIL and EVIL have the same letters!)

So Ganesha, like every ‘god/dess’ of the Indian / Hindu ethos, is a representation — a symbol of and a device to — access pure awareness of Self. Invoking him is not invoking an entity, but invoking an access, available right here and right now, to any human being.

This is so with every festival, practice, ritual and mantra, and any “holy” spot. In and of themselves, they have no existence or power. They are powerful when invoked to connect with, focus in and realize Self. (And employed otherwise, they keep one as far from Self as any other fun distraction :-))  (more…)

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The first instruction in driving is to “keep your eyes on the road.” Soon, one realizes that the vehicle instantly and automatically goes where one’s eyes go, where one’s gaze (drishti) goes. Once this realization is embodied, one makes little concerted physical effort to turn the steering wheel — the subtlest shifting of gaze makes everything else follow and flow. (Yet, if one had never before seen an automobile, one might believe that the only way to move it is to push it!)

Similarly, matter instantly goes where spirit/ energy/ consciousness is ever-so-subtly directed. The subtler and sharper the gaze, the easier the flow.  (more…)

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Last weekend, creators of the music circle around me attended Seattle’s Dhrupad Days workshops with the Gundecha Brothers, organized by the Dhrupad Institute of America (DMIA) and held at Cornish College of the Arts. The realization everyone experienced, of their true voices and subtle bodies, is a milestone in alignment with Self, that each of us finds difficult to articulate via words. As one of us exclaimed, “This is Vipassana in sound!”

Earlier in April, my music saathi and I had immersed ourselves more fully in a 7-day Dhrupad residential retreat with the Gundecha Brothers in a small town in Northern Germany, by the Baltic Sea. Sixteen of us did music with the gurus from 5:30am to 8:30pm every day, and couldn’t have meals or even sleep without the vibrations continuing to course through our beings. We began with kharaj practice before sunrise (sometimes by the sea!), and had both group and individual instruction with all three brothers, including in taal from Akhileshji. As Ramakantji often put it, “We don’t teach music, we convey vibrations.” And Umakantiji generously modeled it with the lower notes he assisted us in touching before the sun arose every morning.Kharaj1_Vikas

And just like that, like the morning sun over the horizon, it dawned on me — Dhrupad (dhruva pada) is not remotely about fixed verse or regimented singing. It is about knowing the unbroken, eternal frequency of one’s existence, through sound and body. (more…)

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The existence of a villain is predicated on the existence of a hero, and of a victim. If we truly (truly!) wished to see the villain disappear, we’d have to give up our attachment / addiction to being (or having) the hero (to a victim). We’d have to give up, gasp, our story of good versus evil!

I know, I know, we firmly believe that the villain strikes first, the victim is an incidental creation as the target of the villain’s whims, and the hero is created consequently, as an obvious need. It feels impossible to fathom that these energies, which then become roles and eventually entrenched identities, come into being not in sequence but all at once, as a simultaneous creation, due to our wish to experience contrast and separate identity, due to our fragmented and divided consciousness and ways of being. (more…)

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