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All longing and desire for goodness and completeness that we think “me” is feeling and is being moved by to act, (appearing in some as a more low-grade but persistent tugging), is commonly mistaken as a call to better something outwardly, whether the world or “myself” or “my” understanding. Yet it is actually Source powerfully beckoning and pulling the separate (illusory) “you” Home to itSelf, via which, “you” (and absolutely any separate other/ world/ entity/ deity believed in “along the way”) must die, so there’s realization of You, as Source itSelf!

This is the only Awakening.

The Satguru reminds solely of this Awakening, and absolutely nothing else. The Satguru reminds that The One is apparently manifest as (s/he and) you so It may wake up to itSelf.

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Although there is constant reference to freedom from suffering related to Awakening (or Self Realization or Enlightenment), the goal of not suffering, or to feel or function better, or “get happy” is never what Awakening is about. If there’s a value proposition, you can be sure it’s not about Awakening 😊 Rather, everything else that is popularly valued and engaged in is about either distracting or training the mind to feel and function better, while Awakening is simply seeing what is, seeing what’s absolutely eternally true. It’s Reality realizing itSelf (through/as what appears to be “you”).

Actually, it is by completely surrendering, allowing and embracing the suffering and pain, that Awakening, and subsequently, total Realization, spontaneously dawned (upon “me”). And in so allowing, I saw how generating narratives and telling the hi/story — with an agenda to change the world or “never let it happen again” or get relief or comfort or be heard or be seen or be healed — is one of the most entrenched ways in which we avoid and reject and rationalize the suffering and disallow its total embrace and dissolution. (Telling the story without a charge or agenda but for the sake of storytelling alone, allowing anyone to receive from it what they will, is different… and is simply part of authentic expression.) (more…)

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There is no such thing as a “spiritual leader” or “spiritual teacher.” All leading and teaching is of the mind to the mind, keeping mind alive, along with its notions/ addictions of leadership/ followership, celebrity and all the related trappings. When the essence of (Sat)Guru genuinely reflects in form, there is no fanfare, fanaticism, followership, guardianship or any other paraphernalia surrounding it. It is all rendered impossible. There is only Presence, with absolutely nothing else constructed around it. And there is no teaching of concepts, only invoking remembrance, and guiding/ pointing to the Absolute. Yes, moths go to the flame, but only to die into it. If there’s anything else happening or manifesting as a phenomenon, no matter if it appears to be the handiwork of “others,” then it is a personality one is encountering, not the essential embodiment of Guru. The personality is trapped by its own making, and as a participant in the paraphernalia, one too is, unwittingly or otherwise, a co-creator in manifesting the personality and all the phenomena/ paraphernalia around it. One may have a “spiritual experience” that feels comforting, revealing and uplifting, no different than any “life experience,” but Truth (beyond experience or phenomenon) remains as veiled as ever.  (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #10: Dvaita (dualism) and Advaita (non-dualism) are two paths to Truth

Advaita (literally “non-dualism,” though this is not an accurate descriptor of unity consciousness) suggests: Everywhere I look there is only The One! And Dvaita (“dualism”) suggests: Look, how beautifully The One expresses through “two” (variety/contrast)!

At essence, both are pointing to One Self. Dvaita is only a way of conveying the realization of Oneness through the experience of two! At core it isn’t a different philosophy or teaching from Advaita (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #5: Life is short, so make the most of every moment!

Being (Self) is eternal. And any one moment (Now) is the entirety of existence! One couldn’t do a thing to make the the most of it; it already is all of it, so the question is only whether or not it is recognized (experienced) as such.  The long and short of life is the illusion 🙂

(And in the spirit of “life is short,” this post is short. Yet, your experience of this post could be long 🙂)

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A near-truth is as far removed from Truth as anything else. That is the nature of illusion!

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Kriya is what emerges spontaneously as (apparent) practice, from the (body of the) enlightened being. And so, a belief has been cultivated and propagated over “time” that one can reverse-engineer enlightenment by emulating these actions as “practices,” and in time, realize the desired effect :-). This can be a trap as big if not bigger than the typical worldly attachments!

If one enjoys any practice for its own sake, without using it as an avenue to something else, then one is just fine! (If not, one is ultimately fine too!) It is the belief in practices as a route to enlightenment that begins to feed the ego/identity with more doing, self-concept, measurement and milestones… this time all “spiritual,” and therefore, misleading one into a bigger illusion than one who lives the typically identified life, since now one is also in the mistaken belief that one has become free of attachment or identification. Now we’ll get a “spiritual seeker” instead of the “success seeker,” that’s all 🙂 Or we’ll get those who are “balancing” the two — spiritual life and regular life — as if there are ever two things 🙂 (And then there’s also the doing of shadow “work,” as if one can work with a shadow :-))

Enlightenment is simply falling/awakening into Self (Love) by dropping past the mind/ego. (Whatever arises as experience of shadow/pain is also observed, embraced and integrated, instead of identified with, that’s all.) (more…)

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“Spiritual bypass” is yet another mental concept, as it is based in time. Consider that the mind can only assess in retrospect that it engaged in spiritual bypassing, looking back into the past and saying: Oh, I see now how I was levitating above my emotions and only engaging in illusory elevating via “spiritual experience,” and so, I was spiritually bypassing. So spiritual bypass is a conceptualization of the past, and the past doesn’t exist 🙂

When the moment arrives for awakening to Truth (and embracing the pain/shadow that simultaneously comes to Light), that is the only moment one could have seen it! All prior experience, whether perceived as spiritual or mental or emotional or physical, is either all bypass (as the ego will use everything at hand to bypass Truth, regardless of whether it is a spiritual technique or scholarly wisdom or just the usual worldly attachment…), or none of it was bypass — it was exactly as it had to be until this moment of now!

In this moment of now, I am either wholly awake in Self or I have identified with the ego.

And if in this moment of now I am wholly awake in Self, there’s simply no bypass possible. The light is on, and the shadow is seen.

And if in this moment of now I have identified with the ego, then that’s all it is, the ego! 🙂

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