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As I open my ballot to vote, I smile that we vote with our consciousness — energy frequency — not with our ballot or the preferences we mark on it per se. When we vote to fervently and vehemently oppose someone, we vote them in just as much as those who vote to support them, even if the numbers in the near-term can be turned. If one understands energy, one sees that the vehement opposers of Obama voted him in even as they marked their ballots otherwise, and the vehement opposers of Trump voted him in, in the same way! An energy of opposition magnifies that which it opposes, into manifestation!

As we vote this time around, we can be aware that while we may turn the tide on numbers one way or another in each opportunity, we won’t change anything about what festers and brews underneath, and keeps periodically breaking the surface and bursting forth like the volcanos in Hawai’i, unless our own bubbling pain and triggers dissolve in acceptance, into neutrality. From neutrality arises true preference; until then one is driven by triggers into re-activity, re-en-acting the same thing in cycles of changing tide.

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The prevalent misconception about acceptance arises from the mind equating acceptance with resignation, or with condoning “evil.”

The paradox is that acceptance of evil — Loving it in neutrality, which means to dissolve one’s own triggers to it — is the true end of “evil.”

How so? Since one’s own triggers/reactivity provide (energetic) sustenance to evil and keep it alive, the end of the triggers/reactivity is the end of such feeding and sustenance. Acceptance, of course, means wholly accepting one’s triggers as well — without venting/acting them out — and so embraced, they dissolve!  

Experiment and see. Notice how the tiniest trigger dissolving within, corresponds “soon” to its matching phenomenon disappearing from your immediate experience. (The common belief is that the phenomenon is triggering me, but actually, the phenomenon is a manifest reflection of my triggers!) Now “scale” this to mass consciousness…

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While playing in the massive, powerful waves of the ocean, the closer one is to the shore, where the waves have foaming crests and crash against the land, the tougher it is to sustain oneself; one gets powerfully whacked and outright swept away. The deeper into sea one ventures, far greater the ease in riding the waves. The safety of the shore is an illusion, just as in Love/Life!

When a wave is too high and massive to ride by hopping upward with its crest, and especially if the crest is already “ripe,” it is easier to dive right into the wave and allow IT to flip one! It appears that one is getting dragged farther out to sea, but actually the wave turns one right in place, in situ. And by allowing it to do so without resistance, one emerges naturally above water. The safety of head-above-water is an illusion, just as in Love/Life!

Allowing the shore/sky to disappear is like allowing the mind to dissolve. In the Ocean of Love/Self, all is naturally taken care of!

P.S. I’m not remotely a strong swimmer. Even while experiencing physical fear, I was glad to place total faith in the guidance of “friends at sea”… and these metaphors were at once obvious.

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The true “soulmate” (sometimes termed the twin soul or twin flame) is a manifest reflection of the “soul mating itSelf” 🙂 Self meeting/mating Self. When Self realization is imminent, it is possible for a reflection of this realization to show up in the mirror of the manifest. Often, this reflection will arrive “just in time” to turn One unto OneSelf, so as to see with utter, unmitigated, uncompromising, ruthless directness: Not this, Not that (Neti Neti)… until all egoic identity is stripped away in nakedness, and there is realization and liberation.

Because it is a reflection in Self, it is exalting. It is Peace, It is Bliss; It is Creativity. Because it is simultaneously the magnification of every egoic identity, it is activating, explosive and destructive; it is the end of all time. It is Krishna; it is Kali!  (more…)

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Respectful address of ‘another’ is solely about respecting Self, not the other! 🙂

Truth is Paradox series

Indian and Japanese cultures have the suffix ‘ji’ and ‘san’ respectively that can be used for universal respectful address of another without measurable regard to their status, age etc. The ego-mind would, paradoxically, misunderstand this as “showing” respect, but it is actually a way of respectfully aligning with/in One-Self. (The Hindi word ‘aap‘ is a wonderful clue — along with the ‘formal’ you, it also means Self!) Such an address is a way of remembering and conveying, “I see and honor (my)Self in you.” It is a gentle, centering guardrail that ensures that one doesn’t fall prey to comparative measures of status and can relate purely being to being… which is why in some parts of Northern India, little children are addressed as ‘aap,’ lest their tiny packaging give rise to hubris in us, a forgetting of their divine origins! And so, it is a way of guiding, honoring and respecting oneself. Such a guardrail is, of course, ultimately unnecessary once the realization of no-other is wholly integrated.

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Truth is that which requires no opposite against which to be defined in identity, no opposite by overcoming which to be victorious in veracity, and no opposite by which to be neutralized in unity. Truth is that which contains its own opposite. Or, Truth is that which has no opposite.

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The complete Yogi (Union) has no ‘personal values,’ as there is no person left, to play in the worldly way. What’s at play is simply the contrasts of up and down, right and left, high and low, big and small, in and out, black and white… and the infinitely spacious consciousness for all of them to dance.

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