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Fellow enlightened being Dileepan Raghunathan writes:

“Information is lost in the obsession with data,
Knowledge in the obsession with Information;
Wisdom is lost in the obsession with Knowledge,
Realisation in the obsession with Wisdom!”

This is, of course, why the Self realized appear decidedly unwise in (their) words, pointers, and apparent “advice.” I am all there is? There is no other? You don’t live in the world, the world lives in you? Do nothing and nothing is left undone? What stupidity, what meaninglessness, what hubris, what selfishness! 😂

Wisdom, even in its most refined and subtle form, is the last frontier, the last threshold for ego-death. If there is stuckness and identification with wisdom, there cannot be Realization. There’s nothing so unwise as wisdom; it arms one to “do” things the foolish wouldn’t try! (more…)

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That Love can be known only in the moments when emotions cease (rest) is as preposterous to the mind, as that Life can be known only in the moments when world (thought/ perception/ objectification) ceases, or that Self can only be known when mind ceases, or that Truth can only be known when word ceases, or that God can be known only when belief (scripture, mantra, or deity) ceases. The mind confuses the arising and passing content of “somethingness” that it can objectify, measure and grasp as reality, finding it impossible to know Reality (Life/Love/Self/Truth/God) as Nothingness… or more accurately, as nothing that can be named, including as Nothingness! And that’s only because the mind itself is an arising and passing phenomenon within Reality/Life/Love/Self/Truth/God, so how can it ever know the field in/as which it bubbles up and dissolves? It’s like fish never knowing water, while never for a moment being apart.

And that’s also why the mind keeps changing. That we can “change our minds” itself points to how it can never know, only perceive in/as time, the arising and passing of temporary content, and conflate this with Reality.

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I met a cute and bubbly young woman who, describing her many interests and adventures, said, “I like exploring all that life has to offer.” Of course I didn’t clarify in the listening capacity I had in that moment, but what she’s actually talking about is exploring all that the world has to offer. What Life offers is often numbed by the adrenaline and dopamine of world immersion and addiction. Life is even begun to be noticed only in the moments when world ceases.

Life is that infinite, unchanging wellspring of consciousness from/in/as which the world arises (and passes) as images. To be always immersed (by believing) in the arising and passing images is to be out of touch with Life!

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A No said from the Nothingness of Self, in alignment with universal well-being, is at once also a Yes. A no said from fear, habit patterning, conditioning, control, doubt, compulsion, reactivity, resistance, self-protection, convenience, or plain old laziness to stretch or expand into possibility, is neither no nor yes. It’s just no man’s land, the equivalent of remaining stuck in purgatory.

P.S. As an aside, you’ll notice that few will argue with or object to the first kind of No, as they intuitively and immediately recognize that it’s arising from that “centerless center” also capable of a wholehearted and unconditional Yes. (Even the littlest children recognize it!)

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Acting self-effacing (‘humility’) and acting in self-promotion (‘hubris’) are essentially two sides of the same coin of egoic identification — believing there’s a separate self at all. In genuine humility, you don’t think less (or more) of yourself, you simply don’t think of your self! If there’s a gift of/from the One-Self emerging through what appears as “you,” it is simply shared; you don’t think of it as “yours” to give or not give (to “others”). It is given, period. To you and to all, all at once. This is the humility (and power!) of receptivity and acceptance. At its subtlest it requires neither bravery nor confidence of mind, as there’s no “me” at play in the first place, to overcome.

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Currently we understand consent as a clear, total and unequivocal Yes all the way throughout an act of sexual intimacy. And that such a Yes must be offered in full consciousness, which means one cannot be “under the influence” in any way, whether of consciousness-altering substances or of “external” power and hierarchy dynamics.

Except, who is fully conscious? Who is clearly and totally and unequivocally connected with and saying Yes (or No!) from the subtlest core of their pure, unmediated, unconditioned being? (more…)

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Every perspective is accurate (“right”), and no perspective is Truth. That is, no-perspective is Truth 🙂

Truth is Paradox series

P.S. No, Truth is not the sum total of perspectives either… no amount of changing angles reveals a thing, even if it allows the habitual fixed stance to release 🙂

Truth dawns in no perspective at all, in the zero separation of seer-and-seen.

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