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In Reality nothing is happening, and ‘I’ am the Creator of Reality, are both Truth. ‘I’ don’t exist, and ‘I’ alone exist are both Truth. Only ‘I’ exist in relationship, and ‘I’ exist only in relationship are also both Truth.

These seemingly opposite statements cannot reconcile in the linear / intellectual mind; they can be realized as One and the same thing only from within the (perspective-less) center.

This is why the Self-realized being often appears to contradict. S/he is not uttering opposites, s/he is revealing that Truth contains everything (including its own opposite), and Truth is in no(one)thing.

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Whenever we embark on a well-intended endeavor to “do good,” a quick and easy check is to see if the means and the end are in integrity. This check will fail 100% of the time if the endeavor is based in duality, in either/or thinking, in, essentially, fixing division with division.

An example: While the feminist movement’s most fundamental premise is to honor and celebrate a woman’s choice, as soon as a woman perceived to have a “strong voice” or “privilege” chooses to not label herself a feminist or participate in all its agendas, she (largely) falls out of favor with her feminist fellow beings 🙂 (If she doesn’t appear to have a strong voice or privilege, then she of course doesn’t know better and must be educated 🙂 ) At the minimum her way of being disappoints or baffles them. (Unless she explicitly declares or acknowledges that she is still in “solidarity” with other women, and so forth.) (more…)

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When I read tales in English as a child growing up in India, there would often be openings like, “Once upon a time there was a wise XXX. S/he led a life of…”

This usage of the word “lead” contains everything. From how I see, there’s only one leader – the one leading a life, and only one leadership – the consciousness with which that life is led, no matter what the outer, material circumstances. If it appears that we are following (or having to follow) somebody, it’s only that we’re leading ourselves to them, and then adoring or denigrating, approving or disapproving, adopting or rejecting their ways, and their apparent power over us. There’s no leader (apart from us) with power over our consciousness, and any person putting themselves in such a position of apparent power (whether democratically or otherwise) is only a (creation/projection of and therefore a) servant to what we hold in our consciousness.  (more…)

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In complete stillness (of total awareness), movement is bound to occur.

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In total awareness, stillness and movement are not two things, but one single (non)happening. In unconscious mind states, what we perceive as movement/action/change is a lot of activity on the treadmill.

And so also arises the need to “become mindful” and “balance” stillness and movement, as they are perceived as two separate things.

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You have to stop trying. Only then will you allow it to happen.

– Loving wisdom from beloved one

It’s startling and humbling (and profoundly gratifying) when one’s own insights are reflected back with Love, shining light on a blind spot or a moment’s forgetting in one’s awareness, and integrating the insight more deeply into one’s awareness and actions.

“Try” is a ubiquitous word in our language (and language is [almost always] a representation of our consciousness). “Trying” is all the mental noise around something; it is never the thing itself. “Trying” is what we do when we aren’t actually doing! And so, to “try” is not only to not do, but also to nurture the lie that one is somehow doing the thing. “Trying” therefore offers a hiding place, all the while fostering the illusion that we’re actually doing something.


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The wise can appear foolish for having relinquished the burden of opinion

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Much has been written in recent times (Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert) about the gifts of imperfection – how perfection is already here at all times should we simply embrace, forgive, accept and integrate our shadows and imperfections. Holding a belief in linear time, these ideas convey journey / process – like the stages of grief – and may indeed be valuable to many in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and habits, and in stepping into their expanded / creative potential.

When I spotted the phrase “अधूरी स्वयं पूर्णता” – translating roughly to “incomplete is whole” – in a poem posted by a friend, there was, finally, a glimpse of the supreme insight that is entirely missed in the ideas of acceptance and forgiveness, and all notion of process and linear time. And that is the paradox, that every moment of incomplete is necessarily already whole. As such, there is no process and nowhere to get; there is nothing but perfection and wholeness at all times!



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