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When we say, “It gives me great joy to do this…” we are unconsciously in error. Aside from a harmless manner of speaking, this arises from our entrenched misconception that the source of joy is extrinsic to us, including located in our doing. (Doing) something doesn’t give us joy; we bring joy to (doing) it!

To know whether we are bringing joy to something, we only have to see how we are being when that something is taken away! (And not promptly replaced by something else.) Then we know if it is the habitual rush of experience — the concoction of hormones associated with egoic thoughts of (and addictions to) “getting there,” “getting it done,” success, achievement, validation, empowerment, control, “fun”… or if it’s just joy.


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All study is of (temporary) phenomena; all stories are of (personal) experience. When we combine the two, it’s all even more tenuous! Once there is Realization, there is disinterest (neutrality) in study and story, with direct and pure interest in (embracing of) phenomena and experience. Everything may be observed or enjoyed, and nothing need be interpreted or claimed.

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Forgiveness, as an act or effort done unto another, is unnecessary the moment there is the realization: I am all there is. Once “the other” is wholly recognized as I (in the form of a reflection/ aspect/ opposite of “me”), the question of needing to forgive doesn’t arise. The reflection/ aspect/ opposite is embraced and dissolved in the space of I, and there is no other left to forgive, and no “me” left to act as forgiver. Forgiveness just happens. Rather, gratitude happens. Grace happens. (Nothing happens.)

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Love (and total acceptance) is never about looking away, glossing over, pulling wool over one’s eyes, or making up feel-good stories via “positive thinking.” It is about seeing with total and unmitigated clarity what is — just as it is — being able to call it as such if necessary… and still being perfectly okay with it as it is, free of aversion toward what is, or craving for it to be another way (and vice versa). This includes the experiential/story realm, knowing well that it is an experience based in limited perception. 

It’s just motherly concern and affection! Uhm, no, it is control and domination. They’re just having fun, displaying pretty pictures every weekend! No, they are indulging in narcissism. It’s a fundraiser for a good cause! No, it’s a lavish party in a lavish venue with rich people assuaging guilt conscience. It’s lawful immigration procedure! No, it’s a madman cruelly locking up people at whim. It’s just protecting my privacy. No, I told a lie. (more…)

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The prevalent misconception about acceptance arises from the mind equating acceptance with resignation, or with condoning “evil.”

The paradox is that acceptance of evil — Loving it in neutrality, which means to dissolve one’s own triggers to it — is the true end of “evil.”

How so? Since one’s own triggers/reactivity provide (energetic) sustenance to evil and keep it alive, the end of the triggers/reactivity is the end of such feeding and sustenance. Acceptance, of course, means wholly accepting one’s triggers as well — without venting/acting them out — and so embraced, they dissolve!  

Experiment and see. Notice how the tiniest trigger dissolving within, corresponds “soon” to its matching phenomenon disappearing from your immediate experience. (The common belief is that the phenomenon is triggering me, but actually, the phenomenon is a manifest reflection of my triggers!) Now “scale” this to mass consciousness…

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Aloha! Used ubiquitously and ostensibly as a greeting in Hawai’i, Aloha is really an invocation of Love, Peace and Oneness. An expression of continuity with All That Is. I see you as Self! I see you in/as Love! The natives of Hawai’i know this way well.

The entire time I was there, what danced in subtle consciousness was Ho’oponopono, the Hawai’ians’ natural “healing practice,” which is simply the realization of Oneness that automatically returns (awakens) “another” to their inherent wholeness. This is the essence of what I “do” when “working” with another — see only Self. To know (thy) Self is to know All.

Aloha and Ho’oponopono — Oneness and Wholeness!

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Recently I was observing to a beloved saathi that in the Bangla (Bengali) language, the word for envy (or jealousy) is “hingsha,” the same as “himsa” in Sanksrit, which means… violence! It immediately toggled, for my friend, a remembrance that there is a similar word in colloquial Hindi for envy, “hiksa”! (“Usko hiksa hai humse.”) It had not occurred to them before that it’s the same as himsa, and now we were connecting the dots.

To look at this subtly, is to see that when we even so much as covet anything but what is, there is violence. Each time we claim or possess something as “mine,” there is violence. Each time we want what we perceive not to have, there is violence.

See how we are violent in this way every single day, every time we want and covet what isn’t. Himsa!

Ahimsa, then, is not non-violence, but acceptance of What is. (Including the non-acceptance of What is, and the non-acceptance of the non-acceptance… )

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