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Holding on to the past, in any form, is a way of holding on to blame. And blame, (with its partner shame), is a tremendous burden we place squarely on ourselves no matter who or what it’s directed at. Even holding on to nostalgia and “good memories” is an unconscious way of wanting it to be that way instead of this way, the way it is. And this is a subtle form of blame, blame for things not being that way: I wish you were here, I wish it were that way, those were the days… The present moment is the only Truth. It is Love. (more…)


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Your thought about the other causes you to oppose yourself. So, your only opponent or opposition is yourself, your mind.

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One’s unfettered joy/peace is one’s prayer for universal well-being.

No other prayers (directed toward specific people or events) are necessary or useful, and are even dissonant when laden with anxiety or emotional pain!

When concerted prayers “work,” it is because in the moments of praying, the person falls into alignment with Self (/Love), such that mental thought dissolves and the underlying natural peace/joy is allowed to be the dominant frequency for a sustained duration. (In these moments people unwittingly or consciously release all asking.) This emanation has a powerful and profound harmonious effect on all beings, animate and inanimate. This is why a longer havan or mass, or 5-times-a-day salah are conducted — all to dissolve mind and abide in Self for sustained duration. This can naturally happen with/in someone trekking on one of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest trails, with similar effect! Essentially, any activity undertaken with Love and inspiration that puts one “in the zone” and “out of mind” is a prayer! Nothing is more powerful than meditation (without chants or visualization), which unlike concerted prayer is always agenda-less (i.e. nothing specific is being “asked” for or activated). And one who is Self realized is (consciously yet un-self-consciously) in prayer at all times.

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The total solar eclipse is not only a wonderful metaphor but also a physical event that can be used to become totally still, and to look within at what really happens in the shadow.

Often, the shadow is spoken of as “another side” like it has substance — the latent dark matter of human consciousness — but this is the thinking mind getting wrapped up some more in itself! Much like the eclipse demonstrates, the shadow isn’t another side to Self; it’s just the experience in the absence of Light. There is no other side to the sun; there is only an experience of shadow when the sun is obstructed. Similarly, the shadow in the human experience has no substance and no source. (This is why the enlightened one says, “There’s no evil and no imperfection.”) The shadow isn’t who we really are “on the other side”; it is only an experience of darkness created by the mind obstructing the Light of who we really are: Love.  (more…)

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The very definition of a divide is that there are two sides, with a line drawn in between! So, yes, every manifest divide has “both sides,” no matter how grossly one-sided it appears, and how vehemently we resist this understanding.

“But!,” the mind protests, “this ‘other’ person drew the line while I was going innocently and merrily about my life, so why is the onus on me to own the divide?” Well, because, the onus can only and always be in one place — on me! I and I alone am the central locus of this experience and reality! I and I alone am the generator of a point-of-view, from which this creation is painted and constructed! (more…)

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The words community and communion have the same root. There is infinite power in Self-alignment, not remotely in numbers or scale, even though it appears so to our measurement-oriented mind. There is only true creative power in numbers when there is a profound consistency of alignment in Self — within each member (not “agreement” between members), such that there is an expansion in integrated, harmonious, creative resonance. Communion occurs between two who are not-two, and this Oneness arises from any one being in no-two consciousness within, meaning, in complete and pure alignment with One-Self!  (more…)

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When we miss and long for a loved one, no matter who they are or have been to us, we are actually missing the alignment with Self/Love we experience when we flow Love toward them in their (physical) presence. (The mind has attached to them the source of our Love and the good feeling of alignment and home, instead of our abiding in Self, remaining wakeful to their being the external reflection of Self to whom we flow Love, always sourced in Self.) We are not missing them, we are missing alignment with Self/Love, and we are feeling that distance, that gap, between (the concept / identity of) me and Me, the most excruciating rift of all. And all arising emotion is the signal to return to alignment and close that (illusory) gap!

All longing is always for the Self!! The Holy Longing!

The moment we realize this and return home to Self, to alignment, we not only experience the missing dissolve, but also experience all other perceived gaps and distances dissolve. And so, we have an instantaneous and visceral sense of the loved one’s presence, as One-Self, no matter where they are physically, and no matter whether they exist in the physical or have passed on in body. The paradox is that it is the missing and longing that separates us from our beloved… as it separates us from Self, and ‘the other’ is none but One-Self in reflection!

The Holy Longing
a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and a favorite of all time  (more…)

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