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The very definition of a divide is that there are two sides, with a line drawn in between! So, yes, every manifest divide has “both sides,” no matter how grossly one-sided it appears, and how vehemently we resist this understanding.

“But!,” the mind protests, “this ‘other’ person drew the line while I was going innocently and merrily about my life, so why is the onus on me to own the divide?” Well, because, the onus can only and always be in one place — on me! I and I alone am the central locus of this experience and reality! I and I alone am the generator of a point-of-view, from which this creation is painted and constructed! (more…)

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The words community and communion have the same root. There is infinite power in Self-alignment, not remotely in numbers or scale, even though it appears so to our measurement-oriented mind. There is only true creative power in numbers when there is a profound consistency of alignment in Self — within each member (not “agreement” between members), such that there is an expansion in integrated, harmonious, creative resonance. Communion occurs between two who are not-two, and this Oneness arises from any one being in no-two consciousness within, meaning, in complete and pure alignment with One-Self!  (more…)

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When we miss and long for a loved one, no matter who they are or have been to us, we are actually missing the alignment with Self/Love we experience when we flow Love toward them in their (physical) presence. (The mind has attached to them the source of our Love and the good feeling of alignment and home, instead of our abiding in Self, remaining wakeful to their being the external reflection of Self to whom we flow Love, always sourced in Self.) We are not missing them, we are missing alignment with Self/Love, and we are feeling that distance, that gap, between (the concept / identity of) me and Me, the most excruciating rift of all. And all arising emotion is the signal to return to alignment and close that (illusory) gap!

All longing is always for the Self!! The Holy Longing!

The moment we realize this and return home to Self, to alignment, we not only experience the missing dissolve, but also experience all other perceived gaps and distances dissolve. And so, we have an instantaneous and visceral sense of the loved one’s presence, as One-Self, no matter where they are physically, and no matter whether they exist in the physical or have passed on in body. The paradox is that it is the missing and longing that separates us from our beloved… as it separates us from Self, and ‘the other’ is none but One-Self in reflection!

The Holy Longing
a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and a favorite of all time  (more…)

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Hope is a want for something that isn’t, to be. And so, hope is a denial of what is and a clinging to what could be. Hope only begets its opposite, disappointment! There’s no way to get there from here!

Faith (Love) has no opposite. Faith is the knowing that what is, is the only (congruent, correct) way it can be, for it’s the way we – as One-Self – created it. And that in the very moment of this surrendered embracing of what is, other ways it can possibly be are not only spontaneously created, but are also instantaneously on their way into the manifest. Faith simply allows there to come here.

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Imagine breathing less fully or drinking polluted water or making oneself diseased or poor in order to be empathetic / supportive / in solidarity with those who don’t have good quality air to breathe, clean water to drink, or are diseased or poor. Lowering one’s frequency / emotional well-being (by becoming low / sad / bitter / angry) to match sadness or dysfunction in the world (or in a friend’s or loved one’s life) is the same thing!

The way to uplift is to thrive.

And yes, it is because we are all One that we’re called to thrive. The alchemy / transformation / well-being that happens in one drop of the ocean is ultimately what happens in the entire ocean… the cells of the One Being are quantumly entangled, and spontaneously communicate and spark well-being without our self-conscious concepts of privilege and justice, or equalizing machinations. Our response-ability is to be the lit up, thriving cell, living its fullest potential… and any inspired action toward ‘another’ also arises spontaneously from t/here.

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There’s no such thing! Neither becoming ‘deeply disturbed’ nor a ‘deeply disturbed’ person, no matter how they play out! All disturbance, like all storms regardless of their size and devastation, are only surface occurrences. In the profound depths of the ocean, there is nothing but stillness of eternal being. And so also in each of us. We are that ocean, the stillness of eternal being, and known from that center, all storms are like wisps of cotton candy arising and passing in fleeting moments. Become and remain connected to this depth, to this stillness and timelessness, and paradoxically, one becomes of (inspired) service to the world!

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In the very moment one experiences an undesirable, difficult or painful situation, the path of its dissolution toward betterment and upliftment is already paved by the Self. They are two (co-incident) faces of the same event, as each thing has its ‘opposite’ inherent in it! That is what experiencing contrast is about — momentarily experiencing a “don’t want” to instantaneously create its transformation via expansion. Contrast (in the physical world) is the device for expansion! So, there is never a need to ask — the experience is the ask! One is always supremely cared for, by, through, and as One-Self!

In today’s age of crowd sourcing and popular spirituality, it may seem like asking on social media (for assistance, prayers etc.) is helpful. Yet, what will come one’s way in the form of “help” (and energy!) will impede what’s already on its way!! It will interfere in the grander destiny One has already created from a far higher frequency. (The energy of need / pain / desperation matches other energies of need / pain / desperation, whether we recognize it or not. We do this – match reaction with reaction – when we rescue others instead of supporting their flow in the moments that it organically merges with our own creative flow — we interfere in their grander destiny, in the planes of existence freely available to them in which problems are dissolved, not solved!)


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