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If you are concerned about climate change (and are reasonably affluent and otherwise abled), consider these possibilities best you can, before laughing at “those unscientific fools” or talking about systemic change:

— Live in square footage no greater than you truly require
— Use your two pretty feet to get around most places, most of the time
— Buy local, unpackaged groceries that you can personally carry (and no more) in reusable bags  (more…)

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The dense, suffocating haze hanging over Seattle (and Portland and Vancouver) from the regional forest fires is a fitting metaphor for what happens in the subtle energy whenever there is en masse reaction of unprocessed anger and pain to any event. A dense, suffocating haze is created, (invisible to most everyone and) far more toxic and hazardous to universal well-being than the event itself. (What died in the fire of the day is already dead.) And like the trees around us are now silently serving by “working hard” to clear the air for all, there are beings (yes, human too, especially children under 4), who, integral to their inherent design, silently serve by “working hard” to clear the air for all, when such a venting and projection of thoughts and emotions occurs at mass scale. So, if we are capable, we’re well advised (and served!) to pause, and witness / observe ourselves — observing is the alchemy — instead of indulging our habit of venting and outrage over the next thing.

Needless to say, it’s ironic to add more haze to the current haze by complaining and venting about it. Let’s at least filter our own air 🙂 And drink lots of water, breathe (best as possible), and simply observe our inclination to complain willy nilly at the slightest discomfort, while at other times lamenting the terrible pain of distant peoples.

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Aloha! Used ubiquitously and ostensibly as a greeting in Hawai’i, Aloha is really an invocation of Love, Peace and Oneness. An expression of continuity with All That Is. I see you as Self! I see you in/as Love! The natives of Hawai’i know this way well.

The entire time I was there, what danced in subtle consciousness was Ho’oponopono, the Hawai’ians’ natural “healing practice,” which is simply the realization of Oneness that automatically returns (awakens) “another” to their inherent wholeness. This is the essence of what I “do” when “working” with another — see only Self. To know (thy) Self is to know All.

Aloha and Ho’oponopono — Oneness and Wholeness!

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The Sadhaarani Geeti of Dhrupad Music (like most essential aspects of Dhrupad), is a powerful metaphor for (and aspect/expression of) a Self realized life. While the word ‘sadhaarani’ may be translated as ‘ordinary’ or ‘usual,’ the essence of the word here is ‘natural.’ ‘Natural’ implies free of affectation, embellishment, stylization, habit patterns… and free also of meaning-making and imposed/contrived personal emotional content, even. Where ‘natural’ is pure, sattvik, devoid of personalization/ego. And so, ‘natural’ not in the commonly held your-truth-my-truth-sense, but as unique expression of universal Truth. As such, the ‘Dhruva’ (North Star) portion of the word Dhru(va)pad(a) stands for the universality of the singing, easily confused as ‘fixedness’ or ‘regimentation’ when one cannot yet see how the way at once contains within it, the uniqueness of each voice. Once one discerns the difference between ‘unique’ and ‘personal’ (that in which there is active a personality/ego), there is immediate clarity on what Sadhaarani Geeti (natural singing) is, and how it is the sounded aspect/expression of Sadhaarani Jeevan (natural living). The Sadhaarani Geeti way (tantra) allows the body to be realized as an instrument (yantra) for generating pure/ Love vibration (mantra)… in a state of Yog (Union) with All That Is.

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No “extrinsic factor” can ever change by working on it directly with muscle (and by that word I mean smarts, diligence, perseverance, and all other signifiers of effort). That’s because everything extrinsic is quite literally being formed into existence, moment-to-moment, by the lens of our consciousness. The only “effort” with true power is to allow a shift and integration within, in our way of seeing. (And action will arise spontaneously, without a view to change what’s extrinsic.) Now watch what happens outside!!

P.S. It’s also a lot, lot more fun, with no winning or losing, only surfing without the suffering!

When there’s an impression of “change” in extrinsic situations via extrinsic effort, it is only the creation of a new “problem,” disguised as “solution” or “change”… and the cycle continues 🙂

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The Self is always at rest, always at peace. It is Peace. The “person” we perceived, who is now no longer in our perception (i.e. in character), never exists separate from that. When we experience someone passing on, it is akin to their exiting (front)stage, because (in consciousness) we co-create that script in this particular play. It doesn’t mean their true existence is over (or even altered!) with the end of their role in this play; it only means we agree to stop perceiving them in the form that they played. (We even agree to perceive their “aging.”) They were never that character, they were unborn and undying, and what exists is eternally at rest in peace!!  (more…)

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Spiritual near-truth #6: People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime

The person one brushes up against for just a second in a crowded marketplace, the person next to whom one sits in a long international flight, the person with whom one shares a yearlong adventure… and the person who is one’s child or parent… are all just as (in)significant. It’s just that in one’s play one’s an “extra” and in another’s play, one is in a “lead-role.” Yet they are all plays of equal airtime and (in)significance, and neither role is the Self, not for us and not for the perceived other! When eternity is known in any moment of Now, it is seen that every connection is eternal… as the (connection with) One-Self is eternal.  (more…)

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