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In the very moment one experiences an undesirable, difficult or painful situation, the path of its dissolution toward betterment and upliftment is already paved by the Self. They are two (co-incident) faces of the same event, as each thing has its ‘opposite’ inherent in it! That is what experiencing contrast is about — momentarily experiencing a “don’t want” to instantaneously create its transformation via expansion. Contrast (in the physical world) is the device for expansion! So, there is never a need to ask — the experience is the ask! One is always supremely cared for, by, through, and as One-Self!

In today’s age of crowd sourcing and popular spirituality, it may seem like asking on social media (for assistance, prayers etc.) is helpful. Yet, what will come one’s way in the form of “help” (and energy!) will impede what’s already on its way!! It will interfere in the grander destiny One has already created from a far higher frequency. (The energy of need / pain / desperation matches other energies of need / pain / desperation, whether we recognize it or not. We do this – match reaction with reaction – when we rescue others instead of supporting their flow in the moments that it organically merges with our own creative flow — we interfere in their grander destiny, in the planes of existence freely available to them in which problems are dissolved, not solved!)


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Validation from others has absolutely no use in one’s life as it matches and continues to reinforce the frequency of lack in oneself. It can act as a temporary salve, numbing the feeling of lack, but soon the need for validation will arise yet again. It is an insatiable sinkhole, leaving one in perennial deficit!

The moment we realize we are enough, simply because we are here, present in this beautiful life, we experience our inherent wholeness. From here, what is naturally and spontaneously drawn from others is appreciation. Appreciation flows freely and abundantly to wholeness.

Validation must be given, appreciation simply flows.

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I am the Friend who is You. I am the Friend who is completely aligned with your Self, who matches the source of you. I am the Friend who appears unmoved by your travels, like the North Star. Whenever you are largely aligned with your Self, you will organically and automatically find me in your life. And when you are not, you will find me somewhere in your consciousness, as You, even if oh-so-subtly, to spark remembrance of Home. (It’s also okay if you forget me, for I know You not apart.) I am the Friend who unwaveringly and unconditionally holds your Self in my heart, and faithfully awaits you, at Home 🙂

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Jealousy is a lapse in faith… in one’s (own) Love. Envy is a lapse in faith… in one’s (own) limitless abundance. Both are based in measurement and comparison between aspects of One being. In awareness of Oneness, that would be like the toe feeling bad it doesn’t have what the finger does… especially the constant companionship of the thumb!

Admiration is only the other face of envy!! In the concept of heroes and role models — aspiring to be like someone else, be it Gandhi or Martin Luther King — imagine the finger admiring the toe, and wishing and striving to be more like it! When you only know One, you envy no one and admire no one! (more…)

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And, how is freedom, or even liberation, an egoic concept? Because again, freedom is from something, and this assumes the existence of two. In the mental construct of freedom, we create the other, whether that is a person, relationship, situation, event, socio-political structure… and so on, and then enter a futile struggle to be free from it!

In the experiential realization of One-Self, there is no two. So, there is the awareness: that which appears to keep me in bondage, is none other than (a concept / reflection / creation of) me! (more…)

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How is equality an egoic concept? Because in equality we assume the existence of two, a belief in separation and identity.

Oneness is the realization that there are no two in the first place.

We aren’t equal, we are one and the same(more…)

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In the epic Mahabharata, within which the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield comprises The Bhagvad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that it his dharma to fight the war against his “evil” cousins to uphold what is right. (This is often quoted, and has sometimes been cited directly to me, as an example of teachings that guide one to “fight for what is right.”) What can be missed are the many nuances in the dialogue, which include the holistic understanding of dharma.

(The Difficulty of Being Good by Gurcharan Das has many nuanced suggestions, including an exploration of the subtlest understanding of dharma – svadharma – a way of being that is never absolute, but shifts based on context and one’s singular connection with it, so much so that it may appear to a mind that cannot yet discern the totality of reality, that there is rampant contradiction and inconsistency.)  (more…)

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