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When we’re looking to have justice as a construct in the outer reality, then we need to correct an offending person/ality, an identity separate from The One, an entity that is, to begin with, an illusion. So we are educating or correcting or punishing an entity that is an illusion, managing how “it” acts out in the play. (We’re severing the forgetful/asleep arm that is striking the One body, and in doing so, acting verily as the other forgetful/asleep arm!)

In waking up into Awareness/Oneness/Love, we realize that the moment there is remembering/awakening in this “person” that they are All that is, all of Life itSelf and not merely a little locus of attention, then acting contrary to Life is impossible. Now, we wouldn’t be fixing the identity but releasing it altogether.

We would release Self from the prison of identity, rather than put identity in prison! (more…)


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While there are many thoughtful academic and journalistic works on what defines and creates a culture of oppression, patriarchy and rape, I offer here subtle energy realizations through awakening and embodied living. These aren’t offered for analysis and dis/agreement, but for checking by direct seeing. If you are able, do set aside intellectual and philosophical arguments, and simply look. Look and see, and you’ll know what is meant when it is said that the world doesn’t exist outside of us. Or, that it is manifested as a reflection / projection of our identity of separateness and the conditioning it carries!

(Also, it would be easy to read this and think I am advocating some brand of puritanism or offering a critique and shaming of sex, materialism and consumerism. Quite the contrary, I am speaking of a total and unconditional (loving!) allowing of all the conditioning so that it can be wholly seen, accepted, embraced and integrated… dissolved. And I am speaking of the realization that until it is integrated — brought into integrity as whole — it continues to project the “reality” we collectively experience… no matter who it is that “personally” acts out the “worst.”)


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An opinion (or perspective) is an assessment of something in the (projected) outer reality, perceiving it as separate from oneself. A realization is about seeing how what is appearing as a manifestation is real-ized through One-Self. This is the difference between avoiding responsibility and owning it. In the former, action within the perceived outer reality to change that very outer reality seems necessary. (And the ego-identity will argue that this is taking “real responsibility”… and the more sophisticated ego will call for a “balance” between the spiritual and material 🙂 ) In the latter, it is seen that the impressions and conditioning (sanskaars / vaasanas) carried within the mass-mind (and thereby, every body) can be released / integrated, and each “locus” of consciousness can “do” this (allow this to occur) within the embodiment, for instantaneous universal benefit. For, You are all there is.

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Teaching and learning are about improving the “human imperfections” in (an identity you believe to be) “yourself.” Guidance and waking up are about revealing the (already always) “divine perfection” as Self! One is about more and better, the other is about less and what is. One is adding and augmentation, the other is editing and release. One builds skills, information, knowledge and wisdom, the other allows revelation, repose and abiding in what already is (known). One sharpens and exercises the mind, the other stills and channels it. One constructs an identity/personality, the other dissolves (integrates) it. One is about gaining things to ultimately have nothing, the other is about losing things to ultimately have everything.

Discerning these apart is the difference between adapting in a challenging and changing world, and liberation from the belief that it exists outside of Self. It’s the difference between being reactive to (perceiving, fighting, resisting, changing, improving) an outer reality, and realizing One-Self as a creative channel for its appearance. It’s the difference between becoming smarter or wiser, and waking up to and being who You are.

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“Perspective” is only offered by the ego/mind, because it requires standing separate from All That Is, to have an identity, take a stance, and generate a point of view. (Artists and architects will literally get this!) All this your perspective and my perspective is only dialogue (two monologues) between ego/personalities, giving the impression of “bridging the divide” and growing understanding, but only growing the divide by the day!

Oneness consciousness never offers perspective, as it is entirely unable to stand apart from All That Is. It is conveying from the “centerless center.” Because language by its very construction is dualistic, the words may appear to be saying this or that, better or worse, higher or lower, right or wrong, spirit or matter… yet all the words are, are simply a pointer, a vehicle of transmission for something beyond. If you drop the evaluating mind, if you listen and receive from beyond (“your”) perspective, this will reach You — touch you, move you, inspire you… dissolve you into You.  (more…)

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If you need something
You cannot choose it
If you’re attracted to something
You cannot choose it
If you’re compelled by something
You cannot choose it
If you’re driven to something
You cannot choose it 

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you cannot have peace
for You are Peace
you cannot feel love/d
for You are Love
you cannot be healed
for You are the Whole
you cannot be found
for You are right Here
you cannot be saved
for You are the Haven
you cannot learn
for You are the Lesson
you cannot journey
for You are the Destination
you cannot know
for You are the Known
you cannot need
for You are the Source
you cannot unite
for You are the Union
you cannot awaken
for You are Awareness
you cannot die
for You are Life
you cannot be born
for You are the Void
the you who seeks
is The One sought —
You just are!!

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