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Once in a while, someone in my surrounds will assert (whether in words or energetic resistance), “I have to understand it through my own experiences.” “Sure, of course,” I’ll say.

And it also has me chuckling. Rarely, I might ask (whether in words or energetic communication), “Am I not a part of ‘your own experience,’ the one you are presently having?” “Oh!” comes the response. You see, you couldn’t possibly have me in your experience had you not asked to hear/see/read/experience this. This is your own creation you are experiencing! I am only You speaking to you!  (more…)

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Alignment is not about right or wrong; it is about coming into integrity with who one truly is, who one has become in essence via expansion into (or, return to) All-that-is.

This is why a realized Master may appear to contradict themselves by saying on the one hand, that everything is perfect as it is and that there’s nothing to change, and on the other hand, exhorting one to some other (‘higher’) state of being. How can both these simultaneously be?  (more…)

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Surrender is not passive; it is active allowing and receptivity. It is the only way to be a receiver… and we are all receivers!

In the role of ‘guide’ (and in the role of ‘the guided’!) I keep observing how surrender cannot be taught or learned. It spontaneously happens when it does. (Put simply, it happens when Love/Union truly happens.)  (more…)

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In the very moment one experiences an undesirable, difficult or painful situation, the path of its dissolution toward betterment and upliftment is already paved by the Self. They are two (co-incident) faces of the same event, as each thing has its ‘opposite’ inherent in it! That is what experiencing contrast is about — momentarily experiencing a “don’t want” to instantaneously create its transformation via expansion. Contrast (in the physical world) is the device for expansion! So, there is never a need to ask — the experience is the ask! One is always supremely cared for, by, through, and as One-Self!

In today’s age of crowd sourcing and popular spirituality, it may seem like asking on social media (for assistance, prayers etc.) is helpful. Yet, what will come one’s way in the form of “help” (and energy!) will impede what’s already on its way!! It will interfere in the grander destiny One has already created from a far higher frequency. (The energy of need / pain / desperation matches other energies of need / pain / desperation, whether we recognize it or not. We do this – match reaction with reaction – when we rescue others instead of supporting their flow in the moments that it organically merges with our own creative flow — we interfere in their grander destiny, in the planes of existence freely available to them in which problems are dissolved, not solved!)


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Perspective arises from a fixed point of view. Architects and visual artists know that to draw (represent!) something, you first fix the point of view.

Frequency is an awareness of different planes of existence. A higher frequency existence simply means accessing planes of existence in which there is little to no resistance. Life flows.  (more…)

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Last weekend, creators of the music circle around me attended Seattle’s Dhrupad Days workshops with the Gundecha Brothers, organized by the Dhrupad Institute of America (DMIA) and held at Cornish College of the Arts. The realization everyone experienced, of their true voices and subtle bodies, is a milestone in alignment with Self, that each of us finds difficult to articulate via words. As one of us exclaimed, “This is Vipassana in sound!”

Earlier in April, my music saathi and I had immersed ourselves more fully in a 7-day Dhrupad residential retreat with the Gundecha Brothers in a small town in Northern Germany, by the Baltic Sea. Sixteen of us did music with the gurus from 5:30am to 8:30pm every day, and couldn’t have meals or even sleep without the vibrations continuing to course through our beings. We began with kharaj practice before sunrise (sometimes by the sea!), and had both group and individual instruction with all three brothers, including in taal from Akhileshji. As Ramakantji often put it, “We don’t teach music, we convey vibrations.” And Umakantiji generously modeled it with the lower notes he assisted us in touching before the sun arose every morning.Kharaj1_Vikas

And just like that, like the morning sun over the horizon, it dawned on me — Dhrupad (dhruva pada) is not remotely about fixed verse or regimented singing. It is about knowing the unbroken, eternal frequency of one’s existence, through sound and body. (more…)

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I am the Friend who is You. I am the Friend who is completely aligned with your Self, who matches the source of you. I am the Friend who appears unmoved by your travels, like the North Star. Whenever you are largely aligned with your Self, you will organically and automatically find me in your life. And when you are not, you will find me somewhere in your consciousness, as You, even if oh-so-subtly, to spark remembrance of Home. (It’s also okay if you forget me, for I know You not apart.) I am the Friend who unwaveringly and unconditionally holds your Self in my heart, and faithfully awaits you, at Home 🙂

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