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Only the mind can conceive of stages for that which is of no-mind!!

What actually happens is that depending upon the stability of the stillness / release / dissolution of mind, varying depths of access to Being are available at different moments in different “vessels” or “conduits” of the One-Self, whom we believe to be different people 🙂 These varying depths of being-ness are all accessible simultaneously in the Now (as multi-dimensional being-ness), but with the mental belief in linear time, it appears that there is some kind of “spiritual progress” and transformation happening “over time,” or that there are different people at different stages of realization. (The mind loves comparisons, standards, progress and milestones, and so… the measurement and marking of these only indicate that the mind is still happily in play.)

Below I venture to share, roughly, states of being that can give the impression of “stages” and their progression, to the measuring mind. All the states can be variably accessed in the same person at different times, while some sustain being in Self at all times. As always, words are entirely insufficient (and in-and-of-themselves even inaccurate), and only act as a pointer to the essence beyond.  (more…)


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The celebrity connects with the thoughts, emotions and stories of the people. There is excitement, sensationalism, fandom, following… oh, and autographs and photographs 🙂

The Truth seer / speaker has no fans or followers, as they speak not to thought, emotion or story, only to the stillness and nothingness beyond, in Self and Love. A Truth seer has no followership, only fellowship. Profound, subtle, quiet, often entirely invisible to common perception.

If you must have an autograph or photograph with someone for display, you can be sure they’re a celebrity, no matter who they are, and even if they have a long beard and robes and you believe you are “sharing the light” 🙂

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When we are One with all that is, the paradox is that “your pain is my pain” calls not for solving your pain, but for dis-solving mine!

How so?

When we are One with all that is, we simultaneously realize that the entire play underlying The One ‘differentiated as many’ is to lovingly allow unique experiences through which to recognize and realize Oneness. In truly, lovingly, unconditionally honoring the sovereignty in (and wish for) differentiated experience, it isn’t for (an identity of) “me” to take on another’s unique experience — however ‘good’ or ‘bad’ — and make it mine (in the name of empathy or compassion or unity as solidarity), and then make a mission out of it in any way — whether as fan or savior. It is only for me to allow for every kind of experience, and be there, in Love, should it arise within my physical field of experience. If I’m triggered into sensational excitement or suffering in response to another’s unique experience (‘good’ or ‘bad’), it is an opportunity for me to see that I am identified (attached) with them / that experience in some way, and use it as a clue, a window to look within. The more I look within, the more I see that whatever I experience in vicarious response to another’s experience reveals what is alive within me as attachments. The more I dissolve these within, in Love, the more they dissolve without, in ‘reality.’  (more…)

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The villain of our story can only become the hero, when we release them from that role  🙂 More accurately, they can simply be… what they are! Even more accurately, freed from enrollment in our story, we can experience them simply as they are — nothing, and so, all possibility!

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Only the ego/mind can learn. Learning is an augmentative act, a layering of things over the nothingness of who we truly are. As such, learning is conditioning or patterning: a collection of sanskaars. One can learn facts, events and phenomena in what is perceived as objective reality (and convert them into a body of “knowledge”), one can learn beliefs and values, and one can learn (physical) skills. For learning, there can be sources and teachers, and this learning can be “passed down.”

Awakening is not an act of learning or scholarship. It is a remembering of what is forgotten via the ego/mind, and all its learning!! As such, there are no “sources” that can “teach” awakening. If there are “sources of knowing” and if they are true (SatGuru), they are only pointing to Truth that is already within you, to assist your remembrance. (And any instruction they give is solely on how to look and see.) As such, they are re-sources — reflections of the knowing SOURCED WITHIN YOU. The SatGuru is the Guru within, reflected without. Whatever is awakening within you at this moment (even if the ego has tons of resistance to it), is reflected by the SatGuru. Any resistance to or rejection of the guidance is the ego’s resistance to Self; it has little to do with the “other” person and their offering! (If it did, they/the offering would either not arise in your field of experience, or once they do, you would simply let it go with nothing arising in you)! You may awaken to it, or you may recede into the ego, but either way, the expansion is happening. The seed is sown and will sprout “in time.”  (more…)

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Kriya is what emerges spontaneously as (apparent) practice, from the (body of the) enlightened being. And so, a belief has been cultivated and propagated over “time” that one can reverse-engineer enlightenment by emulating these actions as “practices,” and in time, realize the desired effect :-). This can be a trap as big if not bigger than the typical worldly attachments!

If one enjoys any practice for its own sake, without using it as an avenue to something else, then one is just fine! (If not, one is ultimately fine too!) It is the belief in practices as a route to enlightenment that begins to feed the ego/identity with more doing, self-concept, measurement and milestones… this time all “spiritual,” and therefore, misleading one into a bigger illusion than one who lives the typically identified life, since now one is also in the mistaken belief that one has become free of attachment or identification. Now we’ll get a “spiritual seeker” instead of the “success seeker,” that’s all 🙂 Or we’ll get those who are “balancing” the two — spiritual life and regular life — as if there are ever two things 🙂 (And then there’s also the doing of shadow “work,” as if one can work with a shadow :-))

Enlightenment is simply falling/awakening into Self (Love) by dropping past the mind/ego. (Whatever arises as experience of shadow/pain is also observed, embraced and integrated, instead of identified with, that’s all.) (more…)

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“Spiritual bypass” is yet another mental concept, as it is based in time. Consider that the mind can only assess in retrospect that it engaged in spiritual bypassing, looking back into the past and saying: Oh, I see now how I was levitating above my emotions and only engaging in illusory elevating via “spiritual experience,” and so, I was spiritually bypassing. So spiritual bypass is a conceptualization of the past, and the past doesn’t exist 🙂

When the moment arrives for awakening to Truth (and embracing the pain/shadow that simultaneously comes to Light), that is the only moment one could have seen it! All prior experience, whether perceived as spiritual or mental or emotional or physical, is either all bypass (as the ego will use everything at hand to bypass Truth, regardless of whether it is a spiritual technique or scholarly wisdom or just the usual worldly attachment…), or none of it was bypass — it was exactly as it had to be until this moment of now!

In this moment of now, I am either wholly awake in Self or I have identified with the ego.

And if in this moment of now I am wholly awake in Self, there’s simply no bypass possible. The light is on, and the shadow is seen.

And if in this moment of now I have identified with the ego, then that’s all it is, the ego! 🙂

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