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One of the beloved saathis who says my writings “touch him beyond what he can understand” is a professor of Statistics (and a classical music enthusiast). Not only professor, but also the “young” head of the department at a prominent U.S. university, and well-regarded and well-awarded for his work in global patterns such as climate change and infectious disease. When I wrote a piece earlier this week (on the complaining mind) that referenced trends and outliers, I shared it with him, only so he could laugh. Here is our ensuing message exchange:  (more…)

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The true “falling in Love” is actually the falling of veils such that the separate “me” disappears, and Love is all there is. In (the veils) falling in Love, the access to the realization –I am Love– is more continuously abiding, while “me” continuously dissolves/dies into the ocean of Love… that I am. As such, the more (sustained access to) Love there is, the less attention is naturally directed to what “the other” is doing (or not doing)… the less a “me” arises, the less an “other” arises.

In the absence of “me” and “you,” there is only Presence. There is only Love.

This is not relationship, as relating (relativity) requires a me and a you. This is absolute. This is Union.

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In absolutely any situation, the frequency that instantly uplifts, liberates and aligns, is that of gratitude. While this may initially play out as feeling grateful “for” something, ultimately such a condition / owing / obligation must fall away (as must any associated nostalgia or other cloying emotion), and what remains is solely a neutral yet effervescent gratitude… for everything (and nothing). Grateful for all that is of Love, and grateful for all that is a forgetting of Love, as it points and redirects to the remembrance of Love. Such unconditional gratitude, (sometimes better termed ‘appreciation’ to free it of the remotest obligation), is instantly liberating (of “me”), and aligning in Self.

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Longing/missing is experienced when there is a conditioned want/need for the feelings of missing in order to have evidence/experience of Love! This is, of course, unconscious — there is no awareness that the identified (and so, separate) “me” is habitually addicted to the emotions of missing and longing over simply be-ing (in) Love. This me wants the substitute, the proxy — the emotions — over Love, and subversively, wants to keep the illusory gap of separation forever open in order to keep feeling these feelings as the way to experience Love. (As an aside, this is so for all our “pursuits”!) So, as this me, we need the parting and reuniting, and the associated sense of dark and light, ups and downs, loss and gain, (the stuff all dramas on and off screen/stage are made of), all in order to experience the emotions that we have come to ‘love’… over Love!!  (more…)

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While playing in the massive, powerful waves of the ocean, the closer one is to the shore, where the waves have foaming crests and crash against the land, the tougher it is to sustain oneself; one gets powerfully whacked and outright swept away. The deeper into sea one ventures, far greater the ease in riding the waves. The safety of the shore is an illusion, just as in Love/Life!

When a wave is too high and massive to ride by hopping upward with its crest, and especially if the crest is already “ripe,” it is easier to dive right into the wave and allow IT to flip one! It appears that one is getting dragged farther out to sea, but actually the wave turns one right in place, in situ. And by allowing it to do so without resistance, one emerges naturally above water. The safety of head-above-water is an illusion, just as in Love/Life!

Allowing the shore/sky to disappear is like allowing the mind to dissolve. In the Ocean of Love/Self, all is naturally taken care of!

P.S. I’m not remotely a strong swimmer. Even while experiencing physical fear, I was glad to place total faith in the guidance of “friends at sea”… and these metaphors were at once obvious.

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Aloha! Used ubiquitously and ostensibly as a greeting in Hawai’i, Aloha is really an invocation of Love, Peace and Oneness. An expression of continuity with All That Is. I see you as Self! I see you in/as Love! The natives of Hawai’i know this way well.

The entire time I was there, what danced in subtle consciousness was Ho’oponopono, the Hawai’ians’ natural “healing practice,” which is simply the realization of Oneness that automatically returns (awakens) “another” to their inherent wholeness. This is the essence of what I “do” when “working” with another — see only Self. To know (thy) Self is to know All.

Aloha and Ho’oponopono — Oneness and Wholeness!

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Total meditation and devotion in any color reveals White. Total meditation and devotion in any note reveals Sa. Total meditation and devotion in anything ephemeral reveals the eternal. Total meditation and devotion in the singular Love reveals universal Love.

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