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True celibacy is the state of spontaneous cessation (dissolution, not repression) of all sexual urge or impulse or need arising in the body or mind, without (mandating) exclusion of physical union. This means that all conditioning, reactivity, emotional uprising and attachment have dissolved at the level of physical body. The “abstinence” in the celibate is of these things; it has nothing to do whatsoever with whether actual physical union is experienced or not.

Actually, to the contrary, it is the true celibate who can cease sex and begin lovemaking, the act of sacred physical union from the Heart center!! Lovemaking happens when the physical act transcends all need and is purely an inspired giving-receiving of Love in the physical. (more…)


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Repressing and recycling feelings and emotions are two sides of the same coin.

Most of us recognize what repression is. Recycling is when we believe we are harmlessly “venting,” “sharing” or “expressing” feelings and emotions, but we’re only passing them through the mind, and then talking out loud our thoughts (reactions) about these emotions.

Both recycling and repressing lead to the same thing — stuckness, and eventually stagnation, in which hardened emotion turns into mental and physical conditions. The key is to let emotion flow as pure energy, in and out.  (more…)

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Love, in Truth, can only be unconditional. All of us have some sense of this at core — that we are an expansive spaciousness that can hold anyone and everyone, anything and everything — just because.

Yet, we’ve come to associate “loving” with conditions — we say we love someone “for” their nature, qualities, gifts, values, abilities, temperament, behavior, actions, achievements… and so on. And along the way we become unable to remember and awaken to our nature as Love, independent of the things we perceive others to have or do.

Love is our nature; it is neither sourced in nor dependent on another’s qualities or actions. This fount of Love sourced within, Love that is independent of anything or anybody else, Love that is unattached to outer conditions (whatever they may be), is by definition, unconditional.

Love just is.

All the emotional affect that we think of as “love” or the things we believe we love others “for” (and try to “earn” or “win” others’ “love” by) are attachments. They are attachments based in the three primal needs of our egos (our self-concept / identity) — approval, security and control (and the corresponding “wounds” of shame, abandonment and betrayal) — all related to the fear of loss.  (more…)

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Self-doubt is one of our most primary attachments!

It is a way of splitting from Self, through the mind, and then experiencing duality and separation. And we say, “I’m having second thoughts,” or “I’m in two minds.” (Or in Hindi: दुविधा.) Actually, the appropriate way to describe this condition is simply, “I’m in the mind.” The characteristic quality of living identified with the mind is two-mindedness or better still, conjuring up an entire committee with different “perspectives” and view points, and becoming entrenched and entertained by their never-ending debate!   (more…)

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The beauty of Truth

The beauty of Truth is that it warrants nothing. Perspective warrants understanding, opinion warrants dis/agreement, argument warrants facts, fact warrants proof, proof warrants measurement, measurement warrants instrument, instrument warrants accuracy… and all of these warrant a “me.”

Truth just is. Truth silently dawns.

And Love is its emanation.

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There’s no such thing as a “hate-filled heart.” (So, we might consider dropping our use of this as rhetoric.) Hatred, like darkness, is an experience we have when Love / Light is cut off… by the mind veils that block off the infinite Heart. It’s the equivalent of sitting in a dark room cut off from the sun shining brightly, and saying: This is a darkness-filled room. Hatred, like darkness, doesn’t “exist” somewhere — it vanishes as soon as the veils drop and Love / Light is allowed!!

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Recognizing Love

While we may want to spend most of our (life)time around those who give us empathy and compassion and encouragement and affection and loyalty and solidarity for our stories and identities, within the depths of our being, we are ultimately most trusting of those who can see us beyond our stories and identities. Something about them rings profoundly true, even if we feel very uncomfortable or even terrified. Those who see us beyond these self-imposed limitations for the expansive essence that we are, the infinite entirety that we are, and so, appear to not “meet us where we are.” (In Truth, they’re always meeting us where we truly are, in-and-as the Self, but so long as we are not meeting our Self, they don’t appear to either!) In the depths of our being, we all recognize this as Love. For want of more “journey” and “experiences,” we may reserve such a connection/reflection for “later,” procrastinating and postponing (or even omitting) it as delayed gratification, but we know deep within that these rare beings are the ones who eternally and unconditionally hold space for us, in Love and Truth, for our ultimate and only destination — our whole, glorious, limitless and infinite Self.

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