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What better way to realize universal Love than to love one person, uniquely and singularly, in flesh-and-blood, with utter and complete ego/self-dissolving devotion! Until then, until every aspect of the manufactured self has been mirrored and stripped naked, until one has looked into every nook and cranny to see in plain sight the darkest inclinations and subtlest transgressions… and allowed them to be hugged and dissolved in the embrace of the brightest flames of Self, subsumed by unconditional Love (for everything that dances within, and thereby without!), until one loves oneself and ‘the other’ so wholly that there is only One-Self —Yog(a)— and One movement happening, of Love, radiant as a beacon in service to all… until one has turned inside out from matter to Light, what appears to be “love” is still only emotional affect and attachment, and what appears to be “love of all” or “love of humanity” that so passionately drives one’s endeavors, is still only protective armor, a comfortable hiding place. Divine Love in the uniquely human makes a true yogi — One-in-Union. Even the traditional ascetic’s “singular love of god” doesn’t quite get to it, as the divine human will reflect the demons within that the human god will not! 🙂

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“Against hate” is a myth, an illusion. There’s no way to stand, march, protest or speak against hate. One can only be and speak and act in Love.

Imagine trying to turn off the “darkness switch.” One can only turn on the Light!

If you have egregious things in your experience and want ‘those bad others’ who did it to you to make up for it, then you’re walking into the illusion, the myth, the bottomless pit in which you’ll be left forever wanting. If you witnessed egregious things done by ‘those bad others’ unto ‘these good others’ and you want those others to make up to these others you care about, then too you’re walking into the illusion, the myth, the bottomless pit. If you want to correct history by making the descendants of ‘those bad others’ make up for it all, you’re walking into the illusion, the myth, the bottomless pit. No matter what happened.

(There’s nothing wrong with keeping on trying, but that’s what it is, trying haplessly to switch off darkness, and walking farther and farther into the bottomless pit.)

If you connect with someone (including yourself) who has egregious things in their experience and you’re touched, moved and inspired to hug them, to express how deeply you’re sorry they experienced these things, you are in Love. (more…)

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The very definition of a divide is that there are two sides, with a line drawn in between! So, yes, every manifest divide has “both sides,” no matter how grossly one-sided it appears, and how vehemently we resist this understanding.

“But!,” the mind protests, “this ‘other’ person drew the line while I was going innocently and merrily about my life, so why is the onus on me to own the divide?” Well, because, the onus can only and always be in one place — on me! I and I alone am the central locus of this experience and reality! I and I alone am the generator of a point-of-view, from which this creation is painted and constructed! (more…)

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If one constantly wants to ask questions, then one isn’t ready or able to truly receive answers! The wanting (to ask and get) obstructs the ability to receive, to allow, to spark inner revelation and realization.

Answers reveal in question-less space.

Curiosity and questions are habitual to the thinking mind. Wonder and receiving / receptivity happen in pure awareness, in wakefulness, in heart centeredness, in Self alignment. In Love.  (more…)

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This inspired and potent drawing by Leah Pearlman of Dharma Comics reminds me to share more with those who wish to discern between inspired thought that is simply received or arrives in awareness and in turn translates to spontaneous action (non-doing), and projected and recycled thought that the mind generates in reaction / response to perceived external conditions, which then leads to motivated effort in mission-orientation (doing).20507129_1421498784597731_1384810115700941336_o

The former feels like being drawn, like being called, inexplicably, unreasonably and unconditionally. (Unconditionally = unattached to external conditions.) The latter feels like being driven, by a patterned and conditioned response to observed external conditions, in which we perceive a “need” to meet or a “problem” to solve.  (more…)

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When we miss and long for a loved one, no matter who they are or have been to us, we are actually missing the alignment with Self/Love we experience when we flow Love toward them in their (physical) presence. (The mind has attached to them the source of our Love and the good feeling of alignment and home, instead of our abiding in Self, remaining wakeful to their being the external reflection of Self to whom we flow Love, always sourced in Self.) We are not missing them, we are missing alignment with Self/Love, and we are feeling that distance, that gap, between (the concept / identity of) me and Me, the most excruciating rift of all. And all arising emotion is the signal to return to alignment and close that (illusory) gap!

All longing is always for the Self!! The Holy Longing!

The moment we realize this and return home to Self, to alignment, we not only experience the missing dissolve, but also experience all other perceived gaps and distances dissolve. And so, we have an instantaneous and visceral sense of the loved one’s presence, as One-Self, no matter where they are physically, and no matter whether they exist in the physical or have passed on in body. The paradox is that it is the missing and longing that separates us from our beloved… as it separates us from Self, and ‘the other’ is none but One-Self in reflection!

The Holy Longing
a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and a favorite of all time  (more…)

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The opinion is that which the mind constructs between Self and ‘what is,’ to create a divide, a separation, as the mind itself can only exist in two-ness, in perspective. (If you think only one person is building a wall, consider that all of us are, all the time!) Be wholly with ‘what is,’ free of all mediation (assessment, evaluation, label, analysis, editorial, story…), and the apparent gap between Self and ‘what is,’ creating the illusory ‘other’ (person/ event/ situation/ circumstance) collapses into complete Oneness, into Love. Perspective dissolves, the mind dissolves. Allow this frequently enough and just like that, there’s spontaneous realization that Self is ‘what is’! Everything is Self (in) reflection! Self is all there is! Self realization!

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