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While playing in the massive, powerful waves of the ocean, the closer one is to the shore, where the waves have foaming crests and crash against the land, the tougher it is to sustain oneself; one gets powerfully whacked and outright swept away. The deeper into sea one ventures, far greater the ease in riding the waves. The safety of the shore is an illusion, just as in Love/Life!

When a wave is too high and massive to ride by hopping upward with its crest, and especially if the crest is already “ripe,” it is easier to dive right into the wave and allow IT to flip one! It appears that one is getting dragged farther out to sea, but actually the wave turns one right in place, in situ. And by allowing it to do so without resistance, one emerges naturally above water. The safety of head-above-water is an illusion, just as in Love/Life!

Allowing the shore/sky to disappear is like allowing the mind to dissolve. In the Ocean of Love/Self, all is naturally taken care of!

P.S. I’m not remotely a strong swimmer. Even while experiencing physical fear, I was glad to place total faith in the guidance of “friends at sea”… and these metaphors were at once obvious.

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Aloha! Used ubiquitously and ostensibly as a greeting in Hawai’i, Aloha is really an invocation of Love, Peace and Oneness. An expression of continuity with All That Is. I see you as Self! I see you in/as Love! The natives of Hawai’i know this way well.

The entire time I was there, what danced in subtle consciousness was Ho’oponopono, the Hawai’ians’ natural “healing practice,” which is simply the realization of Oneness that automatically returns (awakens) “another” to their inherent wholeness. This is the essence of what I “do” when “working” with another — see only Self. To know (thy) Self is to know All.

Aloha and Ho’oponopono — Oneness and Wholeness!

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Total meditation and devotion in any color reveals White. Total meditation and devotion in any note reveals Sa. Total meditation and devotion in anything ephemeral reveals the eternal. Total meditation and devotion in the singular Love reveals universal Love.

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I’ve shared before about what “unconditional” means in Love… and here it is anew.

The unconditional nature of Love means that the Awareness/Realization ‘I am Love’ is not conditional upon any external circumstance or situation, or upon another’s behavior or actions. And so, the Love that emanates by/through/as “me” is unattached to anything “you” do or don’t do, or “me” does or doesn’t do!

The in/action that arises from this Awareness is immaterial. (more…)

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The true “soulmate” (sometimes termed the twin soul or twin flame) is a manifest reflection of the “soul mating itSelf” 🙂 Self meeting/mating Self. When Self realization is imminent, it is possible for a reflection of this realization to show up in the mirror of the manifest. Often, this reflection will arrive “just in time” to turn One unto OneSelf, so as to see with utter, unmitigated, uncompromising, ruthless directness: Not this, Not that (Neti Neti)… until all egoic identity is stripped away in nakedness, and there is realization and liberation.

Because it is a reflection in Self, it is exalting. It is Peace, It is Bliss; It is Creativity. Because it is simultaneously the magnification of every egoic identity, it is activating, explosive and destructive; it is the end of all time. It is Krishna; it is Kali!  (more…)

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Seeing the ego for what it is, is never about rejecting it or getting rid of it, for only the ego would reject anything, including itself 🙂 Love allows everything. Love recognizes everything as its emanation, including the mirage that is the ego. Seeing the ego is about seeing through all its shenanigans, and allowing them to just be, offering them nothing but Presence — total, unconditional acceptance, with zero engagement or validation. 🙂 Just as a loving Parent sees through the little one’s obvious mischief, and has a good laugh! And in such Light/ness, the ego and its finite expressions are naturally embraced and integrated ‘back’ into the infinite Self… allowed to dissolve, like every wave unfailingly does, ‘back’ into the Ocean.

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Let every award/ recognition/ ‘achievement’ be just another lovely reflection/ celebration of the inherent reward in living (‘doing’) what we love. If the award obscures the everyday reward of the Love (work) itself, then we’ve got an end-seeking that invariably veils, distorts and corrupts our Love (work). Then we’re posing, peddling and pandering to the illusory world rather than being and living the Love (work) itself.

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