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One cannot pray for something (that isn’t); one can only pray from something (that already is).

Praying for something (to happen that isn’t happening) is an act of hope (controlling). Praying from something (that already is) is an act of faith (allowing). Examples of praying from what already is: “May the goodness that is in each being come forth.” “May the abundance that is this planet be shared by all.” “May the state of wholeness and health that is natural to each being be experienced by all.” And so on. (Clearly then, “May this disease go away” is an ask made in hope, and not a prayer in faith, as it springs from what isn’t – a lack/absence of health, a place of dis-ease…)

No surprise then, that when faith is so fully and completely one’s nature that there’s not a “second thought” (duality!), one may find no need for prayer at all. As (a panthi of) Kabir sings: Ram hamaara hamein jape re, ham paayo vishraam. (Translation: My Ram chants me, so I can blissfully rest!

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Strangely, what arises most for me is that I am nobody’s daughter. Not a country’s, not a person’s. I am a soul, free of definition from not only literal things like what time I step out, what I wear and eat and read or whom I associate with (and also not bound by these if they *were* restricted!), but also agenda, vocation, profession, skin color, age, gender, relationship, sexual orientation, roles, responsibilities, labels and all subtle thought forms and classification forms and forms of identity — biological, social, professional, cultural, political… whatever. That I am a woman is totally besides the point (all the while loving the experience of womanhood). I am nothingness — a soul, and I am freeflowing and I have choice. I am One. (And so I am the raped, I am the rapist, I am the rape itself … and I am everything in between and everything beyond.) (more…)

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India became free from the British Raj in 1947, but did she become liberated from its divisiveness? Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years, but he was liberated every moment of those long years, wasn’t he? The difference between freedom and liberation is monumental.

Freedom is derived from thinking I have many options. Liberation is the power to wholeheartedly choose what I have and know it to be a gift, even if it is the only option. (And ultimately, know that at the level of soul I have chosen everything I have.) Freedom is the ability to go wherever I want, whenever I want. Liberation is knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, now. Freedom is picking from a bounty of fruit. Liberation is knowing each little bite to its last drop. Freedom is the ability to design a building on a site with no constraints and an unlimited budget. Liberation is in the stroke of brilliance that creates timeless architecture from the very constraints of space, time and money. Freedom is the ability to create any identity I want. Liberation is the realization (and joy) of being identity-less.  Freedom is the ability to be with many men (/women). Liberation is the experience of all humanity within true Love with one (translating to a love for all). Freedom is the impression of breaking free from all chains. Liberation is seeing that there aren’t any chains to begin with. Freedom must be sought in the external landscape. Liberation is already always available — within, here and now. Freedom is in body and mind. Liberation is in spirit, imbued into body-mind. Freedom is ephemeral. Liberation is eternal.

Freedom is an illusion. Liberation is Truth.

(And for all the duality in this post … Liberation is knowing that there’s no real difference between the two words — that this is an exercise in understanding an insight and then letting the words go!)

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These days, in the intense period after releasing my second book, I find that my creativity is being expressed as a meditation, involving patiently and lovingly holding a space of intense stillness, and seeing what is revealed next. (The four-day lockdown in Seattle’s snowstorm has happily complemented this!) But wait, being creative is about producing something, right?! So how can creativity be expressed as stillness?

In the last post on my series on Harmony, I wrote about balancing within, the feminine and masculine principles of creative stillness and creative action, respectively. Here, I attempt to elaborate on the feminine creative principle of stillness. (more…)

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[First Published in Courageous Creativity, December Issue, 2010; Also adaptated into an essay in my book Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, published Nov 1, 2011.]

A magical seed: singular talent and potential

Sometime in 2008, my friend and colleague Ana said to me, “You can’t be a seedling of a mango tree and turn into an apple tree, you know! You MUST grow into the mango tree!” Ana’s words were reminding me to reconnect with my essential truths, and examine if I was authentically nurturing my true potential. It’s taken me more than two years to do so, and 2010 has finally opened the door!

Infertile soil: the importance of fit

I had a fabulous, nearly decade-long career as a design strategist within a large, global design firm. I learned and taught many things, and had opportunities to shape entire courses – of the firm, of clients, and ultimately, of the human beings inhabiting the spaces we envisioned, designed and built together.

Yet, from day-one I felt like a gawky misfit. I couldn’t bring myself to sit at a cubicle desk for eight hours, playing with a mouse or staring at a computer screen, if I didn’t understand or participate in the bigger picture. I had limited patience for standing meetings or sitting meetings or status updates or state-of-the-firm meetings. I didn’t understand corporate politics, (more…)

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The December 2010 issue of Courageous Creativity is here! Through our six-month journey, we’ve often been asked if members of the Courageous Creativity team will also contribute stories. Inspired by this, we decided that the year end – a festive and rejuvenating time, and also one of taking stock – might be a good time for us to share insights from our own individual and intersecting paths this year. We hope you enjoy this retrospective issue, and we look forward to continuing our journey of courage, creativity and change with our readers and contributors in 2011.

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The November 2010 issue of Courageous Creativity is hot off the press! This important issue focuses on “Authenticity” – the foundation for original and transformative thought and action. Read on as multiple entrepreneurs, published authors, professionals, artists and even our youngest contributors reveal essential insights from their inspiring journeys of finding their own authenticity!

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