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Each time we think or speak of our Love “for” (or “of”) someone, we could experiment with omitting the “because.” Instead of I love XXX, followed by a long and admiring list of, They are so…, we could simply try on, I love XXX. Period. We could experiment with omitting their qualities, whether perceived as “superficial” (beautiful, talented, smart, accomplished…) or “deep” (wise, kind, caring, evolved, soulful…) We could experiment with omitting their personality, their beliefs and values, their accomplishments and achievements, their circumstances, their life story… And we could get in touch with the choice-less-ness, the condition-less-ness, the “I-can’t-help-it-ness” of our Love (for them). Then we’ll know Love for the first time. Without armor or defense, condition or qualification. We’ll know Love as our very nature, independent of “the other.” We’ll know ourselves as the source of Love, and Love as the source of us. By dropping the qualities of the other, the “you” falls away from “I love you.” By recognizing the choice-less-ness, condition-less-ness, and I-can’t-help-it-ness, the “I” falls away too. And what remains, is only Love. We become naked and liberated in Love, freed of the burden of reason and justification. We see that “because” is the attachment, the bondage, keeping us believing that without the other and their acting this way or that way, we wouldn’t be (in) Love. We see that Love just is, no matter what.


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Here’s spiritual near-truth #11: The act of forgiving (another) frees us

Forgiveness as an act, is in the illusion, in the play! Forgiveness as realization, is that there’s nothing to forgive!

When we realize manifest experience as the projection of consciousness, we can also see that any interaction “within it” is a (co)creation. Once this creative power in Self is realized, there is no more question of forgiveness!

To expand, let’s say we’re in a play together, and you (agree to) play my mean and ignorant neighbor, who says horrible (let’s go there: racist) things to me. You agree to this role in my play, and I agree to the role in yours! And so, we have a play together, each playing roles relative to the other. (One-Self is playing something out as “two.”) The play can only occur via agreement to experience something together. (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #10: Dvaita (dualism) and Advaita (non-dualism) are two paths to Truth

Advaita (literally “non-dualism,” though this is not an accurate descriptor of unity consciousness) suggests: Everywhere I look there is only The One! And Dvaita (“dualism”) suggests: Look, how beautifully The One expresses through “two” (variety/contrast)!

At essence, both are pointing to One Self. Dvaita is only a way of conveying the realization of Oneness through the experience of two! At core it isn’t a different philosophy or teaching from Advaita (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #9: Enlightenment answers the question, Who am I?

In enlightenment, the who dissolves, and what “remains” is: I am. Pure existence. There’s no who, no question about who, and no answer to who 🙂

If there must be some expression, there may be statements about “who I am not.” Neti, neti. In the vein of Adi Shankaracharya’s Atmashatakam / Nirvanashatakam: I am not this, I am not that…

As such, there exists no one to be enlightened. The (en)light(ened) just is…

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A near-truth is as far removed from Truth as anything else. That is the nature of illusion!

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The Self is always at rest, always at peace. It is Peace. The “person” we perceived, who is now no longer in our perception (i.e. in character), never exists separate from that. When we experience someone passing on, it is akin to their exiting (front)stage, because (in consciousness) we co-create that script in this particular play. It doesn’t mean their true existence is over (or even altered!) with the end of their role in this play; it only means we agree to stop perceiving them in the form that they played. (We even agree to perceive their “aging.”) They were never that character, they were unborn and undying, and what exists is eternally at rest in peace!!  (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #7: I have a Higher Self that guides me / works through me

There exists only the Self. One-Self. Reflected everywhere, in everything, as everything, as nothing. Every concept of existence as a separate identity is an illusion. So, one might say that it is the “lower self” that doesn’t exist 🙂 But because the ego/mind believes in its own existence, a Higher Self is conjured up to comprehend and label that which (solely and eternally)… I am.  (more…)

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Spiritual near-truth #6: People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime

The person one brushes up against for just a second in a crowded marketplace, the person next to whom one sits in a long international flight, the person with whom one shares a yearlong adventure… and the person who is one’s child or parent… are all just as (in)significant. It’s just that in one’s play one’s an “extra” and in another’s play, one is in a “lead-role.” Yet they are all plays of equal airtime and (in)significance, and neither role is the Self, not for us and not for the perceived other! When eternity is known in any moment of Now, it is seen that every connection is eternal… as the (connection with) One-Self is eternal.  (more…)

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