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The excerpts from an article by Tantra scholar Christopher Wallis (Near Enemy #3: Listen to your heart) beautifully describe The Heart / Love / Self of which I continually speak… and how it is not the same as “listen to your heart,” i.e., being driven by emotional affect, which is the same as being driven by the mind’s thoughts or by the body’s base instincts… all projections of the conditioned ego/identity.

“In Sanskritic thought we also have the notion of a metaphysical/spiritual Heart, a hṛdaya distinct from the citta. But Sanskrit has no capital letters, so how do we tell the difference between the heart-mind and the Heart? Precision of meaning is often obtained in Sanskrit by providing synonymous terms. hṛdaya means Heart when it is glossed with sāra (‘essence, core’), madhya (‘center’), svabhāva (‘true nature’), ātman (‘self’), and so on.

…’Heart’ means the deepest core of your being, beyond both thought and emotion.  (more…)

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“Against hate” is a myth, an illusion. There’s no way to stand, march, protest or speak against hate. One can only be and speak and act in Love.

Imagine trying to turn off the “darkness switch.” One can only turn on the Light!

If you have egregious things in your experience and want ‘those bad others’ who did it to you to make up for it, then you’re walking into the illusion, the myth, the bottomless pit in which you’ll be left forever wanting. If you witnessed egregious things done by ‘those bad others’ unto ‘these good others’ and you want those others to make up to these others you care about, then too you’re walking into the illusion, the myth, the bottomless pit. If you want to correct history by making the descendants of ‘those bad others’ make up for it all, you’re walking into the illusion, the myth, the bottomless pit. No matter what happened.

(There’s nothing wrong with keeping on trying, but that’s what it is, trying haplessly to switch off darkness, and walking farther and farther into the bottomless pit.)

If you connect with someone (including yourself) who has egregious things in their experience and you’re touched, moved and inspired to hug them, to express how deeply you’re sorry they experienced these things, you are in Love. (more…)

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Reasoning and arguing to convince another is akin to reasoning and arguing to convince that aspect of yourself that secretly or unconsciously doesn’t believe you 🙂 When the knowing is wholly enlightened and embodied, there are no two aspects within and no argument within, so there is no wish to convince ‘another.’ What is shared is an offering, like ‘prasad,’ to be received (savored, digested and integrated)… but only if resonant. If not, it must simply be set aside, as there’s no ‘other’ left within such an offering-maker to argue with!

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We can either believe that the external conditions are proof (validation and confirmation) of what we always feared and suspected (and so, expected to be true), or we can realize that the external conditions are proof (indication and reflection) of what we always feared and suspected (and so, expected to be true) 🙂 The former is a reactor and the latter is a creator.


The reactor says, “See, I’m right! This needs to change!” and the creator says, “Oops, and thank you! It’s time to release those fears and suspicions, in Love.”

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If one constantly wants to ask questions, then one isn’t ready or able to truly receive answers! The wanting (to ask and get) obstructs the ability to receive, to allow, to spark inner revelation and realization.

Answers reveal in question-less space.

Curiosity and questions are habitual to the thinking mind. Wonder and receiving / receptivity happen in pure awareness, in wakefulness, in heart centeredness, in Self alignment. In Love.  (more…)

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This inspired and potent drawing by Leah Pearlman of Dharma Comics reminds me to share more with those who wish to discern between inspired thought that is simply received or arrives in awareness and in turn translates to spontaneous action (non-doing), and projected and recycled thought that the mind generates in reaction / response to perceived external conditions, which then leads to motivated effort in mission-orientation (doing).20507129_1421498784597731_1384810115700941336_o

The former feels like being drawn, like being called, inexplicably, unreasonably and unconditionally. (Unconditionally = unattached to external conditions.) The latter feels like being driven, by a patterned and conditioned response to observed external conditions, in which we perceive a “need” to meet or a “problem” to solve.  (more…)

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The belief in loss puts us in seeking mode and prevents us from ever “finding” (connecting with) what is already always ours, freely and abundantly. Recall any experience of believing you’ve lost something and then finding it maddeningly impossible to locate anywhere at home. All your effortful searching yields no results. And then, one day, when you’ve given up all hope (i.e. surrendered all resistance!), it magically shows up. Right under your nose, staring you in the face! All the while that you believed you had lost it, you were literally unable to see it, even though it was right there in its glorious, manifest physicality! Once you gave up looking for it, your mental belief in having lost it also dissolved, and you were immediately able to tune in to its existence.

This is quite simply how life and reality work too.   (more…)

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