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The wave upon an ocean appears have a form and travel forward in time to the shore. And yet, we realize that nothing (no form) travels. And that at every point in the ocean, apparent movement is in the Now… even if a point far away can be mentally / experientially conceptualized as the “past” (or “birth”) of the point near the shore (“death”)!  (more…)

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When the mind is still in dominant play and so, attention is still substantially attuned to the experiential / phenomenal, it is easy to assert that being present and speaking / embracing “truth” includes the “truth of the moment” — that which is experiential, temporal and transient. Once attuned totally and continuously to the unchanging I — even as the waves appear to arise and pass in the infinite, unchanging, oceanic I — it’s impossible to characterize the waves as “truth,” even of the moment, as at all moments there is awareness / embodiment of the oceanic I. (For those in the Seattle area: at all moments there is awareness of the unmoving mountain behind the passing cloud… simply as there is no mind-identification with the experience of cloudiness, while there’s total allowing of it!)  (more…)

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Every perspective is accurate (“right”), and no perspective is Truth. That is, no-perspective is Truth 🙂

Truth is Paradox series

P.S. No, Truth is not the sum total of perspectives either… no amount of changing angles reveals a thing, even if it allows the habitual fixed stance to release 🙂

Truth dawns in no perspective at all, in the zero separation of seer-and-seen.

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For solidarity, recognize the One who stands for (is a stand in for!) your(Self), dividing not a “you” from (your)Self. That being that is You, only appearing as another.

And once there is recognition of the One, there is recognition of everyone standing for I.

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Any “happiness” attached to an event is as much at the root of (addiction and) suffering as is sadness attached to an event. The only sustainable and sustained joy is the joy of unconditional being. Joy that is unattached to any perceived event, joy that is not conditional upon this or that happening, joy that arises — spontaneous and uncaused — as the fragrance of being. And this joy is the true nature in/of/as Self.

As an aside, unconditionality (and its partner/corollary non-causation) is one of the “quickest” entrances to Self Realization. (It’s actually what detachment also is — the realization that one’s joyous beingness is not attached to/ not conditional upon/ not caused by anything.)

The moment “because” drops away, is a moment of powerful expansion.

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With so many things, our collective pact to label them good or bad has us suffering unwittingly. One such label, which falls in the “good” category, is awarded to empathy.

Empathy and antipathy (connected with psychopathy/ sociopathy) are both rooted in pathos, from where pathology also arises. (Pathos is sadness and pathology is concerned with the study of dis-ease.)

Empathy is experiencing more than a share of feelings/ thoughts arising in the collective mind, and antipathy is an aversion to feeling any share. (We can throw apathy in the mix too, which is a numbing to it all.) When I say “a share,” what I’m really pointing to, is first, the conception of “me” and “another,” thereby creating the effect of “feeling the other” as a (mistaken) way to erase the separation and find unity again! And simultaneously creating the apparently opposite effect, manifesting as “rejecting the other.” Imagine that there’s all this underground lava looking to burst forth, generated in the first place from the concept of separation, of “me” and “them.” Both the empath and the antipath are spouts that bring it forth in “opposite” ways, but we’ve determined one to be “good” and one to be “bad”… instead of seeing them both as pointers to the original error — the belief in separation!  (more…)

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What is the one indication of discernment over judgment? Judgment has heaviness. Discernment brings up the light of laughter, no matter the pain or difficulty in the context. (Not the laughter of scorn, sarcasm or cleverness, but the laughter of light/ness, of remembrance, of realization.) Aha! and Haha!, levity and levitation… are the same.

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