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Here’s spiritual near-truth #7: I have a Higher Self that guides me / works through me

There exists only the Self. One-Self. Reflected everywhere, in everything, as everything, as nothing. Every concept of existence as a separate identity is an illusion. So, one might say that it is the “lower self” that doesn’t exist 🙂 But because the ego/mind believes in its own existence, a Higher Self is conjured up to comprehend and label that which (solely and eternally)… I am.  (more…)


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Spiritual near-truth #6: People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime

The person one brushes up against for just a second in a crowded marketplace, the person next to whom one sits in a long international flight, the person with whom one shares a yearlong adventure… and the person who is one’s child or parent… are all just as (in)significant. It’s just that in one’s play one’s an “extra” and in another’s play, one is in a “lead-role.” Yet they are all plays of equal airtime and (in)significance, and neither role is the Self, not for us and not for the perceived other! When eternity is known in any moment of Now, it is seen that every connection is eternal… as the (connection with) One-Self is eternal.  (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #3: “The Universe shows me the way…”
Alternative: “Life reveals to me that…”

The universe (or life) doesn’t exist separate from Self. As a mirror of consciousness, the universe neither exists as a separate entity, nor in itself can message us, guide us, reveal anything to us, or show us the way. When we experience synchronicity and signs in the phenomenal experience of the manifest, what we are experiencing is simply the mirroring of consciousness, the guidance of Self — i.e., Self-reflection. Akin to experiencing déjà vu, synchronicity implies we are in a moment of complete alignment (with little resistance), so what was active in our consciousness was instantly seen / experienced in the manifest. (more…)

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Here’s spiritual near-truth #2: Everything happens for a reason.

There’s no reason for anything happening, as in ultimate reality, nothing is happening 🙂 But to understand it within the realm of manifest experience: There’s always only ONE “reason” anything is happening — it is an exact and accurate reflection of the consciousness to which we are attuned. We experience (create) “reality” exactly as we are, Now. (In the image of both our desires and our fears, whether or not we are conscious of our habitual patterning.)

We don’t look in the mirror and believe there’s a another person out there. (I.e. nothing is happening out there and nothing exists separate from us.) We look in the mirror and recognize that if we want the person in the reflection to look different, a shift is required “on this end.” We don’t start fixing the image in the mirror. And there’s no big reason for why our hair looks the way it does, except that we brushed it that way! So also, our experienced reality is exactly how we are in consciousness.  (more…)

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There are a number of “spiritual near-truths” out there… and a near-truth is as far removed from Truth as anything else. That is the nature of illusion!

Here’s near-truth #1: Time heals everything.

Time does’t heal anything; the realization that there’s nothing to heal does 🙂 It’s the realization that healing is simply a remembrance of Self — of our inherent wholeness — always already available right-here-right-now, obscured merely by our stories. And in any moment that consciousness expands into this realization, one experiences “healing.” (more…)

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How someone behaves toward us (whether “good” or “bad”) has nothing to do with how much they love us!

Although we like to credit actions (“actions speak louder than words”), except in moments in which we are completely aligned in Self (which is Love), words, behaviors and actions arise habitually from conditioning. One conditioned identity meets another conditioned identity, and what ensues is a perfect match of needs (expectations) negotiated between two illusory entities. This isn’t Love; it is simply two masks with matching grooves, executing an (unconscious) agreement to keep the illusory existences of both masks alive! And yet, all the while, what exists in Truth right behind the mask, is always and only Love. Love permeates the masks.

In loving (someone), all we need to attend to, is accessing Source/Self and the Love that shines forth toward the one we perceive as the other. (more…)

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When there is alignment (in Self), intention falls away. What is intended in universal wholeness simply happens (through us).

We recognize this in moments in which something someone says or does feels so, so kind, when all the while they aren’t trying to be so. They are simply being the way they are being, and we experience kindness in all its intensity and all its subtlety, all at once.

In these moments, there is no doer, or done unto. There is only kindness.

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