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Love, in Truth, can only be unconditional. All of us have some sense of this at core — that we are an expansive spaciousness that can hold anyone and everyone, anything and everything — just because.

Yet, we’ve come to associate “loving” with conditions — we say we love someone “for” their nature, qualities, gifts, values, abilities, temperament, behavior, actions, achievements… and so on. And along the way we become unable to remember and awaken to our nature as Love, independent of the things we perceive others to have or do.

Love is our nature; it is neither sourced in nor dependent on another’s qualities or actions. This fount of Love sourced within, Love that is independent of anything or anybody else, Love that is unattached to outer conditions (whatever they may be), is by definition, unconditional.

Love just is.

All the emotional affect that we think of as “love” or the things we believe we love others “for” (and try to “earn” or “win” others’ “love” by) are attachments. They are attachments based in the three primal needs of our egos (our self-concept / identity) — approval, security and control (and the corresponding “wounds” of shame, abandonment and betrayal) — all related to the fear of loss.  (more…)


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Self-doubt is one of our most primary attachments!

It is a way of splitting from Self, through the mind, and then experiencing duality and separation. And we say, “I’m having second thoughts,” or “I’m in two minds.” (Or in Hindi: दुविधा.) Actually, the appropriate way to describe this condition is simply, “I’m in the mind.” The characteristic quality of living identified with the mind is two-mindedness or better still, conjuring up an entire committee with different “perspectives” and view points, and becoming entrenched and entertained by their never-ending debate!   (more…)

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Holding on to the past, in any form, is a way of holding on to blame. And blame, (with its partner shame), is a tremendous burden we place squarely on ourselves no matter who or what it’s directed at. Even holding on to nostalgia and “good memories” is an unconscious way of wanting it to be that way instead of this way, the way it is. And this is a subtle form of blame, blame for things not being that way: I wish you were here, I wish it were that way, those were the days… The present moment is the only Truth. It is Love. (more…)

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Readiness for guidance

A big paradox is that no guidance can reach one who is not ready for it, and one who is ready for it has already received the (initiating) guidance! So what is the role of the true (external) guide, the true guru? The guide only reminds one of what was forgotten and has just awakened, to keep the flame of remembrance strong, burning, alive. For as is witnessed on many a morning, it is easy to fall right back to sleep when just waking up 🙂 The guru is like the tending gardener who provides nourishment and protection to the sapling, and sees it past its nascent sprouting.**  (more…)

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Peace and Love

Only peace makes peace, and only Love makes Love. All thought and ideology do is (construct an) other.

The mind will play games: I’ll be at peace only when this or that happens. Until then there’s no peace for me. The mind is conditional. (The mind wants so badly to hold on that it would rather one die before having peace, and has even invented the term “rest in peace” :-)) But of course, Love and Life work the other way around. Love and Life are unconditional, and at cause: Only when you rest in peace, can there be peace. Only when you are in Love, can there be Love. Simple.

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In true service there is no help, and no helper. And no one being helped. For the moment there are two, there is no service at all.

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The very definition of a divide is that there are two sides, with a line drawn in between! So, yes, every manifest divide has “both sides,” no matter how grossly one-sided it appears, and how vehemently we resist this understanding.

“But!,” the mind protests, “this ‘other’ person drew the line while I was going innocently and merrily about my life, so why is the onus on me to own the divide?” Well, because, the onus can only and always be in one place — on me! I and I alone am the central locus of this experience and reality! I and I alone am the generator of a point-of-view, from which this creation is painted and constructed! (more…)

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