A fork in the road

“If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” — Yogi Berra

What this points to, is that it matters not which fork in the road one takes, as all tributaries and distributaries of water are headed to the same eternal ocean. What solely matters is the consciousness with which one takes it. Hint: If one is enjoying it, if there’s a sense of calm and non-emotionalized expansion, it is right. This sense of calm joy is our true compass — pointing to our North star, our dhruv taara — and taken so, all roads lead Home.

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A fool for Love

Fool’s day is a reminder that all the light is born of my own foolishness to illuminate my own foolishness, so I can hug it into the light of Love and lightness of humor. (Everything I share is a side-effect, for some a side-benefit, of that ongoing and constant illumination.) Had I never been foolish, I wouldn’t know how it works, would I? 🙂
And on the other side of each “gateless gate,” I emerge, always, a fool for Love. For there’s no way to love other than becoming a fool: one who, at every moment, surrenders all knowing back to the unknown.

Jealousy is a lapse in faith… in one’s (own) Love. Envy is a lapse in faith… in one’s (own) limitless abundance. Both are based in measurement and comparison between aspects of One being. In awareness of Oneness, that would be like the toe feeling bad it doesn’t have what the finger does… especially the constant companionship of the thumb!

Admiration is only the other face of envy!! In the concept of heroes and role models — aspiring to be like someone else, be it Gandhi or Martin Luther King — imagine the finger admiring the toe, and wishing and striving to be more like it! When you only know One, you envy no one and admire no one! Continue Reading »


A beloved one has asked me more than once, what do you mean by “pure,” since in awareness of no-two, of Oneness, there can’t be anything “impure”?

When I use the word pure (or true), I simply mean that which is free of concept. I mean that which is being actually lived in essence, and the concept of ‘it’ is seen for what it is — an illusion, a falsehood, the red herring generated by the mind to avoid living Truth. In purity, there is no talk of concept, except to point to that which is beyond concept! Continue Reading »


A decision need not be made; it simply happens. It happens at the point of arising, naturally. If a fork in the road “appears,” the awareness (and body) knows which way to go, and in Presence and allowing, that’s where one simply goes, without generating questioning or doubt or guilt or any other suffering. This is choice; or some have, paradoxically, called it choice-less-ness. Whatever one calls it, it is a happening.
All efforts by the mind to “make a decision,” are only in the way. One can make excel spreadsheets with weighted factors, and complete a pros-and-cons analysis with a committee of advisers all one wants; all one has done is generated an illusion of decision-making, either suffering through it or reveling in it (reveling is ultimately also suffering!), and then ultimately had choice happen anyway 🙂

All circumstance is the un-integrated past casting its shadow unto the present. A shadow left unconscious, denied the light of response-ability, owning, acceptance, gratitude and Love. Once integrated with a simple, “Oh, I see, thank you!” the shadow can dissolve into the embracing light of Love. Circumstance transforms into allowing, an easeful, fertile flow that one can gently float with in Oneness, instead of working against, around or over circumstance. This is the flow of Creativity, replacing the struggle of reactivity.

Creativity and reactivity are anagrams. In the former, we C first 🙂

Discerning the difference between (1) thinking and seeing, (2) feeling (emotions) and sensing, and (3) talking and speaking… brings us into Presence. To wake up, we can simply allow seeing free of thought, sensing free of emotion, and speaking free of talk. In such absence is Presence.


Thinking is the (only) dis-ease. In turn it stirs emotions and clouds/veils innate, spontaneous knowing/seeing, always already available. And results in a lot of talk 🙂