The greater cause

From the egoic perspective, the way to rise above the limited individual is to seek and find a “bigger cause,” something in the collective, something that unites, something that transcends. If there are separate individuals, i.e. egoic identities, then of course, unity is conceptualized as bringing said separate individuals and groups together, in dissolving boundaries, in uniting them into one… without realizing that this kind of uniting is always (dividing) against some perceived “other,” even if that other it is something systemic or environmental or historic or psychic or circumstantial… only succeeding in perpetuating the belief in separation, of the separate individual, and never actually transcending it! 

In Realization, the individual entity is no longer called to be risen above or transcended, as it is seen as non-existent in the first place! So, paradoxically, there is no “bigger cause” than the perceived individual, the apparent locus of One consciousness, and it is seen that what happens within is what happens in the (apparent) collective. Thus, the seeking and finding of causes ends. It is seen that I am at cause and I am the cause. Unity is this realization: I am the One. Every perceived other is a reflection, a version, an aspect of the OneSelf that I am. To simply to see this is to unite with “them.” Continue Reading »

(Mythical) Acceptance

The essence of all egoic activity is to say, “not this.” Or, “don’t want.” Or, “don’t like.” It is to incessantly reject what is, and seek what is not.

So, immediately upon the first rejection of What is, there is generated a second (or third, or fourth…) rejection of the rejection — a brand new not this / don’t want / don’t like! Meaning, the egoic activity now rejects the What Is within — feeling poorly about what it has just rejected! It doesn’t like that it doesn’t like something (as, of course, it doesn’t feel good to be off the natural Peace that One is), but it conflates this feeling with that objectified, outer something it first rejected, rather than see that it is the rejection of the consequent disturbed state within.  Continue Reading »

Grief and Gratitude

Pure Grief represses nothing and pure Gratitude appreciates everything. Between the two, all ‘healing’ is complete Here and Now.

“pure” = free of thought, identification or condition; free of debit (blame) or credit (attribution); grief/gratitude “for” nothing.

We’ve all heard it, whether in the psychological domain, or psycho-spiritual domain, or spiritual domain. Clearing and healing (one or many lifetimes of) patterning, conditioning, programming, survival stories and limiting beliefs to wake up (into whole potential), is a lifelong process. Healing happens in layers, like an onion peeling back. In therapy, we must go to the root of issues in childhood, deconstruct, and clear them. Listen to and embrace the inner child. And beware we must, of bypass!! In psycho-spirituality, we need energetic clearing. Emotional clearing. Physical clearing. Past life regressions. In spirituality, we need rounds of meditation, kriya, chanting, fasts. In religion, we need Puja. Havans. Prayer. Atonement.

Whether it is a well-meaning therapist, life coach, or (almost every) spiritual guide, the limiting beliefs about our limiting beliefs are the same — (a) they need to be cleared (healed) and (b) time, process, complex and layered dimensions are what clears (heals) them. The mind’s way of dealing with something that took a process, dimensions and time to happen, is to give it more process, dimensions and time to “un-happen.” Continue Reading »

Judging the No

Say you are interviewing someone, or auditioning someone, or meeting someone on a first date… or you are considering a position, a role, an opportunity, a relational / vocational / professional offer… and there’s an instant, spontaneous knowing: Nope. Not it. Not the one.

Then a voice pipes up and says, come on, how can you make such a snap judgment? Be kind, give them a chance! Surely they have something you haven’t seen, maybe they’ll grow into the role, maybe they’ll grow on you, etc etc.

Hilariously, that latter voice, asking us not to judge, asking us to embrace…? It is judging the naturally arising No! And it is advocating, rationalizing and justifying with the belief in or concept of being non-judgmental and accepting… yet it is the judgmental one! Continue Reading »

If at every turn you act on the calling of the moment — indicated by your inspiration / enthusiasm / caring in that moment — with zero insistence, assumption or expectation on outcome, zero impression on your essential state of being no matter what happens (including what happens as reactions in the apparent personality / body “you”), and zero identification with any action as its ‘doer’… that is the entire script for spontaneous being-doing, for allowing Life to live resistance-free, as you!

A simple way of understanding ‘freedom’ (or ’abundance’!) is the ability to (a) recognize and appreciate all that you have in this moment, (b) recognize and take the next necessary step in this moment, and (c) recognize how the first two render this moment fulfilled and complete.