The non-existent wave

The wave upon an ocean appears have a form and travel forward in time to the shore. And yet, we realize that nothing (no form) travels. And that at every point in the ocean, apparent movement is in the Now… even if a point far away can be mentally / experientially conceptualized as the “past” (or “birth”) of the point near the shore (“death”)!  Continue Reading »

When the mind is still in dominant play and so, attention is still substantially attuned to the experiential / phenomenal, it is easy to assert that being present and speaking / embracing “truth” includes the “truth of the moment” — that which is experiential, temporal and transient. Once attuned totally and continuously to the unchanging I — even as the waves appear to arise and pass in the infinite, unchanging, oceanic I — it’s impossible to characterize the waves as “truth,” even of the moment, as at all moments there is awareness / embodiment of the oceanic I. (For those in the Seattle area: at all moments there is awareness of the unmoving mountain behind the passing cloud… simply as there is no mind-identification with the experience of cloudiness, while there’s total allowing of it!)  Continue Reading »

A little note on alcohol

Much as we have made it cool, and keep telling ourselves how research shows alcohol is beneficial for us in this way or that way, with evidence from this culture and that culture… A state of altered consciousness already binds and blinds us. Every drop of alcohol alters that altered state exponentially. So when we believe it is possible to consume alcohol and still be aligned in Self, and when we believe we can “enjoy” or “relax” with a glass of something, and when we believe we can discuss/ connect over a drink to get clarity on something or truly connect with one-another… hehe. Delusion after delusion; delusion within delusion.  Continue Reading »


Every perspective is accurate (“right”), and no perspective is Truth. That is, no-perspective is Truth 🙂

Truth is Paradox series

P.S. No, Truth is not the sum total of perspectives either… no amount of changing angles reveals a thing, even if it allows the habitual fixed stance to release 🙂

Truth dawns in no perspective at all, in the zero separation of seer-and-seen.

100% attention

Place 100% attention on whatever little appears to be working out for you, and quickly discover how 100% of the things are working out for you 🙂

Truth is Paradox series


For solidarity, recognize the One who stands for (is a stand in for!) your(Self), dividing not a “you” from (your)Self. That being that is You, only appearing as another.

And once there is recognition of the One, there is recognition of everyone standing for I.

The phenomenon of toxic masculinity and (its victim) feminine (and trans-gender/sexual) vulnerability arises in the same way every old ‘evil’ does — via perceived separation, and of mind-identification with a particular “me.” A “me” that can then have power over, or lose power to, an “other.”

A gross manifestation of the separation as “you” and “me” is via the concept of gender, via our identification with gender as it manifests in the mind-body complex and thought-forms of inherited narratives. Instead of realizing the unique way gender-expression manifests in every single one of us as a garb/vehicle, just like the unique physical body or personality, we have taken it to be who we are, and projected a ‘reality’ accordingly.
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