Late Spring to early Fall in Seattle sees many a fundraiser for a noble cause. To name a few that I notice (via the posts/interests of the South Asian diaspora, and having attended a total of 5 in the past…) are for survivors of domestic violence, education of poor children “back home,” disenfranchised farmers who commit suicide, etc. Among the five I’ve attended was also one for a lovely playground designed for children with autism, the able speaker at which in the name of all sorts of goodness was the celebrated Sherman Alexie… until, of course, as “he too,” he wasn’t so celebrated anymore. Continue Reading »

Falling in Love…

The true “falling in Love” is actually the falling of veils such that the separate “me” disappears, and Love is all there is. In (the veils) falling in Love, the access to the realization –I am Love– is more continuously abiding, while “me” continuously dissolves/dies into the ocean of Love… that I am. As such, the more (sustained access to) Love there is, the less attention is naturally directed to what “the other” is doing (or not doing)… the less a “me” arises, the less an “other” arises.

In the absence of “me” and “you,” there is only Presence. There is only Love.

This is not relationship, as relating (relativity) requires a me and a you. This is absolute. This is Union.

See as the One

Any attempt to perceive what the other perceives, or feel what the other feels (in an effort to understand), is all more mental / emotional projection and more illusion… as there still exists (me and) the other.

Seeing is when there is no other.

See as the One, and All is seen.


If you must see(k), see(k) that which is see(k)ing… and voila! There is seeing! 🙂

No-person: anatta

Once the impersonal (no-person / anatta) nature of existence is realized in totality, the corollaries become obvious — personal growth, personal development, personal evolution, personal transformation, personal freedom… are all seen as more myths of the mind. There is no person, so who is learning, growing, evolving, transforming… and becoming free? Nobody.

All that is (not) happening, is that in the death of the separate person/identity, there is (remembrance and realization of) expansion and freedom. Continue Reading »

Racing mindlessly through life to “get there” and pausing mindfully to “live each moment as if it were the last” are actually two sides of the same coin — the belief in a separate/limited and time-bound “me” that can die!! It’s just that the former tries to beat death in a race with a burning pace (deemed mindless), and the latter tries to accept death as a device to “becoming present” (deemed mindful)! (The latter often arises as a reaction to encountering physical death, either of a loved one, or a close call in the “me” experience…) They are ultimately the same thing, as both believe in death! And mind!

Realization is about the death of death. (Often expressed as: “die before you die.”) It is about the death of the illusory, separate “me” that appears to take birth and die.

Realization is not of the fragility and vulnerability of life; it is of the invulnerable, invincible eternity of (the Self that is) Life.

As Kali… I am!


As Kali
I appear
as the ugliest of all
brandishing the shiny blade
foisting the death dance
bloodthirsty for your head
the ego
the mind that believes
in kal
in time
and in a time-bound reality
of birth and death
the identity you
with its reason and its will
and a lifetime (or two)
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