In the moment you think you are doing something:

– to serve/help another
– to save something
– to make a difference/impact
– to ‘give back’
– to be a better person
– to transcend yourself
– to join a higher cause
– to leave behind something

It is all about you!

(And it is merely the other side of what we routinely or typically label selfish and narcissistic.) Continue Reading »

Perhaps it is through the present metaphor that we have a screaming opportunity to see how “healthy” and “young” persons can be asymptomatic carriers of a virus (thought / pattern / impression / tendency) even when that “old and immune-compromised person out there” — that rapist, that murderer, that racist, that fascist out there — is manifesting the disease and sickness.

This is what is implied when it is said — look within for the pattern that you so easily and outwardly point a finger at. Quarantine (examine) yourself as you would that sick person, demand not “personal” accountability for their actions, and rejoice not at their incarceration or death, even if that is the action necessitated in universal order. That they are the ones who are sick, is complete punishment in itself.

(Excerpted from the previous lengthy piece posted.)

First, any sharing/offer contextual to the current pandemic does not imply that I’m refusing to comply with the present guidelines and mandates in all their unequivocal strictness. As one does as a respectful house guest, I’m happy, able and willing to follow the rules of the house exactly as laid out. Not because I necessarily believe in them, but just because. Just to be amenable and cooperative, as it doesn’t matter to me either way. Besides, in this case, I have been following (most of) the presently mandated protocol anyway, for more than a decade. In fact, this writing arises from a period of social (+media) distancing, which will promptly resume.

Now, on to the piece of writing.

For all of us who believe in space-time and materialist laws, the study of data around physical spread and contagion is interesting. Sure. I’ve seen a few sophisticated ones thanks to beloved ones sharing them with me, with particular note to the much circulated one published by Tomas Pueyo. (Though, it’s not clear to me how he ends up using a mortality rate of 1% instead of any other number between the 1-6% that was the obtained range from China/Asia, or the 2-3% used in other models, and it makes a significant difference. With mortality rate being inversely proportional to the number of actual but unreported cases estimated backwards, his selecting the lower mortality rate projects a far, far larger number of actual cases floating around in the WA area. Even the most sophisticated thought process and beautifully presented data *can* end up being torturing data to tell any story!)

When the belief in space-time ceases, however, one realizes that in the moment a ‘virus’ shows up anywhere, it is simultaneously and instantaneously present everywhere. Like a thought arising in One consciousness. If something arises in the Ocean, it is instantly in all the ocean, regardless of where in the Ocean the manifestation is first/most apparent. An apparent you or me being this wave or that wave, is still the Ocean alone. Continue Reading »


Bhavatu sarva mangalam means wishing ultimate well-being to absolutely one and all: to (as) the One whole.

The virus, too. That asks to be welcomed, received, accepted.

And death, too. That asks to be welcomed, received, accepted.

In 2006 I sat on the bed by my beloved family member, telling me they couldn’t live anymore, that they might just have to take their life. I heard myself saying spontaneously, that I completely understood. That I wish they’d live by my side, that I would miss them dearly, but if this was right for them, I’d never blame or wrong them for it, or even entertain thoughts that it shouldn’t be so. And that I’d do my best to live Life. Bhavatu sarva mangalam.

In 2014 I did that again with another beloved family member, though from a physical distance.

In 2017 I sat completely unexpectedly in Indian district and state high courts, in multiple plea hearings for a cruel and wrongful incarceration, saying bhavatu sarva mangalam. Wishing the highest and best also to the devious, corrupt, malicious, cruel people present in the courtroom, who had trapped my beloved one. Not praying for a “win,” but only that universal order be served.

In 2019 I got news of a past partner having done the unthinkable. Right here. Bhavatu sarva mangalam.

In 2019 I also got news of the one-and-only music guide on the planet who matched step with me all the way into shunya, having suddenly departed. Poof, just like that. Bhavatu sarva mangalam.

Bhavatu sarva mangalam is not a preventative, defensive, wanting, yearning, may-this-or-that-happen stance. It is an abiding knowing that in universal order is every benefit and every lesson exactly as it must be. It is knowing that Life and Love have no opposite.

Bhavatu Sarva Mangalam is the only ‘prayer’ I’ll ever (not)have, never needing utterance.

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In refusing to realize who we truly are and continuing the belief in limited and mortal identities, the mind is plagued with what can be called an unconscious death bias.

Everything done then, from “living life fully” to “being safe and responsible” to “leaving behind a legacy” to “preserving the traditions” to “fighting for this or that” to “loving fiercely” (to “respecting the masters” or abiding by “the law of karma”) is being done from the unconscious death bias. From this bias, (apparent) physical death itself is pre-programmed in “our” consciousness like a thermostat setting, and we never discover that the mind is powerful enough to align with whatever “cause” or “disease” or “event” to then manifest/actualize this death.  Continue Reading »

In these times of Corona, so much outpouring of goodwill and faith happening locally in Seattle, past the fear, now that we have no one (person/entity) to make into an enemy (though we sometimes try). This reveals what can happen when the enemy image is dissolved, or at least no longer where we act from, even if it arises, and by not engaging with it, is allowed to pass. The insight then, is to keep an eye on the enemy image in all times and situations. To never believe the mind’s conjuring up an enemy out there, even if there’s a perceived person out there and their havoc-wreaking and ‘wrongdoing’ that we have to prevent and contain, without turning them into the enemy separate from OneSelf.


If you think you are being helpful and responsible and sincere by sharing/spreading information that raises alarm, fear, anxiety and panic — even if this information is factual data on disease trends, deaths etc — please do look again. If you think all the physical things you do can stop (or delay or contain) the spread of something (as) highly contagious (as thought), please do look again as well.

Yes, that’s what every materialist scientist / physician will say — that physical measures count.

Yet, Awareness reveals that only that which plagues as mind plagues as body. One’s immunity is in one’s thoughts and emotions, beliefs and attachments. The moment these ease up is the moment You are the expansive space for healing and wholeness, for affirming Life. Continue Reading »