What’s not working

It’s impossible for what’s not working to work when energy and attention are focused on what’s not working. (Examine this in your personal relationships and you’ll know in a flash, the truth of this.) THIS IS LAW, irrespective of the matter and its scale. Why? Because “what’s not working” and “what’s working” live in two different places, two different frequencies. If they coincided in the same place/frequency, it would simply be working 🙂

Getting this extraordinarily simple thing is the access to transformation, if one truly wishes to be a powerful channel / assistance in transformation. Something can work only from a frequency of (appreciating) what’s working. Simple. This is assistance.   Continue Reading »

Prayer and gratitude

True prayer is an expression of joy. It is consistent wonderment at all that is received without even having to ask. And so, like all else, it converges with the only state of being which reveals all answers by making all questions dissolve — gratitude.

P.S. A prayer for what one / the world “needs” isn’t a prayer. One can only pray to (access) what one / the world already always has, which is everything (accessed as a match with the consciousness any given moment). And so, the key to expand access is gratitude. With gratitude, everything is received as necessary for access in one’s / the world’s experience.

P.S. If one is grateful for something, one is not grateful, as the “for” is a condition, and a condition is always temporary!

Wealth and poverty

Wealth is not what one materially and measurably has, but the level of access to that which one is immeasurably at Source, and therefore always has. Source manifests materially as re-source (and not necessarily as money). Poverty is obscuring and missing the state of being to access the eternal creative wellspring (and well-being) that one always already is.

One who is grateful is never poor.


Karma is not an account (credit or debit) of actions one carries that needs to be reckoned with in some future payback! It is an opportunity to reflect in the Now!

Every (subtlest) thought, word and action practiced by us, especially if in repeated patterns through eternal existence, (whether we consider these ‘good’ or ‘bad’), makes deep impressions on our own identity-selves. These impressions, patterns and biases (termed ‘sanskaar‘ in Sanskrit and ‘sankhara‘ in Pali) are carried in our own aura — and are reflected as body conditioning and mental-emotional conditioning as well, which we assume to be our ‘innate wiring.’ From this energy field of patterns, we continue to attract experiences that match these perfectly. And of course, as they are left un-examined and unconscious in a forgotten Self and we’re driven compulsively by the conditioned body-mind, we also continue to react and respond from the repeatedly reinforced patterns and impressions, only strengthening them further in cycles of life! (We’re unable to differentiate between impulse/instinct and Intuition aligned with Self. And when we use the rational/intellectual mind, we’re only quelling instinct by using a different, “elevated” set of impressions and biases.) Continue Reading »

The real insanity

When one withdraws one’s senses and mental activity from the worldly (manifest) happenings and “work” for long enough, one sees fairly quickly where the real insanity is 🙂 (And just past / underneath that is also where the wellspring of real opportunity / possibility is!)


There is nothing to learn, only to remember. The reason the world’s experience appears to be getting more heinous by the day is that we aren’t remembering, we’re busy trying to learn (oh, and teach… often a lesson). The ego learns, the Self is a remembrance. And once remembered, there’s never a harm possible to another as all is remembered as Self/Love.

Graduate with Gratitude

My father wrote an affectionate congratulatory note to a young man, son of his dear colleague and someone our family has known since his childhood. He just graduated with his PhD. He wrote back a generous and loving note in turn, and said he was “graduating with gratitude.”

What a wonderful expression! And with so many nuances. If we could all graduate with gratitude (in/from) every experience, unconditionally (i.e. no matter what it is like), we’d instantly be intimate with the truth of our being. And no PhD can teach us that… something this young man seems to be awake to!