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On my walk at the waterfront this cool evening, a conversation floated into my field, happening between the fellow walkers right in my trail, behind me, such that I could hear them clearly but not see who they are, unless I turned around to look.

“…but if you’re rejecting rejection…” came in the voice of a young child, evidently stumbling to understand. “Yeah… what do you think about that?” asked an adult male, parental and patient in their tone. “Mmm… well, I was wondering, if you’re rejecting rejection, then what are you doing?” “Yes, if you’re rejecting rejection…” prompted a female adult, clearly the mom, also apparently good at allowing the child to find their own way. “Why don’t you give us a workshop on this subject,” said the father encouragingly, “Or at least a class?” The child giggled, but returned to the struggle, “See if you’re rejecting rejection, then you’re rejecting, right?” (more…)

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What is consciousness? That within which all experience arises, that by which all experience is made (expressed), and that with which all experience is known.

Consciousness is ubiquitously referenced (without realizing it) as I, mystically referenced as You/Beloved, and religiously referenced as God.

What is experience? That which is (apparently) objective, that is, can (apparently) be separated out. If it is limited, measurable, nameable or identifiable, it is experience, created with and within consciousness, but is not consciousness. Just like the image in the mirror is not the mirror, the reflection in the pond is not the pond, the line in the sand is not the sand, the wave in the ocean is not the ocean…  (more…)

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A true open mind isn’t one that is able to hold or becomes occupied with thought-full-y considering and processing all manner of views and perspectives, but one that is held so lightly that it is transparent… its openness is in its lightness and transparency… allowing the Heart of Being to be instantly reached/accessed beyond the limitation of views and perspectives.

It is the Heart of Being that sees the Universal in the unique (singular), whereas the identified mind is trapped in a never-ending attempt to think into place a conceptual universality via weaving together perspectives.

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As some seers like to point in metaphor: Newton watched the apple fall and recognized gravity, yet all the while the tree from which the apple fell, was growing upwards, as if against gravity. Water flows downward with gravity, yet the al/chemical happening of evaporation allows it to move upwards, as if against gravity. Every day, most of us stand up tall, against gravity, thanks to a spine that is aligned unto itSelf — an act that distinguishes us from practically every other animate being.

Physical law must (appear to) govern physical form/matter, when there is belief in form/matter, in the phenomenal, in the experiential. When the alchemy of Realization happens, the laws appear to disappear. Grace lifts “upwards,” as if against gravity. Any identity “you” is (apparently/ experientially) subject to the laws of the universe and the suffering of the world/ly, as the “you” and the “universe” or “world” are (conceived/ perceived as) separate entities exerting upon each other. When You realize You are the Universe, then the laws are, of course, Yours.

A beloved saathi was recently on Cambridge University’s campus — Newton’s tree apparently still grows upward, bears fruit, and yes, drops them downward 

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Although there is constant reference to freedom from suffering related to Awakening (or Self Realization or Enlightenment), the goal of not suffering, or to feel or function better, or “get happy” is never what Awakening is about. If there’s a value proposition, you can be sure it’s not about Awakening 😊 Rather, everything else that is popularly valued and engaged in is about either distracting or training the mind to feel and function better, while Awakening is simply seeing what is, seeing what’s absolutely eternally true. It’s Reality realizing itSelf (through/as what appears to be “you”).

Actually, it is by completely surrendering, allowing and embracing the suffering and pain, that Awakening, and subsequently, total Realization, spontaneously dawned (upon “me”). And in so allowing, I saw how generating narratives and telling the hi/story — with an agenda to change the world or “never let it happen again” or get relief or comfort or be heard or be seen or be healed — is one of the most entrenched ways in which we avoid and reject and rationalize the suffering and disallow its total embrace and dissolution. (Telling the story without a charge or agenda but for the sake of storytelling alone, allowing anyone to receive from it what they will, is different… and is simply part of authentic expression.) (more…)

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Much as we have made it cool, and keep telling ourselves how research shows alcohol is beneficial for us in this way or that way, with evidence from this culture and that culture… A state of altered consciousness already binds and blinds us. Every drop of alcohol alters that altered state exponentially. So when we believe it is possible to consume alcohol and still be aligned in Self, and when we believe we can “enjoy” or “relax” with a glass of something, and when we believe we can discuss/ connect over a drink to get clarity on something or truly connect with one-another… hehe. Delusion after delusion; delusion within delusion.  (more…)

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If you are concerned about climate change (and are reasonably affluent and otherwise abled), consider these possibilities best you can, before laughing at “those unscientific fools” or talking about systemic change:

— Live in square footage no greater than you truly require
— Use your two pretty feet to get around most places, most of the time
— Buy local, unpackaged groceries that you can personally carry (and no more) in reusable bags  (more…)

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