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When we are One with all that is, the paradox is that “your pain is my pain” calls not for solving your pain, but for dis-solving mine!

How so?

When we are One with all that is, we simultaneously realize that the entire play underlying The One ‘differentiated as many’ is to lovingly allow unique experiences through which to recognize and realize Oneness. In truly, lovingly, unconditionally honoring the sovereignty in (and wish for) differentiated experience, it isn’t for (an identity of) “me” to take on another’s unique experience — however ‘good’ or ‘bad’ — and make it mine (in the name of empathy or compassion or unity as solidarity), and then make a mission out of it in any way — whether as fan or savior. It is only for me to allow for every kind of experience, and be there, in Love, should it arise within my physical field of experience. If I’m triggered into sensational excitement or suffering in response to another’s unique experience (‘good’ or ‘bad’), it is an opportunity for me to see that I am identified (attached) with them / that experience in some way, and use it as a clue, a window to look within. The more I look within, the more I see that whatever I experience in vicarious response to another’s experience reveals what is alive within me as attachments. The more I dissolve these within, in Love, the more they dissolve without, in ‘reality.’  (more…)


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We commonly think of commitment as what we’re wishing to or determining to do or be; yet we only exist in the present, and so our commitment is exactly to what we are actually doing/being NOW.

So, if I find myself feeling sad a whole lot, I can say gently to myself, “I am committed to feeling sadness.” If I complain a lot, “I am committed to complaining.” If I find myself acing everything I do, “I am committed to acing everything I do (and perhaps, to competition).” If I find myself arriving late to most things, “I am committed to arriving late.” If I find myself to be the popular one everywhere I go, “I am committed to experiencing popularity.” If people often tell me what would they do without me, “I am committed to experiencing being needed.” If things are stuck in my life, “I am committed to being stuck and feeling what that feels like.” If I am always busy, “I am committed to busyness.”

We can do this with our feeling states, with our actions, or with the recurring patterns and outcomes in our manifest life.   (more…)

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Your thought about the other causes you to oppose yourself. So, your only opponent or opposition is yourself, your mind.

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The more we add to life, the more we take away from Life. The more we take away from life, the more we add to Life!


Growth is material, with a self-improvement/augmentation focus. Expansion is in consciousness, with a self-dissolution focus. When, in expansion, material growth (of any endeavor) spontaneously occurs, then it is One and the same.

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I’ve been transmitting this realization (particularly with those who work directly and deeply with me, and are wholly invested in allowing Self and creative power) for a long time now (~2009), and it is the premise of my 2013 book, “You are Michelangelo and You are David!” So, it is joyous to see, via the sensitive scholarship of Christopher Wallis (Attaining One’s Creative Power), how the ancient sutras convey the same thing. (So does quantum science, of course, if one were to truly real-ize its significance in life instead of living in the Newtonian or Relativistic dimensions :-))  (more…)

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The first instruction in driving is to “keep your eyes on the road.” Soon, one realizes that the vehicle instantly and automatically goes where one’s eyes go, where one’s gaze (drishti) goes. Once this realization is embodied, one makes little concerted physical effort to turn the steering wheel — the subtlest shifting of gaze makes everything else follow and flow. (Yet, if one had never before seen an automobile, one might believe that the only way to move it is to push it!)

Similarly, matter instantly goes where spirit/ energy/ consciousness is ever-so-subtly directed. The subtler and sharper the gaze, the easier the flow.  (more…)

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The total solar eclipse is not only a wonderful metaphor but also a physical event that can be used to become totally still, and to look within at what really happens in the shadow.

Often, the shadow is spoken of as “another side” like it has substance — the latent dark matter of human consciousness — but this is the thinking mind getting wrapped up some more in itself! Much like the eclipse demonstrates, the shadow isn’t another side to Self; it’s just the experience in the absence of Light. There is no other side to the sun; there is only an experience of shadow when the sun is obstructed. Similarly, the shadow in the human experience has no substance and no source. (This is why the enlightened one says, “There’s no evil and no imperfection.”) The shadow isn’t who we really are “on the other side”; it is only an experience of darkness created by the mind obstructing the Light of who we really are: Love.  (more…)

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