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All mantras and deities are intentional constructs of consciousness. They are unique (center-less) centers of One consciousness, just as You and I. (And as form-al entities, they are as illusory as “you” and “me.” 🙂) Because they are intentionally (and yog-ically) constructed as powerful thought-forms, they can indeed appear to bestow / imbue their powers to those who conceive of their own existence to be either of the temporary human (bound/ed by birth and death) or of the instrument of the divine, and wish to access the divine via (surrender to) the constructs of mantras and deities. Yet ultimately all they are, are avenues to realizing the supreme OneSelf. Once there is Realization, they (must) vanish!


For example:

Who/what is Ganesha? (more…)

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When we invoke the “first woman to ever do this,” or “first person of color to ever do this,” or “first trans person to ever do that,” and so on… we believe we are acknowledging, celebrating and ushering in a new reality/possibility, but we’re only repeatedly invoking the reality/frame in which this “new” thing is lacking, an exception, or even an impossibility… and thereby, keeping it in place. By documenting, repeating and memorializing the past, we stay forever hanging in a purgatory (and wonder why history repeats itself). We may force the “new” thing into a statistical mass, but we never truly, powerfully flow into and enjoy this “new reality” for itself, thanks to our baggage. The old is always clinging to us, coloring each present moment with its murky, distorting lens.

Imagine each new leaf every Spring carrying the burden of memorializing all the ones that fell before it last Fall. And proceeding to “build on their experience.”  (more…)

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The prevalent misconception about acceptance arises from the mind equating acceptance with resignation, or with condoning “evil.”

The paradox is that acceptance of evil — Loving it in neutrality, which means to dissolve one’s own triggers to it — is the true end of “evil.”

How so? Since one’s own triggers/reactivity provide (energetic) sustenance to evil and keep it alive, the end of the triggers/reactivity is the end of such feeding and sustenance. Acceptance, of course, means wholly accepting one’s triggers as well — without venting/acting them out — and so embraced, they dissolve!  

Experiment and see. Notice how the tiniest trigger dissolving within, corresponds “soon” to its matching phenomenon disappearing from your immediate experience. (The common belief is that the phenomenon is triggering me, but actually, the phenomenon is a manifest reflection of my triggers!) Now “scale” this to mass consciousness…

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The Sadhaarani Geeti of Dhrupad Music (like most essential aspects of Dhrupad), is a powerful metaphor for (and aspect/expression of) a Self realized life. While the word ‘sadhaarani’ may be translated as ‘ordinary’ or ‘usual,’ the essence of the word here is ‘natural.’ ‘Natural’ implies free of affectation, embellishment, stylization, habit patterns… and free also of meaning-making and imposed/contrived personal emotional content, even. Where ‘natural’ is pure, sattvik, devoid of personalization/ego. And so, ‘natural’ not in the commonly held your-truth-my-truth-sense, but as unique expression of universal Truth. As such, the ‘Dhruva’ (North Star) portion of the word Dhru(va)pad(a) stands for the universality of the singing, easily confused as ‘fixedness’ or ‘regimentation’ when one cannot yet see how the way at once contains within it, the uniqueness of each voice. Once one discerns the difference between ‘unique’ and ‘personal’ (that in which there is active a personality/ego), there is immediate clarity on what Sadhaarani Geeti (natural singing) is, and how it is the sounded aspect/expression of Sadhaarani Jeevan (natural living). The Sadhaarani Geeti way (tantra) allows the body to be realized as an instrument (yantra) for generating pure/ Love vibration (mantra)… in a state of Yog (Union) with All That Is.

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The ‘what is’ of the manifest is akin to the reflection in the rear-view mirror. One may use it to notice (and release) the consciousness that brought us here; it is of absolutely no use for where to go from here.

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Consciousness flows through unique “portals” to express itSelf… and yet, if the unique portal becomes an identity, then it’s no longer a stream of Consciousness. It is a manufactured (illusory) entity in separation, and thereby, suffering. For now there is an “it,” introducing resistance to the flow, cutting “it-self” off from the power of Self, Source, Life… Love.

Waking up to, and abiding in Oneness requires discerning the difference between “a unique portal of Consciousness” — which is the unique way in which Consciousness flows through to blossom, and “a unique view of the world” — which is a vantage point for viewing and evaluating an outer reality, generating a separate perspective. Abiding in Oneness requires discerning between uniqueness and separateness. Between unique expression (of the in-to-the-out, so to speak) and separate perspective (an evaluation of the out).  (more…)

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Teaching and learning are about improving the “human imperfections” in (an identity you believe to be) “yourself.” Guidance and waking up are about revealing the (already always) “divine perfection” as Self! One is about more and better, the other is about less and what is. One is adding and augmentation, the other is editing and release. One builds skills, information, knowledge and wisdom, the other allows revelation, repose and abiding in what already is (known). One sharpens and exercises the mind, the other stills and channels it. One constructs an identity/personality, the other dissolves (integrates) it. One is about gaining things to ultimately have nothing, the other is about losing things to ultimately have everything.

Discerning these apart is the difference between adapting in a challenging and changing world, and liberation from the belief that it exists outside of Self. It’s the difference between being reactive to (perceiving, fighting, resisting, changing, improving) an outer reality, and realizing One-Self as a creative channel for its appearance. It’s the difference between becoming smarter or wiser, and waking up to and being who You are.

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