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What is the SatGuru / the realized one pointing to when they say, ”You are already enlightened?”

They are saying that in every moment that you are being exactly as You are, with no projection or desire to get somewhere or be something or someone in time (or space), there is total access to the natural being You are — there is enlightenment. You are Buddha, You are the (One)Self. And in every moment you are trying to get somewhere or be something or someone in time (or space), You, the enlightened One, are having a temporary experience of an identity, an experience of limiting or obscuring enlightenment via a separate self, and thereby an experience of suffering, whether pleasurable or painful. Yet, enlightenment remains, as it is, the essence (of) You.

P.S. The realized one simply realizes this at all times, no matter what the experience.

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Yog is the dissolution of the separation/distinction between doer and done unto. See how “you” cannot “do” yoga, even though you can do asana or kriya or a meditation technique… and you/we can certainly celebrate this today, as International Yoga Day!

Yog is when “you” the doer/identity disappears. There’s no day for that, only Now.

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It’s entirely possible to acknowledge and care deeply about the effect (and its associated pain/suffering) while realizing that the source/cause is always within. In true Realization, one is neither apathetic to the effect, nor motivated to act via identifying with the effect… only responding spontaneously as (guided in) source/cause!

The guidance to look within is not remotely to tell someone that what they’re experiencing is not what they’re experiencing (“gaslighting”) or to fault them for the experience (“victim blaming”), but to reveal that what they’re experiencing as an effect cannot ultimately be understood independently or separately from the source (within). It is not to deny the effect and its pain/suffering at all, but to see that to objectify the effect, become identified with it, and put all energy and action outwardly on it, is precisely to continue to suffer it.  (more…)

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When I speak of thoughts and thinking dissolving in Awakening/Realization, that is the cessation of conditioned, habitual, obsessive and compulsive thought, and also the identification with thought. (The thoughtless state of samadhi is one of the experiences, but samadhi is only a state of consciousness, not abiding Realization!) There continue to be thoughts and actions arising in abiding Realization, it’s just that when one writes or speaks, it’s emptiness writing or speaking; when one acts, it’s emptiness acting; when one sings or paints or cooks, it’s emptiness singing or painting or cooking… Thoughts are a now a manifest expression of total clarity. Thoughts are alive, thoughts are luminous, and thoughts both emerge from and point to the ineffable thoughtlessness beyond concept, beyond words, beyond mind.

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What has been conceptualized (misconstrued) as ”generosity” or “tolerance” or “acceptance” of “other religions” and their “beliefs” in Hinduism, is actually not those things at all. The intellectual concept of tolerance or acceptance traces to the (Vedic) realization that every apparent “person” and concomitant set of beliefs is only a unique and reductive play of universal God/consciousness in a leela, a play with a plot. Such that, backstage (in Reality), the villain, victim and the hero are actors (Atman in the field of Brahman), who merrily walk off hand-in-hand to have chai after entertaining and bowing to their audience (who are also actors in other costumes)!

So, when someone of a particular religion says, only my prophet brings the word of God, or only my savior is son of God, or in my religion we believe this or that about our dead ancestors, the realized hindu (who is not “a Hindu” in identity but in realized consciousness) is neither remotely conflicted, nor needs to “accept” or “tolerate” or “be secular.” It is intrinsic to “Vedic” realization to simply see: Vaah! Kya baat hai! How wonderful! Look how beautifully God/consciousness is playing here!! Look how God/consciousness has chosen to temporarily costume and define, limit and forget its total Godness in this unique instance, to dance the dance of creation! (more…)

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Whenever I speak of no-mind, I’m not speaking of the absence of mind, but the absence of identification with it. The absence of conceiving of it as a separate entity — a me. Mind is not an entity; it is the movement, the activity arising (and passing) in/as consciousness. So, no-mind points to no clinging to it as a finite, limited (and limiting) identity or entity, so it is allowed to dissolve into/as Source just as easily as it arises within/as Source! This easy arising and dissolving lends fluidity and transparency, that we commonly attempt to convey when we refer to “an open mind.” (more…)

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Fellow enlightened being Dileepan Raghunathan writes:

“Information is lost in the obsession with data,
Knowledge in the obsession with Information;
Wisdom is lost in the obsession with Knowledge,
Realisation in the obsession with Wisdom!”

This is, of course, why the Self realized appear decidedly unwise in (their) words, pointers, and apparent “advice.” I am all there is? There is no other? You don’t live in the world, the world lives in you? Do nothing and nothing is left undone? What stupidity, what meaninglessness, what hubris, what selfishness! 😂

Wisdom, even in its most refined and subtle form, is the last frontier, the last threshold for ego-death. If there is stuckness and identification with wisdom, there cannot be Realization. There’s nothing so unwise as wisdom; it arms one to “do” things the foolish wouldn’t try! (more…)

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