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The true “falling in Love” is actually the falling of veils such that the separate “me” disappears, and Love is all there is. In (the veils) falling in Love, the access to the realization –I am Love– is more continuously abiding, while “me” continuously dissolves/dies into the ocean of Love… that I am. As such, the more (sustained access to) Love there is, the less attention is naturally directed to what “the other” is doing (or not doing)… the less a “me” arises, the less an “other” arises.

In the absence of “me” and “you,” there is only Presence. There is only Love.

This is not relationship, as relating (relativity) requires a me and a you. This is absolute. This is Union.

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The dense, suffocating haze hanging over Seattle (and Portland and Vancouver) from the regional forest fires is a fitting metaphor for what happens in the subtle energy whenever there is en masse reaction of unprocessed anger and pain to any event. A dense, suffocating haze is created, (invisible to most everyone and) far more toxic and hazardous to universal well-being than the event itself. (What died in the fire of the day is already dead.) And like the trees around us are now silently serving by “working hard” to clear the air for all, there are beings (yes, human too, especially children under 4), who, integral to their inherent design, silently serve by “working hard” to clear the air for all, when such a venting and projection of thoughts and emotions occurs at mass scale. So, if we are capable, we’re well advised (and served!) to pause, and witness / observe ourselves — observing is the alchemy — instead of indulging our habit of venting and outrage over the next thing.

Needless to say, it’s ironic to add more haze to the current haze by complaining and venting about it. Let’s at least filter our own air 🙂 And drink lots of water, breathe (best as possible), and simply observe our inclination to complain willy nilly at the slightest discomfort, while at other times lamenting the terrible pain of distant peoples.

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When we invoke the “first woman to ever do this,” or “first person of color to ever do this,” or “first trans person to ever do that,” and so on… we believe we are acknowledging, celebrating and ushering in a new reality/possibility, but we’re only repeatedly invoking the reality/frame in which this “new” thing is lacking, an exception, or even an impossibility… and thereby, keeping it in place. By documenting, repeating and memorializing the past, we stay forever hanging in a purgatory (and wonder why history repeats itself). We may force the “new” thing into a statistical mass, but we never truly, powerfully flow into and enjoy this “new reality” for itself, thanks to our baggage. The old is always clinging to us, coloring each present moment with its murky, distorting lens.

Imagine each new leaf every Spring carrying the burden of memorializing all the ones that fell before it last Fall. And proceeding to “build on their experience.”  (more…)

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When we speak of “letting go,” who is letting go?

No one.

Letting go is what happens in any moment the “me” dissolves. Since there’s no one — no “me” holding on — there is letting go. (And it has nothing to do with letting something go physically, though something may naturally fall away when the “me” dissolves.)

One cannot let go of something… anything. There is simply realization of Self as the infinite spaciousness and embrace in which various “me s” (and their various holding ons 🙂), arise and pass.

Letting go happens when there is letting be.

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Time and suffering are the same thing. All suffering is rooted in time. Take away time, take away past and future, and there is no suffering. To live beyond time is to be solely in the Now: to never use hi/story of even a moment ago, or projection or expectation of even a moment later, as shields to not show up fully and wholly in the Now.

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