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One of the key aspects of the creative feminine principle – creative stillness – is the ability to discern the difference between free will and flow. (Putting free will into creative action is the masculine principle’s job.) I find this to be a significant challenge and a pretty important discernment to develop in order to manifest outcomes with ease, and in harmony with the world.

We all have free will, and most of us know and recognize it. It is an important aspect of our creative existence; we use it to choose and take action all the time, to create outcomes in certain directions over others, and so on. (more…)

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As we move into 2012, some have asked me what my resolutions are for the new year. I respond that I have a vision, not resolutions. The word+image vision that repeatedly surfaces when I “query” the Universe, is Harmony. (This immersive, sensory experience of a word+image vision surfacing when I query the Universe, began some time in 2009. In 2009 my answer was Creativity; in 2010, Loving Action; in 2011 I got Surrender. Each time, I have set out to work through the year, guided by the vision offered to me, adding in a new dimension when it arises next; this time it is Harmony.)

While I shall be exploring the vision of harmony throughout the year – through my creative works, teaching, service and relationships – one of the aspects that rises to the surface rightaway is my inclination for (creative) action instead of activism. (more…)

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So, after more than two years of conceptualizing, writing, stopping, starting, and then working intensely for the last seven months, my second book Thrive! Falling in Love with Life is here.

Writing a book is in itself, a daunting endeavor. Then make it a deeply personal and autobiographical one and you’ve more than doubled the challenge. Now add that it is a book of insights, in which you and your life are the source of understanding … well now you’ve got the nearly impossible on your hands. How does one do this with perspective, simply, authentically, courageously, creatively, vulnerably … lovingly?

Well, without further ado, here it is, my labor of love. I hope it stirs something in you. And whether it does or not, I hope you’ll tell someone for whom it might.

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My second book, Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, is about three weeks away from release, and right now, I am experiencing some pre-labor pains. Along with emotions ranging from anxiety and pains to thrill and joy, there is that ripe readiness of something ready to burst forth from the womb, unable to remain in utero any longer, because it is time for it to meet the world and take on a life of its own.

I am not a biological mother. Yet, every time I create anything, I cannot help but experience parallels between creation and procreation. Perhaps my feminine aspect gives me a special vantage point for seeing and experiencing these parallels. (more…)

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Love. The theme all around us this past month, popularized by Hallmark via Valentine’s Day. The subject of most books, plays and films from time immemorial. Yet, love continues to intrigue us, confuse us, elude us, and overpower us … and by thus being relegated to the domain of emotional life, it remains the most unharnessed power of human existence!

Since I was a little girl, I have loved openly and frequently, fiercely and fearlessly. The vulnerability of love was terrifying, and yet somehow, I knew innately that an open heart would keep me open to self-discovery and evolution. But it wasn’t until I encountered a love that stripped me of any and all remaining masks and left my soul bared in the mirror, that I stumbled into the depths of the meaning and power of love. (more…)

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[First Published in Courageous Creativity, December Issue, 2010; Also adaptated into an essay in my book Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, published Nov 1, 2011.]

A magical seed: singular talent and potential

Sometime in 2008, my friend and colleague Ana said to me, “You can’t be a seedling of a mango tree and turn into an apple tree, you know! You MUST grow into the mango tree!” Ana’s words were reminding me to reconnect with my essential truths, and examine if I was authentically nurturing my true potential. It’s taken me more than two years to do so, and 2010 has finally opened the door!

Infertile soil: the importance of fit

I had a fabulous, nearly decade-long career as a design strategist within a large, global design firm. I learned and taught many things, and had opportunities to shape entire courses – of the firm, of clients, and ultimately, of the human beings inhabiting the spaces we envisioned, designed and built together.

Yet, from day-one I felt like a gawky misfit. I couldn’t bring myself to sit at a cubicle desk for eight hours, playing with a mouse or staring at a computer screen, if I didn’t understand or participate in the bigger picture. I had limited patience for standing meetings or sitting meetings or status updates or state-of-the-firm meetings. I didn’t understand corporate politics, (more…)

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[Adaptated into an essay in my book Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, published Nov 1, 2011.]

A common means of survival at which humans become adept over time, is the compartmentalization of various aspects of life into separate containers. I like to call this the “potted plants” way of living. We believe that by organizing and ordering our lives into various pots, we can nurture each separately, perhaps more competently, efficiently, and even safely. So, our career is in one pot and our personal life is in another pot.  Our social lives are in different pots – the professional kind and the personal kind. Our financial status is in one pot, our health is in a different pot, and the kind of friends and associations we keep are in yet another pot. The quality of our relationship is in one pot, and the performance of our children in school is in a different pot. The aspects we present at home and outside are in separate pots, as are those we present as parents of our children or children of our parents. … and so on; you get the picture. And in each pot grows, we believe, a different species of plant with its own particular needs and qualities, so we tend to each of these accordingly, with customized care.


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