The mind will often say, “But… we live in the world!! How to live in the world and just be (in Self)?”

Well, we don’t live in the world; the world lives in us! The manifest world is a projection of our consciousness that we perceive in a feedback loop with the limited (contracted) five senses of the actor/avatar (also projected) in it. As such, the world of our five-sense perception is not only a tiny, limited story, but also doesn’t exist outside of our consciousness and its moment-by-moment image-making. It would be the equivalent of playing the actor in a film and while watching it, saying fretfully, gosh, but how do I live in that film? You don’t; you simply (and wholly!) act in it, all the while powerfully knowing who you truly are, that you are ALL of infinite Life itself… not the person/ality in it, even if you did a great job of “cultivating” it, playing it and winning awards for it!!  Continue Reading »


Virtue and vice

All virtue is the construct of mind. The Self (or, the field of divinity, of all possibility) has no virtues; for every virtue (the mind constructs) it automatically and instantaneously allows the expression of its opposite, the beautifully corresponding vice! So, to be free of vice is to be free of virtue! 🙂

An act of kindness

An act of kindness is just that — an act 🙂 Actions that spontaneously arise as a natural side-effect of Self/Oneness realization are always in Love, whether they appear kind or unkind — there’s no concept of having been either, and no thought about it either. Tell a person acting (being) this way, “Thank you for being kind,” and they are likely to respond, “It’s just a part of my flow.” We’re all being naturally kind when we’re not thinking about doing an act of kindness!

For example: This dissolving of a concept of kindness may be really kind for some, liberating them from the behavioral/habitual notion of it and allowing them to just be, including just be the kindness. And for some this may be really unkind, rudely and abruptly robbing them of a practiced virtue they value and honor, and believe to be a keeper. Since it can be experienced either way, there’s not a “me” who acting kindly or unkindly, yet it is ultimately Love (meeting Love), as there is no expectation or requirement for the sharing to be received/perceived one way over another!!

Something is “self-serving” when we derive our self-concept/identity from it, including our concept of what is good, what is service, and identity as the one in service. Something is in (universal) service when it isn’t for anything, not even for a personal or collective sense of purpose, mission or goal, but just freely on un-self-conscious offer, naturally matching whoever/whatever it serves, including (or solely) “ourselves.” The latter is always happening anyway through every One, but (and) when the former is also active, it is likely at some point to manifest (appear) as harm.

Constant bliss

Does Self Realization mean that there are no ups or downs in emotions? Does it mean that there isn’t joy in connection with another’s joy? Or that there isn’t sadness or anger in connection with other events?

Well, what happens is that everything that arises and passes as events and phenomena and related thoughts and emotions, occurs as an experience, and at the “centerless center” of it all, is an abiding, unmitigated stillness, thoughtlessness and emptiness. A field of Awareness that allows, embraces and subsumes it all. And there is an unwavering, abiding realization that this void field of all possibility is the Self. The Self that is free of identification with the experience, while paradoxically, “living the experience” more fully than ever as there’s no resistance to it!

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We equate detachment with a lack of caring, because we (unconsciously) equate caring with pain. The identification with pain is so, so great, that we’ll do just about anything to justify this connection. (And the identification is the suffering, not even the pain itself.)

When we speak of detachment, we’re not speaking of disconnection or disregard of all one’s glorious “incarnated” or “manifest” aspects as useless, but simply the dis-identification with them. It is the identification with any of them so as to manufacture a separate “me” or “mine” that is the obstruction to Truth, not the aspects in and of themselves. We can only truly allow (expand, employ and enjoy!) the incarnation when we dis-identify with it (paradox)… otherwise, it employs us!

As a beloved saathi de-lightfully puts it, “Free of identification, even the vilest thoughts are sacred.” 🙂

Every concept of “balance” between two things — work and life, personal and professional, individual and community, nature and manmade, risk and security, organic and structured, stillness and action, self-care and other-care, giving and receiving, relating and retreating, expression and silence, journey and milestone, material and spiritual… is part of the grand illusion. How can one balance two sides of One coin?! There are no two things happening in the first place, that one must balance! There is only alignment with the One. The moment this falls into place, the two-ness dissolves, as does the seeking for balance. It is realized that the two-ness is an experience, not an actuality. At every moment of Now, there’s only One (non)event — the universal Self simply being, and appearing to manifest in unique expression(s). Self meeting Self in magnificent Self-reflection, in each moment of Now.