If one constantly wants to ask questions, then one isn’t ready or able to truly receive answers! The wanting (to ask and get) obstructs the ability to receive, to allow, to spark inner revelation and realization.

Answers reveal in question-less space.

Curiosity and questions are habitual to the thinking mind. Wonder and receiving / receptivity happen in pure awareness, in wakefulness, in heart centeredness, in Self alignment. In Love.  Continue Reading »

The path and The Way

One can never be off the path as the path is realized every moment of now. It isn’t found or shown by another; it is created as you go along, as uniquely as you! And so, there are infinite paths to Truth.

And yet, there is only One way. The Way (Tao) is a way of being. In alignment. In Self. In Love.

All paths that have ever been “professed” or “taught” are actually only attempting to convey The Way. The original and essential message is invariably a transmission of The Way. (Any true Guru only transmits/awakens The Way.) But because the mind can only comprehend and grasp the path, the measurable, it then gets to ‘learn’ it and practice it and evaluate it and contrast it with ‘another,’ and begin perceiving differences and preferences. (The mind feeds and survives on this activity!) And instead of dissolving the divisive mind, we create more. And so, we collectively have the discordant and dissonant experience of being on different paths or off the path, when all we’ve really done is cut ourselves off from The Way, from the way of being, from Self/Love.


All pilgrimages, rituals and practices are path-aspects that can set one up for The Way, but they are never The Way!

This inspired and potent drawing by Leah Pearlman of Dharma Comics reminds me to share more with those who wish to discern between inspired thought that is simply received or arrives in awareness and in turn translates to spontaneous action (non-doing), and projected and recycled thought that the mind generates in reaction / response to perceived external conditions, which then leads to motivated effort in mission-orientation (doing).20507129_1421498784597731_1384810115700941336_o

The former feels like being drawn, like being called, inexplicably, unreasonably and unconditionally. (Unconditionally = unattached to external conditions.) The latter feels like being driven, by a patterned and conditioned response to observed external conditions, in which we perceive a “need” to meet or a “problem” to solve.  Continue Reading »

Lost and found

The belief in loss puts us in seeking mode and prevents us from ever “finding” (connecting with) what is already always ours, freely and abundantly. Recall any experience of believing you’ve lost something and then finding it maddeningly impossible to locate anywhere at home. All your effortful searching yields no results. And then, one day, when you’ve given up all hope (i.e. surrendered all resistance!), it magically shows up. Right under your nose, staring you in the face! All the while that you believed you had lost it, you were literally unable to see it, even though it was right there in its glorious, manifest physicality! Once you gave up looking for it, your mental belief in having lost it also dissolved, and you were immediately able to tune in to its existence.

This is quite simply how life and reality work too.   Continue Reading »

Advaita (Oneness)

The one who understands via dvaita (dualism / relativism), naturally sees two ways of understanding — dvaita (dualism) and a-dvaita (non-dualism). The one who realizes advaita (Oneness / absolute) sees no difference 🙂


A simple illustration for how the mind can perceive night-and-day, ups-and-downs, here-and-there, light-and-dark, good-and-bad, win-and-loss, villain-and-victim, woman-and-man, me-and-other, birth-and-death… happening in infinite cycles. And yet, how, being aligned in the shunya, in the zero-point heart center, where perspective, mind (and time) dissolve, realization dawns that there’s nothing happening… only I am. The Self. Eternally projected as within and without!


You Are Here

There’s absolutely nothing in the past you should have done differently, absolutely nothing you should have done sooner or later, and absolutely no other turn you should have taken… as all of it brought you to the present, and without it you wouldn’t be exactly here, from where you’re looking back at it all, thinking it could or should have been different! And once it has brought you here, in the present, where you came from or how you got here or how long it took you has absolutely no relevance whatsoever, much as the story may seduce and clutter the mind, and make for good tales. Its only role was to deliver you to the now, and now its role is over. Everything is created in this moment of now, from a blank slate of pure consciousness. You can never go wrong and you’ll never be done — as even when you “get there” you will still be here — there will now be the new here!
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The words community and communion have the same root. There is infinite power in Self-alignment, not remotely in numbers or scale, even though it appears so to our measurement-oriented mind. There is only true creative power in numbers when there is a profound consistency of alignment in Self — within each member (not “agreement” between members), such that there is an expansion in integrated, harmonious, creative resonance. Communion occurs between two who are not-two, and this Oneness arises from any one being in no-two consciousness within, meaning, in complete and pure alignment with One-Self!  Continue Reading »