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Only the mind can conceive of stages for that which is of no-mind!!

What actually happens is that depending upon the stability of the stillness / release / dissolution of mind, varying depths of access to Being are available at different moments in different “vessels” or “conduits” of the One-Self, whom we believe to be different people 🙂 These varying depths of being-ness are all accessible simultaneously in the Now (as multi-dimensional being-ness), but with the mental belief in linear time, it appears that there is some kind of “spiritual progress” and transformation happening “over time,” or that there are different people at different stages of realization. (The mind loves comparisons, standards, progress and milestones, and so… the measurement and marking of these only indicate that the mind is still happily in play.)

Below I venture to share, roughly, states of being that can give the impression of “stages” and their progression, to the measuring mind. All the states can be variably accessed in the same person at different times, while some sustain being in Self at all times. As always, words are entirely insufficient (and in-and-of-themselves even inaccurate), and only act as a pointer to the essence beyond.  (more…)


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When we “stand up for ourselves” and vehemently proclaim that we won’t have a part in something, we are only inadvertently stumbling upon the truth that we do have a part in it! We cannot not have a part in a reality we have (together) created through our One consciousness. Recognizing and consciously owning that we have a part in something and have actually identified with doing so (i.e. it has fed our ego/identity) even as its unfortunate “victim” or valiant “opponent” or “resistor” or “critic” or “change maker”… is ultimately what dissolves it within us (within our One consciousness), and thereby from the collective outer/physical reality. The outer reality is merely a projection of our shared consciousness.

** Realizing this isn’t devoid of gentle Love and compassion for the suffering of all. Rather, only in pure Love can we summon the courage to see this about ourselves and become willing to own it.

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Wear “identity” loosely and enjoyably, like clothing. Many options may hang in your closet; none is you, or even “yours.” Just passing designs, trends, styles, forms, traditions (and yes, even stories, histories and legacies) that allow you to experience and express your infinite essence, without becoming confused, confounded or conflated with it.

P.S. Skintight is rarely comfortable or attractive. Launder regularly, and make sure to check fit every now and again. Even skin is sloughed off in nature.

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12513492_944325132315101_6989770761714500950_oThe meaning of “Love always wins” isn’t that you’ll (necessarily) get to cuddle up in couplehood happily ever after. Or that all things in the world will turn out to your limited view, definition and designs of “pretty,” “just” and “best” in the shorter term.

It means that Love will send you to your knees, then flip you upside down to empty all your contents, then turn you inside-out – pink and tender, then wash you and iron you out… oh, and then bake you. Hehe. (Sometimes Love will even take the guise of “hate” if necessary for your soul expansion.) And when in Its alchemy you have metamorphosed into a whole different material than you’d believed to be “you” and grown all comfy and cocky with – when you’ve become your purest essence – Love will mold and form you to *Its* highest and best design for this world.  (more…)

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Silence is a way of speaking up.

When a lot of attention is directed toward negative / harmful events and people who say and do egregious things, this massive collective attention energizes the very phenomenon. Fear (and its close relative, reactive anger) is a powerful creator. Where attention goes, energy flows, and where energy flows, things grow! (more…)

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I was only 3 years old when the mere mention of Gandhi ji made me well up in big tears, my chest swelling with a resonance I couldn’t possibly explain. I seemed to know him and love him from “before,” from before I could cognitively know anything of what he was about. The only thing this incredible, incredible being possibly did not fully see (or perhaps saw and didn’t know what to do with…) was that the division within — the Indian subcontinent / every sub-fractal-level thereof down to the human mind — was potently matched with, if not greater than, that without — the Divide and Rule of the external “oppressor.” Or, that Divide and Rule truly works only when an entity is already divided. (more…)

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The essence of patriarchy is duality. The division of humanity into (2) categories, and an ensuing power imbalance and dynamic that involves one segment “doing something to” another.

Feminism leads from the premise that the imbalance between two warring halves must be corrected / countered / “fought,” by “undoing what has been done by the other” or by “doing something differently relative to the other,” and all variants of this central premise. And so, the essence of feminism is also duality! (more…)

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