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I’ve been transmitting this realization (particularly with those who work directly and deeply with me, and are wholly invested in allowing Self and creative power) for a long time now (~2009), and it is the premise of my 2013 book, “You are Michelangelo and You are David!” So, it is joyous to see, via the sensitive scholarship of Christopher Wallis (Attaining One’s Creative Power), how the ancient sutras convey the same thing. (So does quantum science, of course, if one were to truly real-ize its significance in life instead of living in the Newtonian or Relativistic dimensions :-))  (more…)

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Curiosity is the beginning of mind… Wonder is the end of mind!

Curiosity is the mother of science, and wonder is the mother of spirituality. (Wonder encompasses curiosity, so science is, of course, within the realm of the spiritual.) Curiosity asks, Why?, and wonder exclaims, Aha! Curiosity wants to explain, wonder simply experiences. Curiosity wants to change it or “make it better,” and wonder allows it to be and thereby creates the new!

Curiosity begins our expansion, and wonder completes it.

[Excerpted / adapted from a discourse by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the Ashtavakra Gita.]

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Having experienced debilitating migraines for 19 years, the journey from surviving with them to thriving inspite of them has been long, arduous, insightful and ultimately, joyful. I have accessed science, art and spirituality to first understand my migraines, then find acceptance for them, and finally, move towards transcending them.

To share my discoveries, I have created a “lens” on the website Squidoo**. If this topic interests you, please see http://www.squidoo.com/lifebeyondmigraines

**Squidoo is a venture in which it is believed that everyone is an expert on something. Squidoo allows you to create a “lens” – a focused piece of writing along with references and resources, on a subject of your expertise. I follow the old adage – write what you know about.

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Last Saturday, I went garage-sale hopping in West Seattle – something I ordinarily wouldn’t do, but a community-wide initiative in an upscale neighborhood meant I could peek into beautifully designed homes, and gain a voyeuristic view of their odds-and-ends collections … punctuated by striking glimpses of the Puget Sound on a beautiful, sunny, Seattle-spring day. An odd but fun adventure. In my first ever garage-sale purchase, I picked up a hardcover copy of Dr. Andew Weil’s Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-being (1) on one of my stops, indeed high value for a paltry $2. Later into the weekend, when I began to read the introduction, I was completely riveted by Dr. Weil’s framing of the discussion on aging with his stance on death … specifically, a biologically-based nuance on mortality and immortality. (more…)

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I have a distinct memory of being 4 years old and sitting on a high box-bed with a bright yellow cover, watching my Dadubhai (maternal grandfather) changing his kurta and tightening his lungi, and talking incessantly to him. I was always excited to catch a glimpse of the Brahmin thread strung diagonally across his maida-white, plump upper body. “Sit silent and still for 5 minutes in padmasana, and I will give you 5 paise!” Dadubhai lured me, probably just trying to gain a few minutes of peace while he changed his clothes. (Apparently the going rate back then was a paisa a minute.) In fact, that is my last concrete impression of Dadubhai; a year later he passed away.

30 years since that last memory, in September 2008, I returned to this overwhelmingly noisy world from 10 days of total silence. I went to a meditation course in the tradition of Vipassana – the original teaching of Gautam Buddha in its most pristine form. Amongst other precepts one must accept at entry into the course, is a vow of Noble Silence for the entire duration. Noble Silence is defined as silence of speech, mind and body. (more…)

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