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While there are many thoughtful academic and journalistic works on what defines and creates a culture of oppression, patriarchy and rape, I offer here subtle energy realizations through awakening and embodied living. These aren’t offered for analysis and dis/agreement, but for checking by direct seeing. If you are able, do set aside intellectual and philosophical arguments, and simply look. Look and see, and you’ll know what is meant when it is said that the world doesn’t exist outside of us. Or, that it is manifested as a reflection / projection of our identity of separateness and the conditioning it carries!

(Also, it would be easy to read this and think I am advocating some brand of puritanism or offering a critique and shaming of sex, materialism and consumerism. Quite the contrary, I am speaking of a total and unconditional (loving!) allowing of all the conditioning so that it can be wholly seen, accepted, embraced and integrated… dissolved. And I am speaking of the realization that until it is integrated — brought into integrity as whole — it continues to project the “reality” we collectively experience… no matter who it is that “personally” acts out the “worst.”)



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Whenever we embark on a well-intended endeavor to “do good,” a quick and easy check is to see if the means and the end are in integrity. This check will fail 100% of the time if the endeavor is based in duality, in either/or thinking, in, essentially, fixing division with division.

An example: While the feminist movement’s most fundamental premise is to honor and celebrate a woman’s choice, as soon as a woman perceived to have a “strong voice” or “privilege” chooses to not label herself a feminist or participate in all its agendas, she (largely) falls out of favor with her feminist fellow beings 🙂 (If she doesn’t appear to have a strong voice or privilege, then she of course doesn’t know better and must be educated 🙂 ) At the minimum her way of being disappoints or baffles them. (Unless she explicitly declares or acknowledges that she is still in “solidarity” with other women, and so forth.) (more…)

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These days we are, more than ever, “standing up for something” and “speaking our truth.”  Lucky only we are (ah, that beloved Indian-ism) to occupy an environment (and social media) that allows for “free speech”!

Any time we hear ourselves “speak truth” that is accompanied by even the subtlest blame (and its accompanying sense of both victimhood and victory / superiority), whether toward a person (including oneself!) or an entity that is apparently inanimate – anything from the weather or bus schedule or other ordinary circumstance, to one’s situation, illness, (the year 2016!), the system, the structure and so on – it is not truth but a lie. It is a lie because it is a stance of separation from Oneness – it splits oneself as an ego-identity apart from the other, toward whom a finger can be pointed. It is a lie because it denies responsibility in creation. It is a lie because it disowns one’s essential, unlimited nature and creative power in favor of limitation and a contracted self.

The paradox is that each time we speak from this illusory stance of “empowerment,” we are actually disempowering ourselves!  (more…)

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The existence of a villain is predicated on the existence of a hero, and of a victim. If we truly (truly!) wished to see the villain disappear, we’d have to give up our attachment / addiction to being (or having) the hero (to a victim). We’d have to give up, gasp, our story of good versus evil!

I know, I know, we firmly believe that the villain strikes first, the victim is an incidental creation as the target of the villain’s whims, and the hero is created consequently, as an obvious need. It feels impossible to fathom that these energies, which then become roles and eventually entrenched identities, come into being not in sequence but all at once, as a simultaneous creation, due to our wish to experience contrast and separate identity, due to our fragmented and divided consciousness and ways of being. (more…)

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Naked Truth

Those naked statues (and our laughing about them with entitlement) show us why we have a person like that in the manifest world – there’s a small-minded, mean-spirited, offensive, energetically attacking and violent egomaniac lurking within us. And so, he is reflected and projected without. Magnified. One can be “with her” (or lately, some “better” third) all one wants, but until the “him” within us isn’t seen and acknowledged (and thereby, dissolved), he’ll always be flourishing out there too, whether in the present form or another.

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As I bake in the cold
And Seattle skies explode
Each gigantic flower of fire
Creates bursts of insight

On freedom day comes clarity:
It’s neither Donald nor Hillary
For even in Sophie’s choice
I have a choice! I remain free!   (more…)

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Silence is a way of speaking up.

When a lot of attention is directed toward negative / harmful events and people who say and do egregious things, this massive collective attention energizes the very phenomenon. Fear (and its close relative, reactive anger) is a powerful creator. Where attention goes, energy flows, and where energy flows, things grow! (more…)

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