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Teaching and learning are about improving the “human imperfections” in (an identity you believe to be) “yourself.” Guidance and waking up are about revealing the (already always) “divine perfection” as Self! One is about more and better, the other is about less and what is. One is adding and augmentation, the other is editing and release. One builds skills, information, knowledge and wisdom, the other allows revelation, repose and abiding in what already is (known). One sharpens and exercises the mind, the other stills and channels it. One constructs an identity/personality, the other dissolves (integrates) it. One is about gaining things to ultimately have nothing, the other is about losing things to ultimately have everything.

Discerning these apart is the difference between adapting in a challenging and changing world, and liberation from the belief that it exists outside of Self. It’s the difference between being reactive to (perceiving, fighting, resisting, changing, improving) an outer reality, and realizing One-Self as a creative channel for its appearance. It’s the difference between becoming smarter or wiser, and waking up to and being who You are.

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