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Something is “self-serving” when we derive our self-concept/identity from it, including our concept of what is good, what is service, and identity as the one in service. Something is in (universal) service when it isn’t for anything, not even for a personal or collective sense of purpose, mission or goal, but just freely on un-self-conscious offer, naturally matching whoever/whatever it serves, including (or solely) “ourselves.” The latter is always happening anyway through every One, but (and) when the former is also active, it is likely at some point to manifest (appear) as harm.

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Does Self Realization mean that there are no ups or downs in emotions? Does it mean that there isn’t joy in connection with another’s joy? Or that there isn’t sadness or anger in connection with other events?

Well, what happens is that everything that arises and passes as events and phenomena and related thoughts and emotions, occurs as an experience, and at the “centerless center” of it all, is an abiding, unmitigated stillness, thoughtlessness and emptiness. A field of Awareness that allows, embraces and subsumes it all. And there is an unwavering, abiding realization that this void field of all possibility is the Self. The Self that is free of identification with the experience, while paradoxically, “living the experience” more fully than ever as there’s no resistance to it!


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