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Every concept of “balance” between two things — work and life, personal and professional, individual and community, nature and manmade, risk and security, organic and structured, stillness and action, self-care and other-care, giving and receiving, relating and retreating, expression and silence, journey and milestone, material and spiritual… is part of the grand illusion. How can one balance two sides of One coin?!¬†There are no two things happening in the first place,¬†that one must balance! There is only alignment with the One. The moment this falls into place, the two-ness dissolves, as does the seeking for balance. It is realized that the two-ness is an experience, not an actuality. At every moment of Now, there’s only One (non)event — the universal Self simply being, and appearing to manifest in unique expression(s). Self meeting Self in magnificent Self-reflection, in each moment of Now.


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We never become who we are; we are already who we are, and can allow it to shine forth uniquely and magnificently, by dissolving all concept of self, identities and conditioning. If we must become something, then we’ve only resisted the identity projections of ‘others’ and taken on an identity of our own fabrication, by which we will eventually feel trapped, even if temporarily experiencing “freedom.” Discerning the difference between being and becoming is powerful; it is the difference between freedom and liberation. Being who we already are releases the suffering (and story) from it all. There’s an intense alchemy and struggle in the caterpillar’s emergence as the butterfly, but neither a story, nor any suffering.

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