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Here’s spiritual near-truth #2: Everything happens for a reason.

There’s no reason for anything happening, as in ultimate reality, nothing is happening 🙂 But to understand it within the realm of manifest experience: There’s always only ONE “reason” anything is happening — it is an exact and accurate reflection of the consciousness to which we are attuned. We experience (create) “reality” exactly as we are, Now. (In the image of both our desires and our fears, whether or not we are conscious of our habitual patterning.)

We don’t look in the mirror and believe there’s a another person out there. (I.e. nothing is happening out there and nothing exists separate from us.) We look in the mirror and recognize that if we want the person in the reflection to look different, a shift is required “on this end.” We don’t start fixing the image in the mirror. And there’s no big reason for why our hair looks the way it does, except that we brushed it that way! So also, our experienced reality is exactly how we are in consciousness.  (more…)

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