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How someone behaves toward us (whether “good” or “bad”) has nothing to do with how much they love us!

Although we like to credit actions (“actions speak louder than words”), except in moments in which we are completely aligned in Self (which is Love), words, behaviors and actions arise habitually from conditioning. One conditioned identity meets another conditioned identity, and what ensues is a perfect match of needs (expectations) negotiated between two illusory entities. This isn’t Love; it is simply two masks with matching grooves, executing an (unconscious) agreement to keep the illusory existences of both masks alive! And yet, all the while, what exists in Truth right behind the mask, is always and only Love. Love permeates the masks.

In loving (someone), all we need to attend to, is accessing Source/Self and the Love that shines forth toward the one we perceive as the other. (more…)


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When there is alignment (in Self), intention falls away. What is intended in universal wholeness simply happens (through us).

We recognize this in moments in which something someone says or does feels so, so kind, when all the while they aren’t trying to be so. They are simply being the way they are being, and we experience kindness in all its intensity and all its subtlety, all at once.

In these moments, there is no doer, or done unto. There is only kindness.

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(in each moment)
one’s calling lies
not in what one is doing to help
but in what one cannot help
in this non-trying
in this non-doing
all is done
and all are helped

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We recognize negative emotion as a signal that something is off. The mind promptly believes it is a valuable indicator that something is “wrong” — a deviation from rightness / wholeness / goodness — in the outside world. And that the arising emotion provides impetus to fix that, to close that gap.

Negative emotion is indeed a wonderful compass for something else — it reveals something very important about our inner state — a deviation from the alignment with Self. And negative emotion is prompting us to close that gap! Meaning, it is telling us that the mind is seeing the external situation differently than the absolute perfection with which Source/Self sees it. (more…)

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The compassion of pure Love is to hold someone who’s not where they want to be, in one’s wholehearted awareness and attention, without losing one’s own alignment in Source/Self; that is, without losing connection with supreme well-being (for both). This means seeing them as they are in Self rather than focusing on the specifics of (and fueling the narrative of) how their mind/ body/ personality/ identity is experiencing suffering. It is common for the question to arise in the mind about “meeting someone where they are” … and where someone already always is, is the Self. Focusing on the identity aspect as a way of “meeting someone where they are,” is like taking their temporarily disheveled clothing to be them. We may lovingly assist in soothing or smoothing out wrinkles in the material realm, without mistaking the clothing to be the true being.

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Where you are

When where you are is part of the fun along the way, you are already there! (And when it isn’t, you cannot get there from here :-))

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Advice is the projection of personal bias, belief pattern or preference unto another. Guidance in Love sees and points to what (your) Self has already expanded into, which ‘you’ (the mind/identity) may be unable or unwilling to see. Such a guide is like a clear mirror — (your) Self reflected. They simply get ‘you’ out of the way (just as they have ‘me’ out of the way)! (Once finely attuned to Self, we can see the guidance in every bit of advice too 🙂 Then there is guidance everywhere — only Self reflecting Self all around!)

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