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The words community and communion have the same root. There is infinite power in Self-alignment, not remotely in numbers or scale, even though it appears so to our measurement-oriented mind. There is only true creative power in numbers when there is a profound consistency of alignment in Self — within each member (not “agreement” between members), such that there is an expansion in integrated, harmonious, creative resonance. Communion occurs between two who are not-two, and this Oneness arises from any one being in no-two consciousness within, meaning, in complete and pure alignment with One-Self!  (more…)


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A good way to understand attachment is a “cord” we develop (that then disintegrates and depletes our energy) when we mistakenly make anything outside of Self as the source of our well-being, instead of knowing it as the re-source — a reflection of source within. Our attachment to that thing (person/ relationship/ role/ work/ money/ event/ environment/ circumstance) manifests as a belief that our well-being depends on it, and so *it* has to change (or not change!) in some way for us to have well-being! And so now we’re living a conditional life — placing conditions on something outside of Self to be a certain way for our well-being — in complete forgetting/denial of Self!

Detachment, then, is simply releasing others of the power they never had, and locating it back home in Self, the only place it is! It is becoming unconditional, that is, disconnecting external conditions with well-being. It is waking up to the knowing that the limitless wellspring of well-being is always and only sourced in Self, and thereby re-sourced in the reflected world. It is integrating in the wholeness of Self, and so, it is also integrity! And in being unconditional, it is Love.

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When we miss and long for a loved one, no matter who they are or have been to us, we are actually missing the alignment with Self/Love we experience when we flow Love toward them in their (physical) presence. (The mind has attached to them the source of our Love and the good feeling of alignment and home, instead of our abiding in Self, remaining wakeful to their being the external reflection of Self to whom we flow Love, always sourced in Self.) We are not missing them, we are missing alignment with Self/Love, and we are feeling that distance, that gap, between (the concept / identity of) me and Me, the most excruciating rift of all. And all arising emotion is the signal to return to alignment and close that (illusory) gap!

All longing is always for the Self!! The Holy Longing!

The moment we realize this and return home to Self, to alignment, we not only experience the missing dissolve, but also experience all other perceived gaps and distances dissolve. And so, we have an instantaneous and visceral sense of the loved one’s presence, as One-Self, no matter where they are physically, and no matter whether they exist in the physical or have passed on in body. The paradox is that it is the missing and longing that separates us from our beloved… as it separates us from Self, and ‘the other’ is none but One-Self in reflection!

The Holy Longing
a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and a favorite of all time  (more…)

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Related to “choice awakening in choicelessness” that I wrote about previously, being free from desire has nothing to do with being in a desire-less state! Quite the contrary, it is a state in which desires and wishes can freely arise as they do, without the mind-body judging them, without any (re)action driven by mind-body patterned / survivalist impulses, and without controlling and clinging to manifest outcome. These ‘withouts’ are the free part — the desire or wish is free of these things! 🙂  (more…)

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The paradox is that choice is only actually realized in choicelessness! Are you able to engage the power of choice when you have no other visible options at hand but the single one? Are you able to wholeheartedly and unequivocally choose what you have? Are you able to wholeheartedly and unequivocally choose what is? This alone is choice! Everything else is an illusion of choice — the act of picking one among multiple options, which is only a sanskaar / pattern-driven reaction. And as a slave to your wants, needs and conditioned patterns, you have no choice at all, no matter how many options present themselves! You only have choice when you are completely free of the conditioned patterns that unconsciously or otherwise, drive your picking one thing over another (or sometimes, drive your indecision in picking one thing over another). When you can choose what you have, when you can choose what is, then you have choice. You only have choice in choicelessness!

Allow this frequently enough, and with grace it may dawn on you one fine moment, that everything that has happened (is happening, and will ever happen) is Your choice — You, the Self.

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When the Self beckons with wake up calls, you may want to recognize and align at your earliest convenience. Or, it will happen anyway, as your latest inconvenience 🙂

Suffering is optional!

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The opinion is that which the mind constructs between Self and ‘what is,’ to create a divide, a separation, as the mind itself can only exist in two-ness, in perspective. (If you think only one person is building a wall, consider that all of us are, all the time!) Be wholly with ‘what is,’ free of all mediation (assessment, evaluation, label, analysis, editorial, story…), and the apparent gap between Self and ‘what is,’ creating the illusory ‘other’ (person/ event/ situation/ circumstance) collapses into complete Oneness, into Love. Perspective dissolves, the mind dissolves. Allow this frequently enough and just like that, there’s spontaneous realization that Self is ‘what is’! Everything is Self (in) reflection! Self is all there is! Self realization!

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