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When we’ve become engaged in a fight (resisting/ convincing/ arguing/ opining/ debating…) with someone or something, we just became their equal, their match… in misalignment. And there’s no genuine ‘win’ in such a match, even if it appears that one of the two concedes!

In alignment with Self/Love, we do ‘equal’ another, we simply align as One!! (more…)

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Analysis is like breaking down a building to its parts and saying, “See, no building!” Of course there isn’t, and the parts were never the building anyway. And synthesis is thinking one can put together parts and get a living, breathing building. The building itself is an intangible thing, an intention, a wish… a form born of pure consciousness. Its structure, its parts are the manifest way in which it came into being, but they are never its being, its pulse, its essence. It cannot be assessed in terms of its parts, for the whole is an essence so much larger than anything concrete (pun unintended) or measurable. (Conversely, we can destroy the structural fabric of something, but never its energy, its essence. If it is a resonant match to present consciousness, it will promptly take form anew!)

When one spends enough of one’s time making, being still in the intangible realm, (more…)

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