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Karma is not an account (credit or debit) of actions one carries that needs to be reckoned with in some future payback! It is an opportunity to reflect in the Now!

Every (subtlest) thought, word and action practiced by us, especially if in repeated patterns through eternal existence, (whether we consider these ‘good’ or ‘bad’), makes deep impressions on our own identity-selves. These impressions, patterns and biases (termed ‘sanskaar‘ in Sanskrit and ‘sankhara‘ in Pali) are carried in our own aura — and are reflected as body conditioning and mental-emotional conditioning as well, which we assume to be our ‘innate wiring.’ From this energy field of patterns, we continue to attract experiences that match these perfectly. And of course, as they are left un-examined and unconscious in a forgotten Self and we’re driven compulsively by the conditioned body-mind, we also continue to react and respond from the repeatedly reinforced patterns and impressions, only strengthening them further in cycles of life! (We’re unable to differentiate between impulse/instinct and Intuition aligned with Self. And when we use the rational/intellectual mind, we’re only quelling instinct by using a different, “elevated” set of impressions and biases.) (more…)

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