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The path

One is never off the path. One’s awareness of being on it expands and contracts, becoming clear or foggy, attuned or noisy, aligned or misaligned. When our awareness is foggy, noisy or misaligned, we experience the feeling of being lost, low, resistant or depleted.

One cannot be off the path; One is the path 🙂 And every One (path) is headed Home, consciously or unconsciously!

To best illustrate this, I conjure up the I-5 bridge over the lake (Washington / Union) in Seattle. There are two lanes stacked on top of each other. One could be in a vehicle on the express lane or the regular lane, and the view and experience on each is completely different. But they’re both headed the same way. The awakened One wholeheartedly, unequivocally, unconditionally and invariably enjoys the experience, that’s all!

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